Corona Virus – Global Pandemic

March 17, 2020

Corona Virus – Global Pandemic

Padmini Arhant

Corona virus COVID-19 has brought the world under lock down claiming lives, affecting thousands in different parts of the world and paralyzing the global economy. Politics and political authorities colossal failure to take timely decisive actions in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China has led to the contagion effect. The travel ban in the wake of initial outbreak in Wuhan should have been the preliminary step that could have limited the spread of the virus now causing significant stress, anxiety and economic meltdown.

Citizens across the globe exercising due diligence in adherence of medical warnings and advisory on hygiene, restricting social contacts until the virus containment is critical for self-protection and those in the family and community.

The health crisis affecting most parts of the world is a serious matter with the world having become smaller and closer from transportation and technological advancement in the twenty first century. The novel corona virus nCoV or COVID-19 originating from Wuhan City in Hubei province China claiming many lives over there with global impact is unfortunate and squarely falls on the local and central authorities in China for the inadequate containment of this deadly virus. 

China having experienced earlier outbreaks of corona virus family and other virus strains in the past two decades could have adopted stringent methods and imposed rules along the line prioritizing public health and safety in the prevention measure. The subsequent steps in Wuhan’s lock down was rather aggressive in terms of welding apartment buildings gates and doors prohibiting exit of residents slighting grave danger of such actions in the event of incidents like fire and other possible emergencies arising in the apartment complex. 

There was obvious failure in response mechanism and handling of the repeat outbreak in Wuhan, China with a contagion effect worldwide. The Chinese authorities in Beijing muzzling the whistleblower, the young physician Li Wenliang alerting the community and authorities having to pay a price with his life and several other citizens in China who fell victims to COVID-19 followed by those in many parts of the world speaks volume on the state of affairs i.e. politics endangering lives with authorities exerting power to silence legitimate concerns like the one from Dr. Li Wenliang and series of lapses in addressing the problem from the very beginning considering the history of epidemics from China or anywhere rapidly shared with the rest of the world through constant stream of travelers criss crossing various destinations world over. 

The nCoV or COVID-19 being attributed to transmission from animal to human and mutation thereafter causing the pandemic clearly indicative of the lack of appropriate system monitoring and curbing incidents in wet markets and animal husbandry identified as the catalysts not for the first time but also previously noted in the wake of H1N1, SARS, MERS and now COVID-19 clarify the absence of critical inspections and importance to clean healthy environments in handling meat products sold to the public in open markets. 

Yet another issue is wild animals and variety of species landing on the food table as delicacies for human consumption beckon attention and discernment to spare them as they cause disruption in nature designed food chain with dire consequences on natural habitat and ecological balance depriving members in the wilderness from their original prey for survival contributing to endangered category. Nature has provided more than enough food produces and choices for humans to feed on without having to indulge in far reaching wild life menu not necessarily meant for satisfying normal appetite instead exploring extravagant desires like the items serving as aphrodisiacs for some and others experimenting medicinal value to deal with illnesses in a raw condition often proved to be recipes of disaster.

The government intervention through education and orientation on the health hazards of such practices in the rural, remote and urban areas of the country is essential to save lives in all frontiers i.e. humans and natural conservation. 

Since the preparedness to combat pandemic is always challenging regardless of economic and health care affordability for nations worldwide, the preventative course would significantly mitigate the spread of the disease upon individual discipline and commitment in adherence of public health care advisory on hygiene and limiting social contacts given the nature of the virus to contaminate anyone or anything resulting in massive suffering notwithstanding the toll on global economy. 

Citizens across the globe respecting health care experts warnings and heeding recommendations on the ways and means to cope with the virus and cooperation in deescalation of the current pandemic would effectively restrict the proliferation of the victims and reduce casualties from the alarming COVID-19. 

I extend my sincere condolences to families in Wuhan and rest of China as well as all in other parts of the world who have lost their loved ones to the preventable pandemic and hold the ones affected by the virus in my thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery.

Be wise and stay healthy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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