Corona Virus (SARS-COV2) – Actions and Effects

March 25, 2020

Corona Virus – Actions and Effects 

Padmini Arhant

Question from DW news – Germany, Europe.

Is that true? Do you need to be a dictatorship to handle a killer virus?


The answer is explicit NO.

It is not the dictatorship containing the virus.

It was the dictatorship in Beijing, China that contributed the virus evolving into global pandemic.

The appeasers promoting authoritarianism, totalitarian regimes, despots and dictatorships worldwide for narcissistic interests and mega profiteering are responsible for billions of population to remain prisoners in their homeland denied basic freedom, individual, political, civil and voting rights.

Oligarchy governance and special interests reining control over political and economic decisions in a democracy or any other form of government care less about human rights record of any nation involved in abusing citizens with torture, confinement in concentration camps, wiping civilization and culture to list a few among diverse inhumane practices while others espousing fundamentalist radical ideology using religion as pawn to oppress and occupy nations or impose undemocratic doctrine on segments within society on world watch is the norm with humanity conditioned to accept the status quo as irreversible condition. 

The corporate character prioritizing phenomenal profits over people to suit their specific economic goals and lofty financial gains is desensitized to the demise of moral consciousness within and around the sphere. Not to mention the Soul deprived of any peace in living and death for every one of them. 

The multinational corporations with manufacturing base, products assembly and distribution from China and other investment firms in the United States, Europe and elsewhere enhancing China’s economic and political clout have little or no concern on the dynamics of their capital investments in China strengthening authoritarianism diminishing any hope of freedom for people in China, the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province experiencing brutal exile, the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong bleeding over the last eighteen months and longer or for that matter the long oppressed Tibet silenced with military boots in every nook and corner of the plateau and last but not the least Taiwan undermined on domestic and international policy for not in compliance with Beijing’s One nation two systems exerting authority over an independent sovereign state.

As for China’s neighbors beginning with the land locked Himalayan nation Nepal, India in the north eastern borders with China, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines combined dealing with constant incursions and territorial disputes in South China Sea is the biggest dilemma in South and South East Asia.

Now the question for United States Capitalists Socialism (bailing out large corporations and finance sector with taxpayers funds) maintaining close ties with China’s Communist Capitalism is;

What would it take for these multinational Conglomerate to recognize their direct involvement in the above cited human rights violations, iron fist rule in China with zero tolerance to any form of democratic activism, exploitation of work force and now the world brought under economic recession through global pandemic originating in Wuhan, Hubei province in China deploying aggressive tactics in suppressing the outbreak of the deadly contagion virus?

Starting with Tesla co-founder Elon Musk latest project undertaking attracting USD $1.3 billion from four China owned banks in China with the construction of factory in Shanghai, China to produce Tesla electric cars for sales in China, United States and world over is just one example among many in China’s magnetic influence over United States and European private as well as public sector.

Similarly, the world’s biggest online marketplace Amazon delivering merchandise with Made in China label directly or indirectly produced from China choosing to remain oblivious in the entire health crisis is deeply disappointing especially when at least eight or so Amazon employees in fulfillment centers across the United States join the SARS COV2 viz. the corona virus victim profile. Amazon was quick to rebuke a Delaware college student in the United States slamming the student with $3,800 fine on a $60 text book she had loaned and returned just four days late. Amazon reportedly refunded the student  after the incident made public quoting the same as ‘an isolated error.’

The absence of any remarks from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and those in different economic sectors having stronghold in China’s economy facilitated by consumers and tax payers in the United States and other parts of the world in the globalized economy clarify the state of affairs leaving the global population vulnerable to Globalists prerogatives and discretion on mismanagement of health, economic and environment disasters.

On the political front, the different standards adopted such as severe economic sanctions against certain nations like Iran declined relief from trade embargo in the height of corona virus battle consuming lives at an alarming rate with western sanctions exacerbating Iranian victims and families plight in the emergency situation is against humanitarian value deserving condemnation.

In contrast, western powers partnering with China in every possible way from China being a member of G20, World Trade Organization (WTO), China granted most favored nation status (MFN) renewed by every administration republican and democrat alike in the White House and China also a permanent member of United Nations Security Council with veto power.

China on roster heading UNSC in the current month refusing to discuss the global pandemic is least surprising and other P5+1 members complacency in this regard confirms the importance or the lack there of on human lives amongst those wielding power in the global domain.

Regardless, indifference towards Iranian citizens and others sharing the western economic sanctions woes amid combating the deadly contagion virus and likewise slighting China’s 1.4 billion population and the rest enduring the Communist regime’s oppression in and around China categorically highlight the policy designed to punish people in the world over in western powers conflicting positions against nations to suit their exclusive aspirations in the geopolitical and global economic landscape.

The updates on this topic will next focus on EU nations and EU role in dealing with the global pandemic and economic stimulus. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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