Irony of the Irony

February 28, 2021

Irony of the Irony 

Padmini Arhant

The ongoing trend is to cast identity of their target i.e. me in this instance to suit their mindless and baseless convictions.

The criminal clique and crony contingency propositions and propaganda about me are beyond logic, rationale and reality.

Why do they associate me with blackness and Black Lives Matter? 

I do not have any biological relation or platonic connection closely or remotely whatsoever with blackness or Black Lives Matter in this lifetime or in my recent past life.

Similarly, the Indian criminal political class and establishment entrenched in corruption, black money and treason on their part deploy deplorable servile media to project me as a Muslim.

There is yet another faction obsessed with trans gender mania about me.

Much to collective disappointment and defeat, I am neither black nor muslim or transgender etc.

Maybe they are confused and taken the liberty without my consent and approval to distort my personal profile as their prerogative.

Alternatively, the criminal league and minions simply care less about my inalienable individual right to hold anyone accountable for their unlawful and despicable conduct on constant fabrication and concoctions about me.

Above all, the criminal offense to violate my original identity to fit anyone’s imagination explain the mental condition of those involved in such activity.

I wish to clarify to criminal cabal and lunacy club;

If I were to be born black with either or both parents as black and,

Likewise Islam were to be my faith upon birth or apostasy,

Importantly, somehow had I ever gone through anatomical surgery to transform from biological female to alleged biological male as it is ludicrously and viciously spread about me,

I would have no problems declaring any or all of the above three assertions from those who deceitfully replace their profile with me.

In fact, I would be a proud black, muslim, transgender like a blimp on cloud nine interacting with sun, moon and the stars.

Just because you – the criminal class insist and prod your widespread sycophants to classify me however you deem right i.e false and fraudulent claims.

I do not become whom you desire or designate me as such in the past, present or future. 

The criminal syndicate and desperate propagandists anywhere could either substitute selves or engage in search of that fictional character or someone among them they allude to be me.

All living species are denoted by specific DNA unique to them that are not transferable or interchangeable to accommodate anyone’s whims and fancies let alone recreate or metamorphose in defiance of nature.

Fortunately, I am no exception in this regard.  I’m not a malleable metal to mold into any shape or design.

Human malice to hurt and harm anyone they pursue too has limits. Anything exceeding limit leads to self-destruction.

The identity crisis of one or any prompting hypothetical presumptions is the irony of the irony. Not to mention wanton indulgence posing serious challenge to their presence of mind or the lack thereof.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

The Five Signs of Losers

February 28, 2021

The Five Signs of Losers 

Padmini Arhant

The five signs or give away identifying typical losers are:

They shun ethics, honesty and transparency.

They decline their opponent opportunity to directly debate them in public domain sharing same stage with them. There is no such thing as level playing field for the challenger to refute their bizarre allegations and relentless propaganda. They perversely invade their enemy’s home and privacy for intimidation and harassment. Meanwhile, they dwell in secrecy colluding and conspiring in secret locations to harm humanity with their devious agendas. The insidious trait and hallmark of them is claiming proprietary rights on the enemy’s mind, thoughts, ideas, life, lifestyle, endless intellectual contributions not barring identity as theirs in the face of personal failure triggering condescendence and insolence flaunted as supremacy and elitism. Their pathological hatred, prejudice and misogyny towards the sworn enemy ultimately consumed them in their quest to be enemy’s alter ego in a weird turn of events. 

They attack and launch assaults on their rival deploying diverse crony contingency at their disposal. Such indulgence on their part is regarded free speech while the opponent’s comments in self-defense to their persistent offense and perversion is branded domestic terrorism followed by isolation and anonymity.

They pride themselves as so-called intellect while the target is presumed bonehead and brain dead.

Last but not the least, the end justifies the means for them to win anything denying the challenger equal and fair access to prove legitimacy and credibility.

The above mentioned five signs with clarifications suffice fait accompli for losers in spotlight.

