Hypocrisy Ad Nauseam

March 29, 2021

Hypocrisy Ad Nauseam 

Padmini Arhant

Hypocrisy Ad Nauseam 

“White House staffers asked to resign, work remotely after revealing past marijuana use.

Several White House staffers were asked to resign, were suspended or are working remotely after revealing past marijuana use during their background checks, sources familiar with the situation tell CNN.

Five people are no longer employed at the White House, while additional staffers are working remotely. In many of the cases involving staffers who are no longer employed, additional security factors were in play, including for some hard drug use, the official said.”

President Joe Biden White House Policy.

Overwhelming empathy and laxity on immigration across the border invites tsunami of people. Whereas the administration policy towards Americans at home, younger generation future stifled for their past marijuana use.

The legitimate question from the public and affected hires is ;

Shouldn’t the firing begin at the top rather than rock bottom whose impact is insignificant compared to the ones at the helm as Chief Authority?


Evidently, the so-called law makers are at liberty and granted impunity on championing law breakers record.


Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

India – Attention Indian Corrupt Political Class and Crony Contingency

March 27, 2021

India – Attention Indian Corrupt Political Class and Crony Contingency

Padmini Arhant

भारत के राजनीति और राजनीति के दुष्ट टोली के लिए महत्व पूर्ण विषय :

इस समाचार से समझना चाहिए तुम्हारे प्रतिनिधियों की क्या औकाद है |

मुझे औकाद समझाने से पहले, अपनी और तुम्हारी इन हस्तियों की औकाद जान लो |

तुम जैसे सड़क चाप जिनकी कोई औकाद ना हो, औकाद सिखाने आये तो औकाद की कोई मायने नहीं होती |

अगर गाली देते हो तो जवाब भी लेते जाओ | क्योंकि किसी को किसी के पीछे बिना मतलब पड़ना अपने दुर्भाग्य का निमंत्रण है |

सत्य मेव जयते |

Indian Political Class and crony contingency – These are the kind representing you. Accordingly, you have no credibility or integrity to launch your vitriolic and vicious attacks against me via You Tube and other social media platform. If you consider unnecessary hostility against me is your prerogative, then develop civility to hear my response which is my inalienable right to self-defense and set the record straight. 

GOP Senator says Biden Justice nominee Vanita Gupta has stake in company that supplies chemicals for cartels



Padmini Arhant


United States – Democracy in Dissipation

March 24, 2021

United States – Democracy in Dissipation

Padmini Arhant

When any political party aims for sole dominance and deploys tax payer dollars, resources and means to prolong establishment  power, that nation’s democracy dissipates leaving the people no option other than subjugation.

The current developments in the United states via legislations are ominous and accordingly remain the cause of great concern.  Similarly, the southern border situation further exacerbates humanitarian, health, economic and security crises.

The latest domestic and foreign policy – illegal immigration influx is a serious problem not necessarily designed to help the arrivals especially children, minors and youth – the victims of exploitation at every level. Not to mention the southern state viz. Texas and others forced to bear the brunt of population exodus from nations near and far.

There is an urgent requirement to heed requests from rationale voices to curb unlawful entry across the border and divert focus on domestic issues such as employment, reopening economy, schools and renew measures in dealing with pandemic related challenges that are immediate priority.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


United States – The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

March 3, 2021

United States – The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

Padmini Arhant

The democrat controlled House passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act would be fair and reasonable upon the same empathy and fervor extended to yet another victim who actually suffered far greater brutality and injustice in modern times in the hands of those at the helm of political authority i.e. Presidency of the United States of America under the former President Barack Obama and spouse Michelle Obama’s presence in the White House.

This victim is none other than African American Miriam Carey and her then African American 13-month-old daughter Erica witness to the heinous crime.

The unarmed civilian, the African American mother Miriam Carey was shot several times sustaining fatal injury from thirty five bullets or so in October 2013 confirmed in reports then and thereafter. The Washington post at the time of the incident until today reported on African American victim Miriam Carey shot at least 26 times in several rounds in the brief encounter with White House secret service. The reports state the D.C. police entry later in the crime scene.

