Celebrating Fourth of July – Independence Day

July 4, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

July 4th is a glorious occasion for all Americans. On this day, the native and the naturalized citizens come together to cherish the individual freedom that still remains a far-fetched dream for many around the world.

Independence Day is an opportunity to commemorate the nation’s birthday. It honors the founding fathers’ wisdom, resolve and vision for the country they pledged to serve not only during their lifetime, but also beyond the foreseeable future.

“All are created equal and born to be free,” – the natural law has been discarded by human race since evolution and the dominance of some over others is exercised as an “entitlement.”

Liberty is an inalienable right of every life on earth. Yet, freedom is seized from the weak and forced to pay a price through sacrifice and prolonged struggle to regain the fundamental right.

For the unfortunate, the oppression continues without a ray of hope in the lifelong battle that spans over generations.

The minority that controls the majority justify their actions through various interpretations, despite the evidence proving otherwise.

The complacency to the territorial annexation, occupying lands for economic benefits and denying equality to fellow human beings has promoted injustice against the vulnerable population resigned to the reality as the destiny.

Throughout history, human behavior is consistent in the invasion, occupation, persecution and annihilation in the extreme events. From Stone Age to Digital Era, the pattern is maintained with the variation in imperialism evolved into totalitarianism.

United States and other nations’ contribution in restoring sovereignty during the twentieth century world wars is significant and saved humanity from tyranny.

Subsequently, such involvements have yielded unsavory results due to the mission lacking in clarity and purpose.

The courageous troops in harm’s way diligently serve the nation to protect the freedom rejoiced by the people on this Independence Day. They are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Human suffering is brought upon by excess greed for wealth and power. It has led to perpetual warfare with serious economic and political ramifications.

Regardless of the tremendous human progress, peace is not an overwhelming choice in resolving disputes.

Aggression and violence precedes diplomacy and peaceful measures indicating the lack of patience.

Defense spending consuming the major proportion of the budget is given priority and the society’s economic needs rejected on the ‘national debt’ criteria.

United States was envied for being the model democracy and lately the civil liberties has been compromised under “FISA and Patriot Act,” with wiretapping, monitoring private communication, NSA warrantless surveillance…rendering freedom a privilege at the authority’s discretion.

Global security is threatened by terror. Terrorism is a revenge for the bad elements.

Sadly, the groups are emboldened by the failed policies of the corrupt political powers depriving the local population from the economic and political freedom to live and thrive in their domain.

Terror recruitments would decline sharply, if the people in the impoverished regions have access to necessities such as clean drinking water, health and education, agriculture and industrial growth at the least.

Instead, the economic and political powers have maximized military intervention with minimal or zero investments in the social and economic development, transforming the environment into a war zone for a decade and longer from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Freedom is the natural gift for the living.

History is testimony to the fact that none shall ever remain in eternal foreign rule.

The declaration of independence by the United States on July 4, 1776 followed by several other nations exemplifies the inevitable success to the oppressed.

Happy Fourth of July!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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