Corona Virus (SARS COV2) – Actions and Effects Update

March 26, 2020

Corona Virus (SARS COV2) – Actions and Effects Update

Padmini Arhant

Britain’s Prince Charles, the apparent heir to the throne tested positive to Corona Virus (SARS COV2) early this week.


India  as per public data :

Courtesy : 

Total Affected Corona Virus Cases – 887

Cases which had an outcome – 93
Recovered / Discharged – 73 (78%)

Deaths – 20 (22%)

Active Cases – 794 currently infected patients.

794 (100%) claimed to be in mild condition.

0% Serious or Critical


Question for Indian Authorities:

Among 794 currently ill patients – 0% Serious or Critical ( which means the status relieves the government from the burden of organizing ventilators and critical medical equipment and supplies?).

In 2019, Bihar had to deal with acute encephalitis syndrome in Muzaffarpur and the adjoining districts in Bihar state resulting in deaths of more than 150 children. The trend continued subsequently with more cases and deaths that were brought to light by other non-government sources. 

Are the Indian authorities sure about the corona virus data considering India’s population density and practicality in maintaining social distancing and limiting public contacts especially in the poorer sections of society?

Not to mention the proximity to China in the eastern border.

The update on EU nations and EU role in dealing with global pandemic and economic stimulus together with global governments response on the deadly virus will be discussed shortly.

The preceding posts on this topic are available on this site as well as the subdomain and youtube channel Nirvana.

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