Padmini Arhant 


World Express Concern Over Philanthropy Gone Astray

February 15, 2021

World Express Concern Over Philanthropy

Gone Astray

Padmini Arhant

Microsoft’s Bill Gates and spouse Melinda Gates prominence not for the right rather wrong reasons deserve valid explanations from the subjects considering their overarching indulgence potentially endangering human survival. The corona virus COVID19 pandemic involving GATES foundation contribution to a tune of over $200 million to Wuhan lab, China for bizarre experiment on genetically engineered virus impact on human population is a world wide known fact. The information published in public domain long before the deadly virus outbreak in October 2019 in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China, disclosed in December 2019 by the communist authorities in Beijing. 

Bill Gates floated the news on inevitable global pandemic back in 2015 in public forum. This was confirmed during Bill Gates interview with MSNBC recently on January 28th, 2021.

Was there an epiphany or the billionaire’s privy to secret society agenda?

Post COVID19,

Bill Gates Warns The “Next Pandemic” Is Coming After Covid-19.

What exactly is the globalists game plan against humanity?

Bill Gates fascination towards genetically modified organisms (GMO) apparently not mere individual interest. The multi-billionaire ambition to change the world and human population genome as well as lifestyle beckon global attention and scrutiny.

Should billionaires become the principal force to determine eight billion inhabitants’ existence on the planet?

These developments and deeply disturbing engagements such as direct modification of food beginning at seed germination and livestock hormone injection arguably affecting global citizens health and life span.

Is this a synopsis of globalists depopulation and deprogramming plan?

The global citizenry challenged with such risks seek response from the GATES foundation and TECH behemoths extending their role beyond the parameters of advanced technology and economic monopoly. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Public concern on Bill Gates and GATES Foundation Investments  – Thank you.

Mark Moss – Bill Gates Secretly Buying Farmland – The Real Reason 

United States – President Donald Trump Re-election Confirmation 

February 9, 2021

United States – President Donald Trump

Re-election Confirmation 

Padmini Arhant

Two most relevant and critical events highlight President Donald Trump re-election in 2021.

The incumbent President Donald Trump was in the Oval Office on January 20th, 2021 as expected of any administration until the new Presidency is officially sworn in at the scheduled time i.e. 12.00 noon. The inauguration of declared President Joe Biden sworn in at least 15 minutes i.e. 11.45 a.m.earlier than the scheduled time i.e. 12.00 noon on January 20th, 2021. This is not a miscalculation of time. 

This means there were two Presidents inaugurated viz. Donald Trump and Joe Biden on January 20th, 2021 that was certainly not a casual mistake or inaugural event mismanagement. The timing of earlier inauguration also suggest President Donald Trump re-election officiation. 

The obvious overlap are interpreted as follows by those having noticed the shift in inaugural time.

The deliberate mixup in swearing in ceremony of President-select Joe Biden on that day attributed to the deep state swamp and democrat party’s symbolic gesture in removal of the sitting President Donald Trump before the official time i.e. 12.oo noon on January 20th, 2021.

The other perception on this issue is the deep state swamp and democrat party rejection of the incumbent President Donald Trump’s re-election to second term in office as duly and legitimately elected President with 75 – 80 million legal ballots in the 2020 Presidential election. The unprecedented time schedule on Joe Biden inauguration causing confusion regarded an act on purpose by those behind the activity. Accordingly, citizens seek explanation to the nation. 

The other aspect is the second impeachment charade at taxpayers’ expense. President Donald Trump was projected the losing candidate in the Presidential election 2020. The democrat Joe Biden declared winner. Yet the impeachment trial  of the private citizen Donald Trump plays out in the United States Senate. The impeachment continues even though the democrat party, deep state swamp along with media and tech giants designated Donald Trump a private citizen making the entire course unlawful, unconstitutional and undemocratic.

The same members have now altered Donald Trump’s status to Presidency to justify unjustifiable mockery of United States Presidency via second impeachment. 

Both actions – inauguration of President Donald Trump on January 20th, 2021 and now impeachment confirm the incumbent President Donald Trump re-election to office.