The most disturbing turn of event in this cold blooded murder is, the child Erica handed over to some ex-CIA operative rather than obliging the victim Miriam Carey’s mother and her immediate family’s plea to grant them access to the child for emergency care and attention. The request to the former first Black President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama was denied leaving the child Erica bereft of the legal and individual right to be with her family. Instead the ex-CIA personnel, a white male and stranger was designated custodian of the toddler Erica with the matter closed without prompting any attention or concern from then already established Black Lives Matter and others pouring sympathy over African American male victim George Floyd in the police action.

Karen Bass (D-California) – “A profession where you have the power to kill should be a profession that requires highly trained officers who are accountable to the public.”

Shouldn’t the same standard apply to those responsible for the murder of 34-year-old Black mother Miriam Carey as it does now for 46-year-old Black man George Floyd?

The current White House statement to George Floyd Bill;

“To make our communities safer, we must begin by rebuilding trust between law enforcement and the people they are entrusted to serve and protect,” the White House said. “We cannot rebuild that trust if we do not hold police officers accountable for abuses of power and tackle systemic misconduct — and systemic racism — in police departments.”

Who holds those accountable for authorizing their secret service personnel to hail bullets on unarmed woman and a mother with 13-month-old child in her car?

Why should there be any discrimination even among Black Lives evident in condemnation of action in black man George Floyd’s murder while condoning the black victim Miriam Carey’s public summary execution?

Is it simply because, those involved and responsible for the black woman Miriam Carey’s summary execution are protected by ‘qualified immunity’ apparently revoked in George Floyd’s case?

How can such prejudice over ride criminality in one incident while demanding Justice in another?

In doing so, the entire process is marred with credibility and genuity factor pronouncing politics more than ethics. Notwithstanding civil and human rights seriously violated in congressional selective importance.

Let the basic civility honoring All Lives Matter prevail over partisan identity politics aimed at further polarization of society and creed within.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 













India – Black Money in SWISS Bank and Tax Havens

February 27, 2021

Indians’ Black Money in Swiss Bank


Tax Havens

Padmini Arhant

Indian politics, economy, entertainment, sports and religion represent prominence and prosperity largely due to black money, tax evasion, embezzlement, criminal and corruption scandals. 

Public information on India’s rich, famous and powerful hoarding black money in Swiss Bank and other tax havens is no surprise. The long held custom exacerbating and crippling Indian economy and society amid skyrocketing unemployment, lower income deterioration to impoverished majority along with farmers protests are dire national crises. 

The names publicly listed since 2003 comprise – Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and family – Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra, Robert Vadra and many Congress leaders as well as high ranking members and officials continue the tradition in tax evasion, black money hoarding and money laundering with political impunity. 

The celebrities in India are not left behind in this context. The Panama Gate listed Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan…together with Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and family that cost the Pakistan political family power prompting self-exile overseas. On the contrary, the Indian celebrities implicated in the Panama Gate let scot free granting them immunity on corruption scandals in and outside India.

Similarly Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s holdings estimated at over US$100 million with co-star Juhi Chawla and spouse Jay Mehta in Seychelles was brought to Enforcement Directorate (ED) notice with investigation for formality without any serious actions on black money recovery. The other Indian celebrities name making in the public list on corruption scandal were Shilpa Shetty and spouse Raj Kundra reportedly linked to terror group that barely caught attention considering the actor Shilpa Shetty’s close alliance with Indian PM Narendra Modi on quid pro quo commercials promoting BJP political agenda. The Bollywood actors Shilpa Shetty and Akshay Kumar donations to PM Narendra Modi’s personal fund silenced any inquiry on tax evasion charges and money laundering on both actors.

Yet another field is religion. India’s supposedly Godmen exposed in controversial appearance and international dealings remaining untouchable in terms of accountability are Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Jaggi Vasudev aka the so-called Satguru, the yoga instructor turned commercial trader Baba Ramdev are among several in India’s rich, famous and powerful raking fortune at vast majority expense and misery.

Indians black money public data in Swiss bank is Rs. 358,679,863,300,000 (estimated to be over 5 trillion dollars). 

