Congressional Elections 2010 – Prognosis

September 15, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The recent primaries indicate a strong surge among the Republican base compared to the Democrats and the independent voters.

There is urgency for the Democrats and the independents to get back into action similar to the tidal wave witnessed in 2008 to accomplish their goals.

Grievances on some issues among both groups are justified. However, they cannot be addressed without effective representation in the House and the Senate. Abstinence or the eleventh hour effort could only lead to more frustration allowing the conservative blockade to continue.

Both democrats and independents need candidates with high quality performance reflecting solid commitment to the people and environment. Candidates willing to stand up to the entities against public and national interest from corporate affair to military warfare, the two predominant factors contributing to the alarming national deficit and myriad of social-economic disparities deserve voter approval.

The Republican members are not the choice whether they are tea party candidate or establishment nominee for they represent the big industries and not the average citizens. It is confirmed in the ‘Nay’ votes on legislation concerning the economy and host of other issues since January 2009.

Likewise, the democratic establishment instrumental in opposing single payer system or public option in health care reform, closing loopholes in finance legislation and swaying to the energy behemoths’ call to adhere to fossil fuel, nuclear energy despite the misgivings and horrific mining accidents in the United States and around the world,

Last but not the least against troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere – owe valid explanation to the democratic base and independents for rejecting their voices in all these issues.

Democrats have struggled with legislative process in both Houses of Congress, more in the Senate than the House, even while being a majority in 2009 as seen during the contentious health care bill and economic issues.

It’s paramount for the industry, union or any special interest backed candidates to be transparent and clarify their true representations on all things related to the American electorate in addition to providing legitimate reasons for not demonstrating them in action.

The voters have an obligation to identify their requirements and choose the candidate with proven record or having demonstrated the will to challenge the forces undermining democracy on all issues.

Essentially pragmatism over ideology enhanced by inclusive rather than divisive positions would yield bipartisan solutions to the problems confronting the nation.

Republican legislators have absolved themselves from constitutional duty to work with the Democrat majority in legislative matter throughout Obama Presidency letting partisanship prevail in life threatening issues such as jobless benefit extension, small business lending and 9/11 rescue workers health care assistance.

Unfortunately, the persisting Republican opposition on legislation to benefit average Americans fails to recognize the social and economic cost ultimately affecting all in the interdependent society with the irony being the national deficit used as a pretext in this context.

Democrats, independents and disenchanted republicans have a great opportunity to come together this election in electing the officials pledging allegiance to the American people and not the oligarchy responsible for the Washington status quo.

The electability criteria in consistent with the constitutional oath is the real test for the new contenders and the incumbents alike.

They could precisely be the following:

Disavow partisanship, declining special interests influence and,

Above all maintain ethical standards through accountability with corruption in politics being a worldwide epidemic denying progress to a substantial population living in abject poverty and lifelong miseries.

Honesty and integrity determines human character, yet it’s not an integral element in the quest for public office.

In fact, the systemic abuse of power is the fundamental cause of the contemporary social and economic inequality.

American electorates hold the power to implement these changes in Washington through the electoral process that could restore the broken system and renew the tarnished image.

Voting is no longer an option but an absolute necessity to rescue the nation from the repeat catastrophe experienced at the dawn of twenty first century under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Besides, voting is a constitutional right granted to citizens in a democracy to protect their civil liberties and freedom from internal or external threats.

American electorates have awesome responsibility to elect the hard working, diligent and trustworthy officials not only to represent them in the United States but also the fellow citizens across the globe.

Congressional decisions made in Washington impact the approximate 6.5 billion people destiny.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the massive voter turnout in November 2010 or earlier in states like Ohio facilitating mail-in ballots.

First time voters may register in their local districts and join the other electorates to cast their votes on or before the election date provided it is permissible.

Democrats, independents and disillusioned republicans – please contribute to
Democracy for America (DFA) dedicated to the positive change in Washington and across the United States at:

Also, Please help Senator Barbara Boxer in raising $200,000 by September 18, 2010 for media fund. It’s a daunting task. Nonetheless, the Senator’s campaign is grassroots funded unlike her opponent Carly Fiorina – financed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce apart from the contestant’s personal campaign investment.

Please visit for your affordable and generous donations.

Most importantly, please secure your future and the dependents prospects by casting your vote as early as possible.

Please rally America via email, texting or visiting DFA to energize voters.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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