The political theatrics is carried out wasting American tax dollars while completely ignoring American families, American retail and small businesses’ dire economic conditions denying them the long overdue $1400 stimulus check perhaps now divested in the impeachment saga.

The nation is being taken on a ride without any clue or care about the destination.

The deep state and members are sought valid reasons on strange and contradictory turn of events and latest developments.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


United States – Current Status Quo


Padmini Arhant


Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Who is Government?

February 6, 2021

Who is Government?

Padmini Arhant

Who is Government? Whom do they Represent?

The topic is to dispel the myth surrounding government and republic status in the world.

Government is a privileged society on their own abusing power, resources and public to benefit political members in the hierarchy and those to whom they pledge allegiance viz. oligarchy and diverse influential forces in global society. 

Unfortunately, the beneficiaries are certainly not the ordinary people used as electorate to legitimize illegitimacy in false representation and delivery on economic, political and social interests. 

Government as proxies to global clique and internal organizations with specific agenda to subjugate population over generations and silence rational voices insist on maintaining status quo against natural science on expiration of all things tangible and otherwise. 

Government entrenched in corruption, nepotism through political dynasty in acknowledgment of Royalty, the self-proclaimed elites surviving on so-called commoners charity since time immemorial has run its course and exhausted means creating the canyon between haves and have nots with wealth lasting several generations and yet having no sense of contentment in the eternal quest for power, fame and fortune. 

Governments role in nation and their actions as well as decisions impact on average citizens thus far discussed in this update.

In general world over, oligarchy run governments collect taxes from average citizens with penalty upon late payments or default while exempting selves and those installed in government to serve oligarchy and special interests. These groups are exempt from taxes and rules and regulations in the state and nationwide.

The governments beginning with City council, county or municipal corporations, state and federal governments impose stern rules on local taxpayers constantly reminding citizenry of severe implications on non-compliance on tax payments and various responsibilities transferred over to citizens absolving them from host of duties whether maintenance of pavement repairs, sewage, street lights, roadways, bridges, infrastructure and many public service or important economic aspects such as job creation, crime containment and security, addressing farmers and workers plight. 

Increasing property tax regardless of market downturns, automobile registration fees, consumer goods and services taxes other than personal income tax to state and federal governments constitute revenue to governments that are not accounted for to citizens expected to pay and oblige with no questions on public matter. 

The City council, County, Municipal body, state and central or federal authorities, government agencies and affiliates numerous delinquencies and non-performance is never subject to scrutiny or independent oversight facilitating the governments’ right to impropriety and inefficiency as their prerogative. 

The Citizens Right to information that are referred to as Freedom of Information Act aka The Right to Information (RTI) is either streamlined as classified information alternatively watered down through legislation prohibiting public access to key facts and figures on government statistics and data. 

Where is my TAX money going and how is it being spent if I have to incur all expenses related to public service?

Why are citizens expected to fear authority and not allowed to raise questions and concerns on dysfunctional governments starting with the City, County or municipal level to federal government?

Who authorized political immunity on corruption, embezzlements, tax evasions, murder, terrorizing average citizens, minorities, women and other weak vulnerable demography in society?

Why can’t people employed government be held accountable for erroneous decisions and massive fraud on many occasions depriving average citizens their lifetime savings, retirement funds and /or livelihood paralyzing citizens present and future?

The governments’ misuse of tax payers i.e.ordinary public funded law enforcement agencies to curb peaceful dissent, assembly or submission of citizens petition to government continues unabated in many parts of the world denying citizens basic rights to know the reasons and motives behind government legislations affecting ordinary lives in society. 

Transparency and accountability enforced on law abiding ordinary citizens are not applicable on oligarchy controlled governments and their partners in the economic, entertainment and even religious domains with religion and communal profile used as political tools to win elections. 

The financial transactions on various government deals with economic sector besides trade relations between public and private sector involving ordinary tax payer funds are conducted in secrecy barring accountability.

The terms transparency and accountability are antithetical to those wielding authority and clout in politics. The activities squandering mainstream population generated national income to exclusively benefit political campaign bidders and stakeholders in politics and economic sector is the culture. 