The undisclosed perhaps never revealed accounts by other politicians, celebrities, industrialists, godmen and miscellaneous would easily surpass many major economies GDP figure and inversely the national debt figure. 

Interestingly, PM Narendra Modi’s  promise to India to achieve 5 Trillion dollar economy in growth and GDP per capita in last election come into fruition not necessarily in national economy, however in personal wealth amassment among the privileged class in India.

Although, the economic milestone is far from reality, the black money held in Swiss bank and various offshore accounts by wealthy, famous and powerful in India had long reached the 5 trillion dollar benchmark. The figure is only expected to exceed in the face of rampant corruption and illegal treasure trove exploding defying transparency and ethics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


List of black money holders in SWISS bank…… The top most members are…..(money is in CRORES – 10 million – 1 Crore)

*Karunanidi & Family (846890)

 *Adani (708000)

*Ambani (568000)*

*Sonia Gandhi (389000)

*J. Jayalalitha (257500)

*Subramanian Swamy (220060)

*Devendra Fadnavis(220000)

*Raj foundation(189008)

*N. Chandrbabu(168009)

*Amit Shah (158000)*

*V.K.Sasikala (154700)

*Harshad Mehta(135800)

*Rajnath Singh(82000)

*Lalit Modi (76888)

*Baba Ramdev(75000)

*Sushma Swaraj (582114)

*Janardana Reddy(50000)

*Vaiyapuri Gopalsamy aka Vaiko (35,000)

*Lalu Prasad Yadav(28900)

*Smriti Irani(28900)

*Narendra Modi(19800)* 

 *Arun Jaitley (15040)*

*Ravi Shankar Prasad (15000)*

*Kalanidi Maran(15000)*

*Katta Subramanya Naidu(14500)

*TTV. Dinakaran (12870)

*Yadiyurappa (9000)

*J M Scindia(9000)

*Katta Bharat(8200)

*Ketan Parekh(8200)

*Nalin Kohli(5900)

*Vasundhara Raje(5900)

P.S.Indians black money in Swiss bank is Rs. 358,679,863,300,000 (estimated to be over 5 trillion dollars). 

The money belongs to 2000 Indians accounts to evade tax and maintain money laundering. This money is enough for India to become  powerful developed country in the world for next 100yrs. Please STOP CORRUPTION.

स्विस बंक में जमा कालेधन वाले भारतीयों की सूचि जारी की है..

शीर्ष अधिकांश 24 सदस्य हैं ….. (पैसा करोड़ों में है)

1 – * अंबानी (568000) *

2 – * अदानी (7800) *

3 – * अमित शाह (158000) *

4 – राजनाथ सिंह (82000)

5 – * अरुण जेटली (15040) *

6 – स्मृति ईरानी (28900)

7 – Yadiyurappa (9000)

8 – * रविशंकर गुरुजी (15000) *

9 – बाबा रामदेव (75000)

10 – Janard जना रेड्डी (50000)

11 – नलिन कोहली (5900)

12 – देवेंद्र फडणवीस (220000)

13 – ललित मोदी (76888)

14- सुषमा स्वराज (582114)

15- * नरेंद्र मोदी (19800) *

16- हर्षद मेहता (135800)

17- केतन पारेख (8200)

18-कट्टा सुब्रमण्य नायडू (14500)

19- लालू प्रसाद यादव (28900)

20 – जे एम सिंधिया (9000)

21- * Kalanidi मारन (15000) *

22 * करुणानिधि (35000) *

23- वसुंधरा राजे (5900)

24 राज फाउंडेशन (189008

25 एन Chandrbabu (168009)

Independent Commission on January 6th, 2021 Capitol Event

February 17, 2021

Independent Commission on January 6th, 2021

Capitol Event

Padmini Arhant

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in agreement with proposal on independent commission to investigate Capitol Building encroachment on January 6th, 2021 should be in a position to subject self and others in the democrat party to scrutiny to make such probe free, fair and credible.

Furthermore, the fact Jan 6, 2021 Capitol storming was pre-organized and pre-emptive incident is confirmed by FBI. That being the case, those behind the orchestrated incident and the House Speaker in-charge of Capitol building security should be prepared to submit to law without exception in Congress and government apparatus.

