August 29, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The contemporary trend is concoction.  Concoction of lies, deception, deceit, fiction, fabrication extended into perversion to protect esoteric sanctuary.

The overwhelming majority in the world work for survival and to provide for their family. These people work very hard regardless of their profession and jobs to enable them and their loved ones a decent life.

Then there are others who dedicate their lives to harm anyone and engage in self-deprecating and destructive cause.  They hire agents and operatives to inflict damages and sabotage anything considered an obstruction to their counterproductive course. They have diverse representation to target anyone they regard an obstacle to their concoction.

The name of the game is prejudice. Although prejudice is injustice and in today’s society humans are conditioned to believe the practice as the source’s prerogative and expect victims to endure without any objection.

Prejudice is not limited to race and religion. There is gender bias with sub-classifications in this context. Then there is isolation, segregation with deliberate intentions to destroy image and character.

Ignorance plays a major role in this instance and presumptuousness is the predominant factor that diminish human rationale in the distinction between sane and unwise volition.

The traits of entities and contingency in such indulgence are a sign of desperation as desperate times seek desperate measures to maintain concoction.

When someone treads on a trail blindfolded they could be cautioned with the hope they would heed advice. However, what do you do with those blinded by their belief in doing something terribly wrong as absolutely right?  In this case some learn from experience while others insist on continuing on the path to self-detriment.

The latest strategy amongst the groups regarding them superior and privileged is to undermine and discredit anyone presumed to be a threat to status quo. All kinds of tactics and techniques are deployed using media as the propaganda medium under the guise of entertainment, information and discussion. The constant efforts to camouflage the obvious about them is the norm.

They shun two things – cleanliness and transparency.  Not surprisingly the parody on both are retained to deflect public attention.  The aversion to former emanates from the reactionaries’ contentment towards dirt and filth in inner self and outer surroundings while with the latter the dichotomy is ignored for convenience.

Transparency in provocative appearance with attire is defiantly adapted whereas disclosure on facts and events affecting humanity concealed as classified data.

The smoke screen prevents revelations for false impression about state of affairs.

The paid volunteers and performers not barring intruders on espionage and surveillance pledge their service in malice and wickedness to tarnish the directed target. Those with self-respect and esteem would normally distance from such intrusion and preoccupation notwithstanding the misconception about participation as sense of pride.

Needless to say the respectable ones would know to treat others the way they would like to be treated and refrain from impiety resulting in nothing other than self-incrimination.

No action is without consequence and accordingly the karmic burden weighs down with incessant suffering in the long run.

Inner peace is the treasure cove enhancing demeanor and personality reflected in exercising reasoning faculty prior to unpleasant disposition.

Live and let others live without reservations and pre-judgments with planet as the common habitat sharing endowments and human potential to benefit all and not the selective few.

Never too late to do right in life.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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