The top brass in government posts beginning with Prime Minister or President and cabinet ministers together with selective members in administration make a fortune during the term in office.

What makes those entering public office penniless or maxed out credit cards exit as multimillionaires in the absence of public disclosure on such income?

Not content with wealth amassment at ordinary citizens peril, their family members i.e. spouse and children use every opportunity to lavishly avail extraordinary privileges like using national aircraft meant for only Presidential or Prime Minister official foreign visits for family vacations costing tax payers to a tune of over $100 million or fly to Paris and exotic locations for example on shopping spree with their children. 

The tax payers money splurged in such instances are hardly a concern for these political families assuming privileged status in the sudden transformation of their economic background. 

As if these are not enough, the children from political families are also guaranteed admissions in elite educational institutions under Presidential or influential members quota with majority of them not even qualifying enrollment in any academic or vocational schools let alone any major education center.

College admissions bribing elite schools through endowments is widely practiced among the rich, famous and powerful boasting their educational accolades evidently not on merit but monetary donations in the apparently democratic systems. 

Meanwhile, the illicit entry of ineligible into colleges displacing the eligible, meritorious and competent students make their way into politics, economic sector and entertainment…to name a few in diverse occupation reflected in status quo i.e. lack luster growth fudged as fast development. 

Rapid development indeed in fast tracking through short cuts and shady tactics that begins earlier on in their life and continues until their last breath as many are incorrigible in nature. 

Tragically, the able and capable common citizens resign to fait accompli and choose to be burdened with these economic, political and social liabilities much to pervasive ramifications.

They endure generational suffering empowering the so-called elected government. The latter in return victimize those used in the process as electorate to personal gains and oligarchy profits. 

The worst for the electorate is governments term range from four to five years with some extending the tenure deploying devious course like vote rigging, manipulation or plain aggression. 

Governments are fiduciaries appointed and managed by corporate funders, economic merchants alongside fundamental, radical organizations and institutions poised as think tanks promoting own policies and ideologies to deter real progress and a realistic free society or free world forcing prevalent fake environment.

In a nutshell, the corrupt, incompetent, criminal, unscrupulous, promiscuous, nefarious and above all subservient to architects and agents of destruction and chaos are the preference for the ruling class,

Who needs such government engaged in subverting democracy, constitution and human values for selective dominance, prosperity and supremacy? 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


United States – Status Quo 

February 2, 2021

Clarification on Personal Stance on 

United States Presidential Election 2020

Padmini Arhant

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


United States – Status Quo 

Any intolerance to free speech, unfettered internet access, individual rights, political freedom…and constitution guaranteed rights are direct violation of human rights. 

Misuse of official authority granted by people against people is authoritarian. Targeting citizens in political opposition under false pretexts are undemocratic suggesting little or no respect for alternative views and position. 

These are in semblance with dictatorial regimes subjugating nation and the republic.

There will be a presentation on all these issues in a direct personal interaction with the nation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Message to Bullies

January 27, 2021

Message to Bullies

Padmini Arhant

Who are bullies?

Bullies are those who lack self-respect, self-esteem and extremely insecure. Bullies are vulnerable to own shortcomings and misgivings conforming to serious personality disorder. They are confused misled by their convictions and false judgments about those they incessantly target to evade self-inadequacies and successive failures in negative pursuits. Bullies by nature are cowards and rely on harassment. They have no self-dignity for they suffer from obsession with their target. 

I challenge those wasting life on stereotype such as transgender mania and non-binary references to prove own gender in public.

What makes you think you belong to gender you claim as factual while categorizing others however you please?

You are the kind who never even belong in human species let alone any gender specification.

Stop viewing others through your prism of pride and prejudice. Free yourselves from your degenerative traits and develop positive constructive mindset.

Your clinical fixation to tarnish anyone in nuanced character assassination explicitly verify you and your priority. The constant denigration via insinuations is mirror reflection of you struggling to reconcile terms with your personal excess baggage. 