The investigation compared to 9/11 commission is ominous as the so-called 9/11 commission was anything but independent except for exonerating and absolving those directly involved and responsible for 9/11.

Since accountability is at the height of democrats controlled government, media and all things considered a fair game, then a thorough investigation on last summer riots, looting, burning and vandalism by democrat and George Soros funded Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other outfits be brought to law.  The deaths, destruction and mayhem inflicted on ordinary citizens and American citizens owned businesses and livelihoods, private and public property is far more devastating than any incident.

Those who suffered enormous financial and punitive damages from last summer insurrection and insurgency aptly qualifying domestic terrorism holding all individuals in government and rioters responsible with libel suits unarguably merit due process and independent probe.

Let every high ranking to rank and file in the democrat political party hierarchy promoting, inciting, instigating and fund-raising criminality, arsonists and unrest be subject to the same rule of law and impeachability witnessed in actions and impeachment proceedings since 2016 and up until now.

Upon following equal application of law in matter concerning safety and security of all not just the selective few would demonstrate sincerity and commitment to protect the rights of all citizens nationwide barring preference and prejudice.

All lives matter.

Thank you.                 

Padmini Arhant


Enemy Profile

February 11, 2021

Enemy Profile

Padmini Arhant

The enemy unable to fight own battle within self and succumb to self-destruction is least threatening and unworthy of any attention.

Could an enemy taking marching orders from Saitans within i.e. own mind and outside be smart, courageous and powerful?

Obviously not. Instead they are dumb, weak and powerless.

Could an enemy using proxies, pawns and puppets in nuanced attacks and insinuations have any merit and credibility?

The fact they rely on manufactured concoctions much to self-embarrassment and self-defeating purpose suffice response. Not to mention the inability to face whom they target via ethics and intellect, the attributes oxymoron to them except developing mob mentality.

The enemy utilizing own dead or alive inventory against the target exemplify fait accompli. 

More than anything, the morbid culture to associate target with deceased exalt the challenged to glory in repeat resurrection to life compared to Jesus Christ in one time resurrection. 

Could an enemy’s obsession and chronic fixation gain anything other than wasting life?

Such indulgence invariably result in self-mortification.

Why worry about an enemy preoccupied in self-termination?

Padmini Arhant 

World Without Governments

January 20, 2021

World without Government


Padmini Arhant

Is it a coincidence to witness history repeating itself today in the United States replicated worldwide?

Get ready for GREAT RESET say financial cartel and oligarchy run governments installing corrupt scandalous candidacies and administration to power.

The GREAT RESET vigorously promoted by clueless Joe Biden in the minuscule campaign appearance in 2020 may not have been noticed by many in the United States and across the globe.

GREAT RESET – The financial system and economic structure worldwide reset to aggravate debt culture is the agenda.

The sinister concept drowning humans in lifetime and generational debt to serve self-proclaimed elites that are actually narcissists is no surprise.

The secret society and deep state swamp usually herald their devious plan from Davos, Switzerland through World Economic Forum held annually to drop the ball on those who pay attention to such mega event.

Create a crisis and transform that crisis into opportunity for opportunists to enslave humans across the globe has been operative since evil empire’s existence.

What’s new with this Great Reset?

There is nothing ever new about deep state swamp actions. The same old ideas, strategy are recycled through administrations and governments installed by them through rigged election.

Since the deep state swamp and members are committed to proving me wrong on all issues though anything presented as reality from them is falsehood and fraudulence including the latest inauguration of corruption and fraud as democratic,

The deep state swamp proving the information on Great Reset wrong would indeed be a great relief for humanity ending their ruinous policy once and for all.

Great Reset – Focused on eliminating cash economy. The cash transactions are largely replaced with credit and debit card that are already in practice. The credit card and various loans ranging from house mortgage, car loans, business loans to student loans and any other borrowings related to health and other family commitments are just a few examples in the debt cycle.

The debt vortex confines human population with monetary obligations from the young age of 18 years until retirement and beyond.

