Capitalism alias Communism

September 6, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Throw a treat to the man’s best friend and he/she will do any tricks for you.

Not quite true, contrarily some canines unlike the ‘few’ in their masters’ species resist being the “Pavlov’s dog.” Besides loyalty, the canines’ discriminative power is unparallel to the particular voices on the airwaves and cable news network ever willing to perform on the note – ‘show me the bait and leave the trashing to…’

Lately, with the relevant media on vacation, the field is wide open and vulnerable for dumping wastes of all kind. As usual, the specific network presenting ideas and style taken right out of their targets’ page yet choosing to remain oblivious to’ plagiarism,’ do not refrain from perennial attack politics.

Recently, there has been deafening noise and fear mongering about the nation becoming ‘Communist’ and claims that certain entities may be out to destroy the sanctity of the sacred ‘Capitalism.’ Further, the network featuring the long confused biracial harmony against the alleged Anti-Profit, Corporate bashing otherwise the ‘indomitable’ alien force is indicative of the desperate times seeking desperate means.

It’s a feast to the eyes when the image on the HD / 3D monitors transcends race but again demoralizing when it happens for the wrong reasons. As though the berating isn’t enough the religion is brought into the conversation as an ally. The emphasis on the United States of America, proclaimed as the exclusively “Judio-Christian” nation presumably conquered by the aliens determined to eliminate the demonstrably competent ‘Capitalism’ and threaten the viability of the robust free market system. Never mind the other religious representations and diversity in the society. They are mere taxpayers, consumers and statistics among the electorates.

It should be obvious by now that the United States is a planet within a planet with the multitude race, religion, non-religion and several other factors from all over the world. The bellicose barrage playing the religious card is nothing but gutter politics.

Whatever works to polarize the democratic secular system used to ignite the sparks regardless of the blazing fire possibly consuming the pyrotechnicians and the entire gamut?

In view of the over pouring incendiary remarks marred with ignorance, it’s essential to demystify the myth dominating the communication mass media, the single most propaganda machine overly misused in the modern age partisanship.

Understanding Communism:

Karl Heinrich Marx, The German political economist, sociologist… perhaps conceptualized a utopian environment against the extreme inequalities at that time. The political theorist’s influence over the exploited working class permeated the western and central Europe, and subsequently the other parts of the world.

Communism emerged from the societal decay with the wealth concentration in the particular segments, i.e. the agricultural landowners and merchants seeking entitlement to national wealth while depriving the remaining population from similar fortunes, and leaving them to compete with one another in the Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ world.

What began as the revolutionary movement towards the greater good for all developed into the previously condemned parochial system, as it operated with the power sanctioned to the selective groups in the nation governance that simultaneously set aside the enormous wealth for them in the name of the republic. Communism on the face of it initially portrayed as the well-oiled machine satisfying the wants of all, only to be degenerated in the systemic abuse of power.

Even though ‘Communism’ spread to benefit the ‘Community’ with the objective of creating a classless and stateless society, the end did not justify the means. The classic examples are the former Soviet Union and the present China, Cuba and North Korea.

Again, the interesting twist in the twenty first century is the nostalgia for the former Soviet era among the economically deprived many Russian citizens in the fast-paced ‘ONG’ (Oil and Natural Gas) enriched Russian economy.

In fact, the United States held responsible for the failure of the former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s ‘Glasnost’ (Government Accountability and Transparency) and ‘Perestroika’ (the political and economic reform). The reason attributed to the Western paranoia to the pervasive ‘Communism’ and the secrecy behind the iron curtains.

The irony in the response to Communism by the United States is the successful dismantling of the former Soviet Union along with the brutal deterrence in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and isolating Cuba and North Korea, while fervently forging alliance with the vastly threatening Communist regime in the Far East – China.

Communism soon became the most dreaded form of authority in the latter half of the twentieth century because of the iron fist rule in the former Soviet Union and across the Soviet bloc, that caught on like the wild fire to the South Asian regions led by China and adapted by Latin America in their rejection of feudalism.

Furthermore, the equality theme dissipated with the ruling Communists’ power absorption and control of the major institutions on the land, specifically the mass media. As a result, the population promised to be free of social and economic barriers subject to severe oppression on all accounts like in the case of contemporary China, Cuba and North Korea.

Perspective on Capitalism:

The widespread ‘Communism’ in the mid twentieth century triggered the wealthy to converge and protect their capital in the ‘Capitalist’ economy more so than ever. Capitalists’ paradoxical dual platform was protectionism while floating free trade practices essentially enabling a monopoly on not only the national but also the global economy. Hence, the free market archaic labels on every consumer product sold in the global market.

In an uncanny resemblance to the ‘Communist’ system the free market has not met the expectations of the people in the society as they are entrenched in consumers and workers exploitation like their counterpart ‘Communism.’ The common tools for both systems are ‘Power’ and ‘Wealth’ for suppression of freedom and choice in the form of civil liberties evidenced in the on-going ‘health care’ battle.

How did the free market infiltrate the national economic and political scene?

