China Communist Military Activities

November 12, 2020

China Communist Military Activities

Padmini Arhant

United States President Donald Trump’s executive order banning China Communist Military companies trading in United States securities is a tremendous step in the right direction.

Similarly, the US State Department headed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s persistent defense of Hong Kong’s autonomy stripped by Beijing on international watch and accordingly relevant actions are noteworthy. 

China’s communist leadership military, intelligence and extravagant ventures exploiting vulnerabilities of developing nations not without critical support and collusion from those with exclusive vested interests in particular in the United States and Europe facilitated China’s direct infiltration and incursion against neighbors near and far. The ambitions largely aimed at United States in the past two decades is not a mere perception. 

Setting aside the raucous on the 2020 election, the important factor is the 2020 Presidential election campaign funded by China’s affiliates and Chinese major investors to replace the incumbent administration of President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is well founded in the political standpoint. 

Notwithstanding the absence of transparency in election funding and the Presidential race attracting bidders from all corners with deep pockets as well as specific agenda calls for Presidential campaigns to come clean and present the direct and indirect funding source.

The Presidential race fought on the issue of COVID19 originating from Wuhan, China financed by Beijing controlled investments in United States election to gain desirable outcome in China’s Communist Politburo favor award Beijing victory deceptively touted as American electorate mandate.

Reiterating earlier position stated on this website, there is an urgent requirement to probe China communist military and intelligence including corporate proxies indulgence in the 2020 Presidential race considering the previous 2016 Presidential election was declared Russiagate with the entire four years 2016-2019 expended in fact finding through Robert Mueller committee and other branches such as FBI and Department of Justice involvement to get to the bottom.

In the Presidential election 2020, the unleashing of deadly infectious corona virus in late 2019 and information withheld from international community by Beijing and WHO director general Ghebreyesus until March 2019 on the ravaging viral transmission via human contact and primarily international travel with catastrophic impact on health and economy worldwide is no ordinary event.

Anyone expressing disdain on COVID19 ramifications attributing to mishandling and mismanagement of the pandemic would seek investigation on China’s role in the United States 2020 election benefitting those taking advantage of the best of both situations viz. COVID19 and the pandemic origin China’s finance to their political campaign.

Otherwise, criticizing COVID19 casualties as the incumbent’s fault while accepting China Communist Party representatives cash flow in the United States 2020 election to install the administration pledged to complicity with CCP rather than subjecting Beijing to accountability would clarify duplicity.

Presidential race 2020 associated with China Communist Party and military as well as Beijing’s espionage activities unraveling just prior to election month debunk any assertion to these incidents as conspiracy theory. 

As such the corona virus experiments carried out in Wuhan Virology Institute, China back in 2009 and onwards projecting the potential threat to humanity from the deadly virus anytime and that virus release coinciding with the United States Presidential election 2020 reveals there is more than it meets the eye. 

All the more reasons to pay attention to China Communist leadership, the military and intelligence aspirations in foreign shores.

In the United States, the Presidential election campaign money running up to officially $14 billion and unofficially far greater budget equally merit inquiry.

Those having nothing to hide would submit to campaign scrutiny with Beijing’s overwhelming expansionism in the contemporary era. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter 






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