You and your contingency deployed in counterproductive involvements is suicidal for you have nothing to live for other than self-destruction. 

When you and your league are sleeping partners and bed fellows with corrupt oligarchs, communist regimes, socialist Soros, gluttonous globalists and control freak financial cartels…adequately describing your promiscuity, philandering and debauchery, you and your clique have no credibility or right to question my character and chastity. 

The proof is in representation. You and your negativities representing the wild and the wicked while I firmly remain loyal to righteous, virtuous and truth epitomizing almighty god. 

I rest my case.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

United States – Important Update on Status Quo 

January 15, 2021

United States – Important Update on Status Quo 

Padmini Arhant

Important update on status quo will be delivered today.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

United States – Inauguration of Corruption and Fraud

is rejected to defend

Democracy and Republic status 

Padmini Arhant 

The scheduled inauguration on January 20th, 2021 to install corrupt scandalous Presidential and Vice Presidential candidacy i.e. Joseph Biden and Kamala Emhoff  is direct assault on democracy, election integrity, equal application of law on corruption scandals and quid pro quo criminal dealings with domestic entities and foreign governments.  Any average American upon such engagements regardless of political affiliation viz. left, right, independent or A-political would be subject to fullest extent of law in the land of justice. 

The defiance in this regard to hold both Joe Biden and Kamala Emhoff for their direct involvements with foreign adversaries and corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine, Moscow and across the globe is clear demonstration of treason and betrayal of American taxpayers and electorate trust in a democratic system, currently upended to usher in Beijing and corrupt oligarchs sponsored administration to power.

Americans against blatant violations in the ongoing developments need to rise to the occasion and peacefully and non-violently object via emails and social media to the inauguration of corruption and scandalous candidacies to power.

Moving forward with such inauguration despite substantiated scandals is subversion undermining REPUBLIC status in the constitutional governed democracy.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden confession in public domain (reference video below) on organized election fraud in 2020 Presidential election and further confirmation on agreement to resign upon fundamental difference in moral principles is urged to concede and step aside in acknowledgment and honor of United States Republic status seriously sabotaged through foreign interference in Presidential election 2020.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The following revelations and damning evidences categorically disqualify Biden – Harris/Emhoff Presidential bid in 2020.



United States – Investigations Holding None Above Law

REVEALED: Kamala Harris’s Husband’s Firm Reps Chinese Communist Party-Owned Corporates, Employs Ex-CCP Officials

What will Joe Biden do upon difference of opinion with Barack Obama?

JOE BIDEN’s response. “I’ll develop some disease and resign.”

P.S. Bowing to blatant corruption and fraud is complicity. 

Padmini Arhant

Facts on Election Corruption Worldwide

Padmini Arhant

– Dominion serves 40% of the US market. It is in 30 states.

– The state of Texas rejected the machines.

– Admiral Peter Neffenger is on Biden’s transition team.

– Peter Neffenger was the President and on the board of Smartmatic

– Smartmatic entered into an agreement with Dominion in 2009

– Smartmatic counted American votes in Venezuela

– Smartmatic is connected to Philippine voter fraud

– Smartmatic is run by “Lord” Mark Malloch Brown who works for George Soros.

The General Election in India in May 2019 was also corrupted with Electronic Voting Machine manipulation and illegal ballots in the lead up to final outcome.


United States – Twitter Exposed 

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Flashpoint – The Victory Channel. Thank you.

Twitter Hypocrisy


United States – Joe Biden’s Threat to

Ukraine President

Padmini Arhant

Courtesy – Flashpoint – The Victory Channel. Thank you.



United States – Presidential Election 2020

Republic Declaration and Divine Decree

Padmini Arhant

The second unsuccessful impeachment trial of duly elected President Donald Trump has not resulted in the end of the incumbent term in office.

In fact, the entire events since Presidential election 2020 beginning until now has effectively terminated the evil course and EVIL empire having run its longest innings since last century up until this moment now bid farewell. 