Students are bogged down with debts even before they start any career. The cost of education and job opportunities are not necessarily parallel and intersect at any point to guarantee every graduate suitable employment or any employment until certain time extending over a year and longer.

Farmers plight is even more agonizing across the globe. The farmers suicide in industrialized nation like the United States, emerging economies India and  developing nations world over has been alarming. The tragic situation is primarily linked with burgeoning debts and stagnancy in revenue despite moderate to higher crop yield in agriculture.

Humans are conditioned to this pattern making survival difficult to impossible for many worldwide.

Furthermore, the central bank in any nation printing money for circulation within country for economic activities are doubled down with widespread borrowing within and outside. The emerging and developing economies are unable to control inflation with excess borrowings by governments and citizens alike to pay debts rather than interjecting economy with capital investments increasing domestic productivity and employment.

The developing nations are forced into borrowing from international monetary authorities like the World Bank, IMF, China Central Bank, European Central Bank (ECB) as well as others in Europe.

These nations are left with no other option than surrender to indefinite debt servicing without any economic stimulus. Additionally their people as human capital in the deal are subject to exploitation. As permanent debtors, these nations’ national assets and natural resources are used as collateral subjugating nation and people all together in the financial bargain.

The financial system predominantly functions on borrowed money to run governments, economy and daily life. The borrowings are heavily burdened with interests which in return are transferred over to every man, woman and child including the ones that are yet to be born in this world.

Interests and taxes cripple human liberty, progress and prosperity while financially, economically and politically empowering financial cartel and oligarchs comprising selective few to rule the world on their terms and conditions. The nation’s constitution, rule of law, election integrity, democratic process and ultimately sovereignty upended in their exclusive gains defrauding citizens as electorate and taxpayers in the country.

How does the government shift responsibility on interest payments on their huge borrowings from private entity – the Federal Reserve not in any shape or form affiliated with United States government?

The government transfer financial liability to ordinary people by taxing them on their labor viz. personal income tax, home owners paying property tax, investments in stocks and shares, any other valuable assets like land, commodities such as gold, silver, now cryptocurrency and all tangible commercial items of value…all of them attract tax to run government. The goods and services tax as sales tax or value added tax (VAT) are separate that all consumers pay regardless of economic status.

The Federal Reserve in the United States is a private enterprise established as central monetary authority with a monetary policy designed to favor members of core financial groups in the international domain with no checks and balances whatsoever.

There has never been a verifiable internal and no external audit on the Federal Reserve thus far. The self appointed federal reserve with multi-trillion dollar United States economy on the private entity’s oversight has zero tolerance to any hints on transparency and accountability from them.

As a matter of fact, the last time the bipartisan effort in this respect – the rare members Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas and democrat Alan Mark Grayson from Florida from the right and left introduced in

H.R.1207 — 111th Congress (2009-2010)

Sponsor: Rep. Paul, Ron [R-TX-14] (Introduced 02/26/2009)
Committees: House – Financial Services

Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 – “Repeals the authority of the Comptroller General to carry out an onsite examination of an open insured bank or bank holding company only if the appropriate federal regulatory agency has consented in writing. (Retains the authority of the Comptroller General to audit a federal agency.)

Directs the Comptroller General to complete, before the end of 2010, an audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and of the federal reserve banks, followed by a detailed report to Congress.”

The action resulted in democrat congress member from Florida’s 8th congressional district, Alan Grayson, the co-sponsor of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 unseated and repeatedly stymied in the congressional and senate bid ending the congressman political career for daring to question the private organization Federal Reserve designated as United States Central Monetary Authority. The congressman Alan Grayson also had to deal with aggressive tactics from those not comfortable with the bill authorizing Federal Reserve audit.

Subsequently, then federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke declined response to Congress on $2.2 trillion to international banks and institutions at the House Financial Services Committee hearing adding frustration among members like then Republican congressman Dr. Ron Paul from Texas and democrat Alan Grayson from Florida and few others in the committee.

The Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke response was ‘I don’t know’ on where and who received $2.2 trillion of U.S. taxpayers money.

