Colombia – Ending U.S. Imperialists Goals, Narcotics and Arms Trade

August 30, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The South American country Colombia prominent for narcotics trade as major drugs supplier in international market is United States ally with generous military aid and direct involvement in more than four decades old conflict between government and guerrilla army, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia aka FARC.

The imperialistic and oligarchy goal for unlimited access to Colombian prized natural resources viz. oil, gold, coal and emerald along with wealthy landlords illegal land seizure deprived locals land rights facilitating peasants to organize revolution with FARC formation.

United States alliance with Colombia similar to other partnerships specifically Free Trade Agreement for economic and strategic reasons has been disastrous considering U.S. favored political leaderships strong ties to drug cartels in the country, massive corruption and above all staggering death tolls in brutal killings of civilians joining FARC.

Contrary to mischaracterization of FARC base as terrorist and militias,

The organization comprises marginalized and disenfranchised demography representing the vast majority with a thin minority belonging to bourgeois and ruling elite backing imperialists long been clashing for economic freedom and social justice.

The government forces, drug warlords together with paramilitary troops hired by transnational companies and upper echelons in society targeted and continue to pursue FARC members under false pretext of fighting anti-government rebels,

The apparent outcome reportedly is overwhelming casualties and about 4.3 million displaced since the battle onset.

United States arms supply to Colombian government exclusively to contain FARC identified as a threat to prevalent fascism notwithstanding flourishing drug trade equipped with these weapons responsible for the most heinous crimes against innocent civilians from all walks of life.

Synonymous to U.S. misguided operation in Mexico through controversial Fast and Furious program enabling ammunition delivery to nefarious groups in the prolific drug industry/- such activities bear parallel consequences ultimately affecting the source.

United States and counterparts inundated with abusive substances making way to high schools and college campuses destroying vulnerable and impressionable youth lives falling victims to government organized and taxpayer funded racket.

Humanity existential challenge is arms and drugs distribution besides economic monopoly causing political instability for imperialistic agenda.

FARC evidently emanated from United States and multinational corporations’ joint promotion of feudalism for respective advantage crushing survival opportunity among indigenous and mainstream across Colombia.

The imperial strategy to undermine sovereignty in every part of the world by weakening countries with internal turmoil, demolishing hope for republic governed democracy, denying economic and social equality suppress any resistance discrediting movement by describing genuine demands unreasonable.

Moreover the state sponsored warfare with external aid generated violence transforming peaceful dissent into guerrilla army.

The government under foreign influence missed no occasion to scapegoat FARC on massacres carried out by them and other partners in the relentless confrontation.

The report on United States openly led Colombian government attack against FARC leaderships exiled in Ecuador and subsequently U.S. State department declaring victory for the ally exemplifies subjugation and proxy rule.

FARC retaliated with abductions and kidnappings of political members but lately disavowed such indulgence adapting to long established political system in addressing public needs with health, education, housing and agricultural provisions amid maintaining strong opposition to government, drug traffickers and United States military intrusion.

On diversion from coca cultivation to food crops harvest, FARC measures are far more impressive in incentivizing farmers with tax exemption to grow produces like banana and other fruits, rice, coffee, etc. instead of coca and,

Those adhering to government methods in cocaine production levied maximum applicable tax to deter growth and drug mafia collusion in widespread death and destruction.

Colombia fits the profile for foreign powers to exert authoritarianism whilst reminding adversaries in the region on formidability.

However, the government and United States suffered serious backlash in the prolonged exchange with FARC considering the ongoing popular support prompting potential political win for FARC only to be intercepted by United States forged assassinations of FARC candidacy proving hegemony illegitimacy and,

The urgent requirement to eliminate aggression from roots through peaceful and non-violent means to realize true liberation.

Further the wealthy thriving on disproportionate income, corporate greed eyeing on oil and emeralds and hegemony undermining viable governance contribute to Colombia status quo as the headquarter for narcotics trade and weapons warehouse.

Additionally, the workers union recent dispute on General Motors’ exploitation attracted international attention due to protesters severe hunger strike with sewn mouth sought fair negotiations on workers care and compensation plan abstinent until date during injuries and health hazards experienced in auto plant.

The minimum wages not being on par with domestic and industrialized nations’ standards juxtaposed GM CEO in Colombia remuneration at approximately $3700 per hour is the core issue confronting 99% versus 1% worldwide.

U.S. tax payers bailed out GM having hit rock bottom in the worst manufacturing sector crisis is partly owned by United States Government sharing responsibility in the glaringly negligent and apathetic corporate policy benefitting multinational corporations and top hierarchy at the lower expendable workers as well as employees expense.

Globalization premised on neo-liberalization for capturing substantial market share with neo-conservatism adopted in dealing with general work force labor laws primarily attributed to widening gap between rich and poor world over.

Corporation profits solely retained among shareholders and executives slight workers’ significant productivity predominantly yielding lucrative returns on investments for the company.

The conventional practices unfortunately prevails over contemporary necessities and ethics unlike technological advancement readily embraced to enhance business prospects again in privileged members interest.

Resolving Colombian workers justified requests in improving overall economic and health conditions would not only develop better relation for GM management with workers and union – the engine of any business and economy,

The acknowledgment interpreted in action would change perception of capitalism commitment to protecting workers rights and appreciation of hard work that guarantees successful venture.

Colombia remarkable literacy rate combined with valuable natural endowments could easily provide for entire nation exceeding current economic expectations anywhere in the absence of elements obstructing pervasive national progress.

FARC pledge to renounce course damaging credibility and distraction from main focus i.e. right to self-determination, territorial integrity and terminating coca plantation is a phenomenal step in non-violent approach towards national achievement.

Perseverance in vision for liberty and collective prosperity would eventually lead to a promising future.

Colombia is hostage to radioactive drug marketing, foreign supremacy and puppet rule – no exception in present context.

Colombia emancipation would essentially purify environment for Colombian citizens and international community at large.

Wishing peace activists, environmentalists and FARC – the people power dedicated to republican democracy triumph in endeavor against national and international conglomerate dominance.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
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