August 8, 2021


Padmini Arhant

Amid mega hue and cry over the so-called unvaccinated being responsible for the never ending surge in the bioengineered corona virus SARS COV2, whose masterminds and catalysts as pioneers and Funders in the Gain of Function Research are idolized and among them even certain entity canonized as the Saint by the fraudulent and virulent super spreaders specializing in lies and propaganda,

Not surprisingly targeting TRUTH in the blame game is a cliché.

Ironically, those heeding the experts advise based on science and scientific evidence are denigrated while others pledged allegiance to members following money trail referred to as science are solemnized as saviors.

The current administration under President Joe Biden (?) and those behind the scenes, the real operatives in the White House policy mandates United States travelers – the native born and legally naturalized citizens traveling to neighboring Canada, Mexico or any other foreign destinations returning home to undergo COVID test prior to boarding the flight back to the United States for entry.

Interestingly, this rule is strictly enforced on fully vaccinated United States citizens as well. The vaccinated citizens having received their two doses of CDC, FDA and NIH approved Pfizer or Moderna vaccine here at home, their return back home from overseas is subject to negative COVID TEST.

The policy would be reasonable and meaningful towards the unvaccinated citizens traveling overseas and returning home – i.e. the United States in this instance. However, the mandate extended to fully vaccinated travelers reveal the health and government authorities’ concerns over the vaccine potency leading to the mandatory COVID TEST for vaccinated passengers as well.

Does this mean, the health and government authorities including their media have little or no faith in the COVID vaccine to protect the fully vaccinated against the prevalent pandemic and the variants emerging in different regions across the globe?

The clarifications in this regard would not only be helpful but also address the obvious doubts in the minds of those not convinced on this particular COVID vaccine efficacy. Not to mention the inconsistency and contradictory CDC guidelines thus far.

Juxtaposed, the incumbent administration’s open border fiasco allowing migrants from all over crossing the southern border into the United States is apparently not even a problem. These migrants are neither tested nor treated for the corona virus and their integration into mainstream population in the United States are primarily responsible for any escalation in COVID infection.

Unless and until the government and health authorities recognize this reality and act accordingly i.e. prohibit illegal crossing across the borders into the country viz. the United States, in addition to screening all those individuals in immigration detention centers and other make shift facilities with appropriate care and attention, the COVID 19 would linger with no end in sight serving the political cause and accusations against those not even remotely related to the pandemic origin and impact.

Is this possible?

Anything is possible provided courage, integrity and humility preside over all matter to protect citizens health, safety and security.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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