Former President Barack Obama Endorse Wall Street CEO’s Bonus 

The video content on the House Financial Services Committee Hearing in 2009 with then Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke appearance before the Committee.

Courtesy – C-SPAN2 – Thank you.

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet off chart 

Federal Reserve Pervasive Power 

Monetary Policy Authority, Systemic Regulator, Bank Regulator, Consumer Credit Control

Taxpayer Protection 

Former President Barack Obama Called Out by Democrat Congressman 


For Continuation of Predecessor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Policy 

Former President Barack Obama Called Out by Democrat Congressman 

REP. Paul Kanjorski

Citing lack of Transparency on Funding Federal Reserve at the Congressional Briefing 

The update will continue in due course.

Padmini Arhant 



United States – Save Democracy and the Republic

January 20, 2021

Swamp and Deep State

Padmini Arhant

Fraudulent elections and false declaration of winner leads to perpetual chaos, turmoil and colossal failures in all endeavors.

Case in point Belarus, Israel, India..in 2019 confronted with economic crisis well before COVID19 and more so following the pandemic with Israel headed to polls for fourth time in two years.

Earlier George W. Bush and Dick Cheney – 2000 and 2004 rigged election produced eight years of calamity and mayhem.

Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden 2012 – bought election from Republican Mitt Romney was a disaster for the duo and the nation.

The inauguration is mirror reflection of January 6th, 2021. Storming the Capitol Hill replaced by forcing into the White House.

Padmini Arhant                                                                                                                                

P.S. The Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Emhoff was rejected by democratic base in the Presidential bid  in democratic primary in 2019. The candidacy as VP is not people’s choice. Instead Beijing, deep state, swamp and relevantly Barack Obama’s pick to perform evil cult activities of their desire. 

Is this what happened to Kamala Harris/Emhoff – Chosen by Barack Hussein Obama and Deep State Swamp to mould into ‘Radicalized Cult Behavior’ – OBEDIENCE and SILENCE?

CNN – Cult News Network?

Evil cult activities? – Please ask CNN – they had the so-called expert in Cult and mental health development Steven Hassan to explain Capitol Hill stormers branded “Trump Supporters” and further naming them “Cult Followers.”

Barack Obama called Republican electorate ‘Gun toters’, Hillary Clinton labeled them ‘Basket of Deplorables’ and now CNN – Cult News Network certifies Trump Supporters ‘Cult Followers’. 

Such characterization of political freedom and individual rights would do wonders in uniting the deeply divided nation?

Great display of intellect indeed from democrat turned Oligarch Party!

Curbing FREE SPEECH is a sign of FEAR for TRUTH.  

When you silence FREE SPEECH, you confirm TYRANNY.

Similarly, defiance of GOD’S WILL is an invitation to Peril.


Save Democracy and the Republic

Padmini Arhant

United States welcomes and embrace highly skilled as well as talented people besides those seeking better economic opportunity and political freedom this unique nation is famous for until now.

United States like every other nation has a history that is good and bad for various reasons shaping the country to learn from mistakes and safeguard the nation’s strength which is democracy, free speech and individual rights that are inalienable to all created equal on earth. United States is also the bedrock for constitution, the sacred covenant providing not only guidance in governance but also enunciates the importance of all kinds of freedom.

The freedom of speech – the very first amendment in the bill of rights protects every citizen to express views, ideas and grievance on all and any issues.

The second amendment – though controversial grants those fearing danger from anyone and anywhere the right to bear firearms with limits on weapons grade entirely and exclusively in personal defense again not meant to hurt or harm unarmed citizens, individuals and species resulting in loss of lives witnessed in shooting rampage in public premise or domestic violence that are in direct contradiction with pro-life, yet another cherished value for members on the political right.

On the other hand, the political left with their pro-choice position in allowing or terminating life are poised to misuse the policy as well. The pro-choice applicable to situations such as rape, sexual assault and health related problems like congenital and hereditary disease challenging quality of life is one aspect. The other being the trend in teenage pregnancies and unwanted abortions attracting ire on moral grounds. In fact, the two sides barring abuse of choice face same dilemma i.e. decision-making options on personal life while opposing each other in defending own life.

