Business – Greed Mightier than Gravity

July 10, 2019

Business – Greed Mightier than Gravity

Padmini Arhant

When business profits rise so does greed.

Human nature succumb to greed unable to resist the pull stronger than gravitation witnessed throughout mankind history.

The adrenaline surge experienced in soaring profits and market shares could also blindside entrepreneurs not exercising relevant executive wisdom.

Courtesy – Images from Business Insider Articles July 10th, 2019. Thank you. 

Amazon fined a College student $3,800 for returning a rented textbook 4 days late!


The pilots delivering Amazon packages say working conditions are unsafe, and it’s a medical risk.

Amazon – Your customer service is par excellence. Your company is pledged to absolute customer satisfaction. However, the feat is impossible without employees and workers performance across the spectrum.

Businesses recognition of the ultimate truth that employees especially the ones at the bottom to middle management deprived of mega profit sharing and customers together make any business operation successful and profitable.

As a proud customer of your products and others in the open market – I request Amazon and other companies to take care of their employees and staff besides customers and clients benefiting from those employees hard work and significant contribution.

By the way that student fine $3,800 is unreasonable and unrealistic. There is obviously a better way to discipline customers and anyone using business service such as renting textbooks within certain parameters without further weakening the weaker demography viz. students and lower income groups in the economy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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