China – CCP Spread COvID19 Pandemic

November 17, 2020

China – CCP Spread COVID19 Pandemic

Padmini Arhant

Latest Update : United States – SuperPAC, HybridPAC, Big Techs, Foreign Interests Driven 2020 Presidential Election Campaign.

China’s communist leadership CCP infiltration in foreign soil via politics and political funding in election campaigns besides lucrative deals to political family members and corporate beneficiaries is the existential threat to any democracy.

While the young brave hearts in uniform guarding the frontiers lay their lives and sacrifice physical body parts losing their arms, limbs, sight and much more to protect the country and citizens including those committing treason in politics,

The enemy’s easy entry and control over the nation’s economy, politics and freedom facilitated by those in politics and economic sector prioritizing self and vested interests is deeply regrettable and reprehensible.

China’s CCP leadership and representatives open bidding on political factions and candidacy wherever possible which is unfortunately worldwide to exert influence and dominance despite being responsible for the global pandemic wreaking havoc on health and economy world over reflect CCP’s prominence in deep state.

In the United States COVID19 deaths and hospitalizations of corona virus patients are sadly misused as the political platform amid conforming to CCP’s desired outcome i.e. Beijing’s victory falsely misled as the electoral mandate in the 2020 Presidential election.

The corporate media and tech giants together with democratic ex-President’s persistent efforts in compliance with Beijing’s aspirations to install power in Washington submissive and complicit to CCP agenda deserve attention.

The rancor on the current situation in the United States politics following the 2020 election stating the position as dangerous, detrimental and delegitimization of Beijing choice is the irony.

When in fact Beijing’s cards played in the United States election to settle scores on various actions by incumbent administration merit focus.

1. Huawei denied access protecting United States intelligence, military and national security from Beijing’s radar.

Notwithstanding Huawei 5G broadband derailing economic progress affecting the same tech behemoths in the United states rallying behind Beijing catapulted power experiencing the worst in CCP’s aggressive political and economic gains against United States underestimate China’s voracious ambition.

2. United States President Donald Trump issued executive order banning China CCP controlled military companies trading in United States securities did not bode well for Beijing. The CCP engaged in misrepresentation to own people and the rest of the world on myriad matter with COVID19 unleashed on humanity beckon interception on Beijing’s intrusion in political, military and economic activities in the United States and other parts of the world.

3. United States State Department under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo voicing support to Hong Kong autonomy and accordingly effective measures such as sanctions against certain entities and groups is predictably persona non grata for Beijing.

The CCP determined to prevent second term Presidency for Donald Trump replacing the present administration with members and faction bound by CCP’s quid pro quo is least surprising and calls for further investigations in this regard on the past ventures and exchange of economic benefits to political family misusing privilege in a democracy.

Above all, President Donald Trump’s trade and cold war with Beijing seeking transparency on economic dealings in the long standing Beijing’s controversial currency manipulation hedging China’s yuan against US dollar for advantage on exports evading tariffs remain contentious with the current administration.

Beijing having enjoyed most favored nation (MFN) status among predecessors until 2016, the  CCP economic policy to hurt United States never challenged vigorously by previous administrations choosing complacency as the political comfort zone. Not barring China CCP managed investments in political campaigns and process.

President Donald Trump’s commitment towards domestic economy and national security curbing China’s cyber attacks rampant in the previous administrations inarguably found inconvenient by Beijing desperately involved in restoring power surrendered to CCP’s economic and hegemonic goals.

In view of these developments, granting Beijing victory is dangerous, detrimental and delegitimize American sovereignty.

Last but not the least, the voting irregularities and illegal ballots attributed to lack of independent neutral oversight in the ballot counting locations and centers is a serious problem that cannot be discarded at any time.

The electronic voting machine using the dubious software to switch votes is the systemic fraud endured by electorate in any election anywhere demanding scrutiny.

Considering the malpractice in this regard with political factions and candidates arbitrarily declared winners, the mechanism to prohibit such malfeasance is critical to save democracy.

Finally, no individual, political party or entity could ever be more important than a nation and hard fought independence defiantly subject to deep state and foreign government’s preference viz. Beijing to enhance personal and selective prosperity ignoring peril inflicted through Wuhan, China originated COVID19 global health disaster.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

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