The constitution also guarantees religious freedom to practice and follow any religion of choice or by birth facilitating channels to find solace and inner peace.

Above all, the freedom of press to oversee government, corporations and general society functions and activities reporting them accurately in the absence of any bias and partisanship essentially maintaining objectivity and journalistic ethics without any excuse or exemptions.

The conventional mainstream, alternative and other diverse media are required to fulfill the role as trustworthy medium for citizens to know and learn about incidents and events all around. The press as media is also responsible to convey and relay information notably as news organizations and provide unfettered access to all citizens regardless of political affiliations to information at all times especially during crucial events like election and warfare.

Unfortunately, the constitution itself is no longer regarded relevant in governance and citizens’ rights currently under attack like never before setting dangerous precedence for democracy.

The nation and the rest of the world was hit with unexpected health catastrophe in the form of COVID19 originating from Wuhan, China inflicting premature loss of lives to the deadly virus. The immeasurable health and economic disaster cannot be discounted in any length or scope of human tragedy and excruciating economic plight.

United States amid COVID19 pandemic in lockdown to combat deadly contagion had to hold Presidential election that created opportunity for political party to become innovative in the desire to win at any cost.

The Presidential election 2020 jeopardized on three fundamental facts.

Constitutional Violation and Election Integrity. This topic has been presented on a personal level in publications and video presentation. Similarly, many voices and earnest citizens nationwide and from foreign land have submitted their fact based evidences in this regard.

Constitutional violations in electoral college votes determination in swing states PA, WI, AZ, GA, MI, NV and NM whereby the state officials nominated state electors slighting state constitutional procedures through state legislature assembly. In failing to adhere constitutional rule of law, the states discarded electorate representation. The widespread voting irregularities, illegal ballots and voter fraud adequately and abundantly substantiated in swing states public hearing, live videos on election rules violations in election precincts in Georgia and other swing states like AZ, PA etc. were few among rampant violations in the election.

From overseas, the vote flipping from actual winner Donald Trump to designated candidacy Joe Biden was corroborated in sworn affidavit  from Italian law Professor and judge in the presence of high ranking army and security personnel held hearing in Italy on pre-arranged vote transfer using Frankfurt server via Rome. The bankrupted company in Barcelona, Spain hired to perform vote tabulation was a breach of election.

The systemic fraud to swing electoral outcome through these means invalidate the status quo declaring Joe Biden, the winner in the Presidential race 2020.

Foreign Interference – China is the major beneficiary and player in the Presidential election 2020 confirmed by communist party members in public meeting also viewed worldwide.

Additionally, other states interference also reported by the director of national intelligence John Radcliffe subsequent to

Last but not the least – Joe Biden and family scandals directly linked with China communist regime and China’s PLA, Kamala Emhoff’s spouse Douglas Emhoff firm represented by China CCP officials and China’s military personnel. 

These revelations and latest democrat spygate involving Eric Swalwell authorize Beijing as the stakeholder in Biden-Emhoff administration.

The Ukrainian quid pro quo dealings, Iraq, Kazakhstan…and Moscow to name a few among other destinations across the globe are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Accordingly, the inauguration on January 20th, 2021 to install corrupt scandalous Presidential and Vice Presidential candidacy i.e. Joseph Biden and Kamala Emhoff  is direct assault on democracy, election integrity, equal application of law on corruption scandals and quid pro quo criminal dealings with domestic entities and foreign governments.

Any average American upon such engagements regardless of political affiliation viz. left, right, independent or A-political would be subject to fullest extent of law in the land of justice.

The defiance in this regard to hold both Joe Biden and Kamala Emhoff for their direct involvements with foreign adversaries and corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine, Moscow and across the globe is clear demonstration of treason and betrayal of American taxpayers and electorate trust in a democratic system, currently upended ushering in Beijing and corrupt oligarchs sponsored administration to power.

Americans against blatant violations in the ongoing developments need to rise to the occasion and peacefully and non-violently object via emails and social media to the inauguration of corruption and scandalous candidacies to power.

