Color Culture

June 13, 2021

Color Culture

Padmini Arhant

What is precisely a Woman of Color?

The political survival premised on profile, polarization and presumptuousness are a reflection of an acute identity syndrome marred with false pride and prejudice.

The so-called political correctness is euphemism on race baiting pronounced in the reference –A Woman of Color.”

What is the modus operandi and primary goal behind the divisive racial caste class creed discrimination?

Who is anyone to define and classify anybody as anyone or anything they deem convenient in the identity appropriation?

Notwithstanding the persistent deception and deceitful projection of pseudo characters performing to the script adding insult to human intelligence.

While the disingenuous discussion on gender, racial and social equality serving individuals and political factions’ political interests remain the norm, simultaneously those having benefitted from divisive classifications crying foul is yet another caricature of human mind.

At the end of the day, the fraudulence is unveiled when subject to real test on aptitude and character. The media, political establishment and secret society secretive indulgence behind the political theater unravel unprecedented activities ultimately hurting the source and catalysts in the self-inflicted bargain.

The contemporary practice to substitute truth with false narrative, facts with fabrication and fraud and last but not the least the original with fake as fiduciary to suit the whims and fancies of those running the gamut is a far cry.

Regardless of skin pigmentation, gender and social differences, the blood color in the veins and arteries in all living species do not vary according to the shades of outer skin layer.

The perishable flesh and bone upon cremation turn into ashes and in burial become fossils again not necessarily matching the skin tone of the physical body during life.

In light of the incontrovertible reality, the alienation based on politically driven bias and preferences expose inner conflict within amid exploitation.

Color culture is an obsolete trait with emphasis on skin over substance. The symbolic politics reek contempt and subjugation. Not to mention the new tradition representing regression and restitution that are best left behind in the dark history of any society.

The deeds and uniqueness exemplified in fruitful actions adequately describe individuality and meritocracy with everything else qualifying as insignificant in life and thereafter.

The life with selfless contributions is a tribute and testament to purposeful existence.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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