Corona Virus and Pandemic Management Video Update

April 14, 2020

Corona Virus and Pandemic Management Video Update

Padmini Arhant



I begin with my thoughts and prayers for victims and health care team worldwide in prevailing over the worst health care and economic crises.

The world battling corona virus have reportedly lost 114,367 lives and 1,857,354 affected with   1,263,405 in mild condition and 50,847 patients in serious or critical condition. The positive trend in this pandemic is 428,735 (79%) stated as recovered from this virus at present. The downside is the gradual increase in death toll at 21% remains alarming.

Most nations remaining in lock down since mid to late March up until now observing public health guidelines on social distancing and limiting social contacts given the rapid transmission through these means have definitely proved effective. However, many in different locations in many parts of the world fail to adhere the important guidance despite citations and fines for ignoring the rule which is deeply regrettable. These individuals need to understand the consequences of their casual behavior and disobedience having ripple effects on those vulnerable to this virus such as elderly and citizens with underlying health conditions exposed to such silent carriers in return slipping into serious or critical category. Not to mention the burden on front line health care workers risking their lives as well as their families expected to treat corona virus patients without personal protective equipment considering the shortage on these items and medical supplies exacerbating care and containment at this critical juncture.

Accordingly, it is imperative for all citizens to respect lockdown and follow the instructions preventing further spread of this virus and new cases from emerging in their local territory and other parts of the globe. The nations experiencing the worst impact of the contagion virus arguably dealing with tremendous situation due to lack of preparedness and overall worldwide neglect to allocate adequate funding and reserves towards health care in their national budget.

The countries that are least affected from this deadly virus are fortunate considering many are barely in a position to mitigate the pandemic with scarce supplies and fewer resources at their disposal to assist a large population. However, the biggest challenge for them is the economic toll on vast majority struggling to make ends meet and many below poverty line dyeing from hunger and starvation is the reality. The economic relief to these large number of people is paramount in addition to reviving small businesses, retailers, restaurants and chain of commercial services crucial to any economy enduring losses from the current economic freeze. Above all feeding the hungry while in lock down and after until economic revival cannot be slighted by any government, civil society and non-governmental organizations in the excruciating economic times facing the world.

In terms of combating the virus – Scientific and medical community involved in research for cure and prevention are racing with time to contain the epidemic and their efforts are truly appreciated. In the meantime, the medical team laying their lives to save lives and in the course losing own lives in the battle are preventable. The safe medical gear and supplies to health care workers are compulsory to protect them from adverse vector factor. The community transmission is either not recognized or denied in some parts of the world despite huge population due to bare minimal testing that in itself is a fire starter not knowing the actual trigger point within creating massive contagion effect. The authorities ignoring repercussions from fewer testing are indeed placing domestic and international community at risk that could linger beyond the 12 – 18 months timeframe posing enormous exposure upon travel resumption.

Bearing this aftermath in mind, travel conditions should include corona virus clearance from recognized local legal medical centers in a similar manner meeting the requirement on communicable diseases prior to issuing boarding pass in order to prohibit traveler transmission proved fundamental reason behind the global pandemic.

As for reopening the economy – hospitals, emergency rescue operations fire fighters and utility services has been in operation being essential for routine functions and other economic sectors getting back to work would depend on virus elimination and county reports on the pandemic confirming public health safety prior to allowing shops and restaurants to return to any service maintaining strict code on crowd and close interaction.

The effective measure to control virus is for citizens from all walks of life to adopt self-discipline on quarantine, avoiding social proximity and physical contacts, hygiene by thoroughly washing hands with soap and clean water, wearing face masks to prevent aerosol infection are regular recommendations to be observed in overcoming the present health disaster. Furthermore, citizens concentrating on personal health boosting immunity through appropriate natural diet and lifestyle would contribute to built-in resistance to corona virus and any other potential health hazards in daily life. The emotional and psychological needs are equally at stake for some unable to cope with the unprecedented health crisis which would require different kinds of family and external support.

Any options to ease lock down is tied to pandemic decline averting new cases and fatalities with the focus on recovery escalating among the infected data. The other suggestion is to publish data on recovery process i.e. patients initially affected with corona virus regardless of testing with mild symptoms could share treatment and means towards recovery to help others affected by the pandemic. Those classified symptomatic, Asymptomatic and presymptomatic electing self-confinement for minimum 2-3 weeks extending longer upon persisting mild symptoms would de-escalate the pandemic.

In conclusion, governments outreach to the disadvantaged in society is a key responsibility together with public cooperation in following the rules and ordinance related to the pandemic would deliver the desirable outcome.

My prayers and best wishes to all those experiencing health and economic woes from the pandemic testing human ability and determination in dealing with unusual circumstances consuming lives and having brought livelihoods to a temporary halt.

Let us all work together and consolidate resources, time and energy in assisting victims and others tirelessly engaged in saving lives and offering economic aid to weaker sections in society.

We shall and will triumph over the worst health catastrophe and economic downturn.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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