The Capitalist agenda thrives in a democratic system with mega investments in the political campaigns. All levels of government i.e. local, state and federal elections are heavily funded by the lobbyists aka the ‘Special Interests’ representing every imaginable industry. Any effort to legislate the ‘public’ financing with a cap on electoral spending demolished prior to the declaration of such process to let the private industry proliferate in the nation governance usually beginning on the campaign trail.

Some poignant moments in recent memory –

The finance sector giants such as ‘Goldman Sachs’, AIG, Citi groups etc smoothly organizing the fire sale of the rivals and massive bailouts for themselves. The oil industry with Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, ConocoPhillips and others possess the political proxies in the House and the Senate rallying for off shore drilling and blocking the ‘Cap and Trade’ energy bill.

Should the ‘health industrial complex’ trail behind in the muscle-flexing match?

Absolutely not. Therefore, the Health Care Industry actively promoting the anti-government slogans through their paid political representatives, so that they can continue the absurd profiteering strategy without the people represented public option in the contentious health care reform.

On a broader perspective, the national defense controlled and managed by the ‘military industrial complex’ behind every military operations ranging from the civil to international wars vehemently opposed to any ‘peaceful’ resolutions to justify the phenomenal defense budget crescendo regardless of the political factions in the White House.

The proof of the pudding is in the decision to proceed with the additional troops deployment in Afghanistan. Despite the colossal failure in the ‘so-called’ war against terror, the pursued military occupation misdirected as ‘nation building.’ Such adamant position is reflective of the Machiavellian policy and ‘hawkish’ representation at crucial levels of government, relevant departments in the administration and the defense hierarchy. Ignoring the human casualties on all sides and squandering the scarce national resources is the motto of the defense program conspicuous in the status quo.

The role of Kellogg Corporation and the internationally defamed ‘Halliburton’ in Iraq and Afghanistan herald the degradation of morality in the lowest order.

Again the private industry prioritizing extravagant profit over people’s lives is synonymous with the military and medical industrial complex, ‘apparently’ engaged in saving and safeguarding lives.

Likewise, in other areas of life sustenance the Nuclear industry in their effort to leave the footprints has the legion in Congress, respective Cabinets and the White House to stampede the renewable energy alternatives in the green technology vogue. In this context, the anti-environment coalition is ever stronger than witnessed before. It’s not uncommon for the opposition to rise against the incumbent power’s any and every policy. However, the vitriolic politics defying common sense and logic in the ‘global warming’ issue is the height of idiosyncrasies that is reprehensible.

How does Capitalism perform in the global economy?

Globalization is nothing but the marginalization of the domestic and foreign workers alike. The two most important wings of the business sector, the workers who are also the consumers are the convenient scapegoats for the free market operators. In order to cope with the vigorous global competition, the corporate downsizing with massive layoffs or outsourcing at a relatively cheaper rate with a disregard for standard labor laws on foreign soil is the preferred path to ‘Nirvana,’ (the eternal bliss), in the capitalist jargon it is the cornucopia of profits.

As for the environmental hazards are concerned, the deadly gas leakage in the devastating Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal, India – killing several thousand residents and abandoning millions suffering from life threatening diseases as well as the oil spilling on the domestic and international shores meticulously evaded or dealt against it through the top-notch legal expertise hired at a premium price.

Global economy is also heavenly for tax evasions with the Corporations reallocating off shore income towards their personal future.

The icing on the cake is the communications mass media – a blaring private and free market owned enterprise to undermine democracy. Issues of national interest and citizens welfare browbeaten to conjure the dazed viewers and readers. At the same time there is responsible journalism visible in the most editorials, columns, articles and television presentations other than the cyberspace to counteract the partisan tidal wave

Lately, the legitimate concerns in the form of opinions, ideas and commentaries on numerous national and international issues either discounted or dismissed as an unqualified intervention in the asserted ‘our highest government ’ matter, striking yet another chord with ‘Communism.’ in the first amendment right.

Aiming at profit is the fundamental cause for any commercial activity. Nevertheless, the methods and strategies to achieve those profits often found unscrupulous in the modern market economy. Wealth acquired at the cost of the citizens’ life and livelihood does not last long, and no sooner than later the proprietary disillusioned on the asset transformed into liability.

The analogy presented, as “One size do not fit all.” It does not apply to those corporations playing by the rules with an utter respect for the democratic political system…stay focused on the business management rather than ‘nation’ control. These Corporations occasionally victimized by the labor Union’s excessive demands viz. higher workers compensation under the guise of ‘labor protection.’ There are also individuals abusing consumer rights in business dealings with contempt for the other party’s status.

The excessive greed for ‘Power’, ‘Profit’ and ‘Popularity’ in the aggressive world economy and political system has eroded the human qualities for care, compassion and courage to uphold justice and fairness in the society.

Concisely, Capitalism is the new era Communism dictating terms and conditions to the market forces and intrusively implementing national policies through political agents on the prolonged or permanent Corporate payroll at the dawn and during the representative’s political career.

The common denomination under both systems is – the powerful oppress the powerless and the victims are none other than the general population in both Capitalism and Communism.

Democracy is meaningful with the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



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