Hasta lavista EVIL EMPIRE.  Adios never to return to EARTH.

The dawn of new era belongs to WE THE PEOPLE and the REPUBLIC in the United States and across the globe by Almighty God’s grace and blessings, the real force behind creations, preservation and destruction of anything against peace, tranquility, equality, justice, progress and prosperity for humanity and environment.

Presenting more incontrovertible election fraud in the Presidential election 2020 from Italian law professor and judge in the city of Naples, Italy. Thank you.

The citizens efforts must continue in unveiling TRUTH rejecting false propaganda to maintain status quo on election corruption. The citizens contributions are appreciated and encouraged in sharing facts and information to stymie gag order from tech giants and politics silencing democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


For the Record – PA Identity Clarification

January 14, 2021

For the Record –

PA Identity Clarification

Padmini Arhant

Though the message has been delivered earlier and repeatedly in this context, unfortunately those who regard violation of others’ rights their entitlement seek reminder via their conduct and repeat offense.

Please stay tuned for critical update on United States status quo.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


United States – Free Speech and Democracy Under Siege

January 11, 2021

United States – Free Speech


Democracy under Siege

Padmini Arhant

The first sign of authoritarianism is intolerance to free speech and denying access on social public platform to share views and concerns. Simultaneously, the free and fair election is ejected substituting the process with fraudulence, vote rigging and manipulation contemporarily witnessed and experienced in the United States.

The political system is controlled and directed to punish anyone and those in favor of democracy, constitution, freedom of expression, religious freedom, liberty, peace and justice. The politics then act against targeted members in government and public domain under false charges and accusations to exhibit power and stymie opposition to exert hardline authority.

After weakening democracy, the members in politics become foot soldiers to internal and external powers minding affairs from within and outside. The economic sector with financial might such as tech giants join forces to ban members and public figures regarded a threat to authoritarianism.

Then onwards the system is run by incognito powers using proxies and puppet regimes to implement agenda predominantly aimed at destructive course depriving population from independence, free will, fair economic opportunity enforcing dependence on state for existence.

The government and operatives entrenched in corruption leading to deep state swamp further exploit conditions leaving citizens entirely at authoritarian discretion and mercy. 

The major challenge for citizens in these dark situations is lack of support from the system under authoritarian rule. The authoritarian dogma is to pursue and punish anyone posing a threat to system invested in personal and vested interests contrary to pervasive progress and prosperity.

The danger is judiciary including the Supreme Court on land submission to authoritarian directives to reject plea and lawsuits against government or private sector in violation of constitutional rights, procedures and republic status. The unipolar system stifles citizens’ fundamental rights to participate in public discourse and even eliminate entrepreneurs from market place under fabricated pretext of endangering peace and national security.

These developments currently apply to United States and ongoing aggressive measures against the sitting President Donald J. Trump and private business Parler, the social media removed from open market place in defiance of market economy. The abrasive maneuvers are extreme and do not conform with democratic principles and norm.

The tech giants intrusion exacerbating political and economic diversity in individual thoughts, ideas and service providing options to public is a direct infringement on market economy practice. The consumer choice is a basic right defining market economy that is now undermined with tech oligarchs exclusive policy.

Parler isolation demonstrates tech behemoths abuse of anti-trust privilege. The tech companies disturbing activities appropriately necessitate Section 230 repeal. There may not be political actions in this regard considering  transition surrendering to domestic and foreign communist authority upon such event coming into fruition.

However, the consumers generated economic empowerment of tech companies involved in controversial exclusion and termination of accounts and other businesses entirely based on political ideology could be reversed by retailers and end-users shift to alternative providers representing eclectic medium.

Finally, the acrimonious impeachment proposition from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some republican cohorts in the Senate against duly elected President Donald Trump along with tech companies egregious expulsion of Parler, the social media is characteristic of totalitarianism.

The hostility resulting in unnecessary polarization of society is best laid to rest. The position implies deviation from critical issues deserving immediate focus to heal and recover from excruciating pandemic triggering economic crisis and election debacle.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter







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