Moving forward with such inauguration despite substantiated scandals is subversion undermining REPUBLIC status in the constitutional governed democracy.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden confession in public domain (reference video below) on organized election fraud in 2020 Presidential election and further confirmation on agreement to resign upon fundamental difference in moral principles is urged to concede and step aside in acknowledgment and honor of United States Republic status seriously sabotaged through foreign interference in Presidential election 2020.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






United States – Electoral College Votes Objection

January 7, 2021

United States – Electoral College Votes Objection

Padmini Arhant

I, Padmini Arhant, representing divine mission hereby vehemently and unequivocally object electoral college votes in the swing states PA, AZ, NV, MI, GA, WI and NM in the Presidential election 2020.

I’m submitting this statement in response to deep state and political class hired surrogates on you tube questioning my engagement despite the sources continued exploitation of my life and tireless contributions thus far.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s direct email to me seeking my endorsement prior to 2020 election reminiscent of predecessor Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in the past decade is a proof of the political class awareness and knowledge of my authenticity regardless of proxies, pawns and puppets staged by deep state and criminal clique to stymie my existence and real identity.

Similarly, the democrat running mate in 2020 election as my substitute is a devious agenda. The criminal syndicate imposing proxies denying me my individual rights to be identified by my birth name and personal identity is condemned in no uncertain terms and bear serious repercussions for deplorable action.

Now on the subject of Electoral College Votes objection in the 2020 Presidential Election:

Having provided numerous irrefutable reasons for my objection, I call on the democrat members beginning with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and entire democrat party as well as electorate to reflect on their response to election result in 2016 citing foreign interference viz. Russian collusion found a hoax in the investigation carried out in the entire term of incumbent President Donald J. Trump since election.

In 2020, the voter fraud and voting irregularities via manual counting and Dominion voting machine as well as software related voting tabulation designed to favor designated candidacy Joe Biden is incontrovertible.

Furthermore, the foreign interference in 2020 unlike 2016 is factual and confirmed by Director of National Intelligence John Radcliffe subsequent to Executive Order issued by President Donald Trump on September 12, 2018.

The scandals involving Joe Biden and family in billions of dollars transactions with China CCP, Ukraine and Moscow… and activities mentioned above adequately disqualify the candidate Joe Biden from Presidency on ethical grounds upon ethical efficacy considered important by political establishment and deep state-run politics.

The naysayers on electoral college votes objection are self-contradictory predominantly in reference to constitution and rule of law.

The incumbent republican vice president Mike Pence citing constitution as constraint in returning electoral college votes to state legislature in swing states in essence marginalized constitutional violation by state legislators in key battleground states like PA, AZ, NV, WI, MI, GA and NM. The irony is deeper than Grand Canyon and can’t be ignored without casting a shadow on the creek in deep state politics.

Likewise, the republican majority leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Lindsey Graham – a regular attendee of secret society meeting emphasizing the requirement to follow the rule of law on their terms while favoring status quo on swing states electors’ voting procedures slighting constitution and election rules confirm disparity and political catharsis in the dismissal of electoral college votes objection.

Notwithstanding vote manipulation in Georgia and other disputed states flagrant violation of election laws captured live on camera in world view hardly a matter of concern for lawmakers behind electoral college votes validation. Not to mention systemic corruption across the board in voting machine calibration and illegal transfer of ballots overwhelming election integrity.

Last but not the least, the congress members in the House and Senate cheering fraudulent election outcome highlighted the swing states’ lower and higher courts having declined incumbent President Donald Trump’s lawsuits adding the state of affairs as irreversible.

Juxtaposed, the democrat Joe Biden’s scandals deceptively protected from public debate and,

The running mate Kamala Emhoff elimination in democrat primary in 2019 as the first casualty within two weeks of the Presidential bid reverted to Vice Presidential nominee could only be possible in corrupt political environment.

In conclusion, the voter confidence is severely affected in the disenfranchisement of legitimate electorate who cast legal votes in compliance with voter qualifications and registration in swing states inarguably enabling the incumbent President Donald J. Trump, the actual winner in the 2020 Presidential election.

Congratulations! President Donald J. Trump in re-election to second term in office.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









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