Corona Virus – Chaos and Confusion in India

March 30, 2020

Corona Virus – Chaos and Confusion in India

Padmini Arhant

Prime Minister Narendra Modi efforts to contain the global pandemic proved too little too late for the migrant workers on daily wages and street vendors serving the Indian economy with no acknowledgment or care and concern in making appropriate arrangements in terms of food for survival while the government expecting obedience on belated lock down and procrastinated travel restrictions as well as quarantine of overseas passengers upon arrival.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s zero tolerance to constructive assessment of government response or the lack thereof on any issues from embattled economy prior to the global pandemic hitting India to the recent handling of corona virus with the large labor force compelled to leave their cramped confinements joining their families back in the village and hometowns explains the state of affairs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hypersensitivity to legitimate critiquing on government plans and actions evident in the non-bailable arrests of human rights activists and environmentalists without any due process held indefinitely in prison and house arrest. 

Notwithstanding severe reaction in gunning down writers, journalists and authors viz. Gauri Lankesh shot dead at her residence in Bengaluru, Karnataka with PM Narendra Modi referring to the deceased as female dog and admiring the journalist’s assassin by following the murderer’s twitter confirms the head of the so-called largest democracy respect for life, human values and democratic rights silenced with radical fundamentalism and abhorrent violencethe signature traits of PM Narendra Modi legacy from Gujarat days in politics.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi never failing to reach out to the wealthiest in society in bailing out bankrupt entrepreneurs like Anil Ambani with government defense contracts viz. Rafale deal at ordinary Indians expense or conveying heartfelt greetings to celebrities in Bollywood, Kollywood etc. and Sports world including invitations for tea parties and banquet dinners are the norm in PM Narendra Modi 2.0 era.

Now in the wake of corona virus, PM Narendra Modi government having evacuated some Indian citizens from certain foreign locations using aircrafts to bring Indian nationals home free of cost which means the price tagged on to the average citizens struggling to make ends meet in Indian economy, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi somehow did not have any contingency plan to organize basic economic relief and safe passage for the overwhelming labor force, the majority of them from north east, central and north west India hired as construction and factory workers nationwide. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi consistency in such display is least surprising whether abstinence in empathy for 150 and more infants deaths from acute encephalitis in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, the victims predominantly from poorest sections in society,


PM Narendra Modi government instigated recent Delhi violence claiming at least 165 innocent lives majority of them Muslims and the rest so-called Dalits among Hindus in addition to their homes, schools, hospitals and public buildings burned down by criminal arsonists representing BJP factions with the guilty granted impunity by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah bare facts on the human character of those heading the nation and the nature of democracy in India.

The lock down imposed in the last four days supposedly lasting 21 days has understandably caused enormous economic and health distress prompting the exodus of these workers trying to reach their respective villages and towns minimum 300 to 800 km or more by foot while Prime Minister Narendra Modi indulging in nuanced apology, the gesture highlighting self-mockery not to mention the grim situation subject to performance to the gallery. 

Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah deploying resources in protecting vulnerable population in urban and rural areas with urgently required protective hazmat suits, masks and various medical supplies as well as equipment for front line health care team besides adequate economic assistance such as food for daily existence and medical provisions to the vast average citizens especially the poor and lower income in society are critical rather than wasting time and money on kabuki theater for grand appeasement.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter




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