Bilderberg – Feudalism and Vassal Statehood

May 8, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Bilderberg – Feudalism and Vassal Statehood

The organization that prides on elitism appropriately narcissism with an eye on global resources and wealth amassment from nations that are referred to as third world countries to maintain self-asserted first world category,

Bilderbergers philosophy is finance control that in return rein authority over politics, military, economy, media, entertainment and the rest fall in place.

Bilderberg members’ hypocrisy on all matter confirms the convenient rule – what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

The presentation of facts on their adverse actions affecting billions of lives are characterized as rant, whining and hate speech while unabated subversion, perversion and distortion on their part in diverse format crossing the line on civility and decorum non-existent in hegemony culture deemed free speech.

Obsessed with spying, prying and snooping, Bilderbergers activities are conducted discreetly with clandestine meeting among chosen members plotting on world dominance and excavation of earth’s endowments besides exploiting global population for personal enrichment.

Classifying themselves as the ruling class, Bilderbergers parasitic existence predominantly premised on feudalism with nations worldwide targeted for subjugation and vassal statehood. The massive wealth possession largely seized by unscrupulous means and tactics lasting several generations never enough for them with quest to gain access to treasures regarded their exclusive right.

War is considered a profitable venture and accordingly direct countries investments in defense hardware and nuclear proliferation with little or no concern for other living beings on earth.

Bilderberg approval of political candidates to the highest office is necessary for them to continue with business as usual. The vetting process seek candidates’ with shady background and accepted favorable against clean record as that would pose conflict of interest in executing masonic orders.

There is also initiation ritual involved to test the mettle of their chosen candidate on mass killings authorizing cluster bombs, predator drones and missiles not excluding nuclear threats against nations earmarked for invasion and occupation.

Bilderberg policy is anti-sovereignty branding patriotism as nationalism with constitution considered a barrier in implementing goals to benefit them and long desired aspirations in altering geopolitical landscape.

They promote treason, corruption and carte blanche authority in the misuse of power in public office and private sector with guaranteed immunity for those in violations regardless of crimes against electorate and humanity at large.

The incentives are greater upon delivery exceeding expectations in mass murder and genocide. The accolades vary from Nobel Peace Prize to courage awards and lifetime protection against litigation.

Bilderberg strategy is military intervention that has now evolved from conventional warfare to sponsoring terrorism introduced in 2011 onwards denying nations under attack respite from violence and carnage. The developing nations are also used as testing grounds for defense stockpiles and bombs detonated ignoring sovereignty of those nations and impact on native population.

Yet another policy to curb economic freedom and development is sanctions against non-western nations crippling economy and forcing starvation, malnutrition and premature deaths from preventable disease due to lack of essential medicines and lifesaving items.

Bilderberg doctrine encompasses all political factions from conservative to liberal, centrist, left of center, right of center, independent, moderates and progressive with all of them sharing common objective to prolong status quo.

Election is a formality with voters voluntarily renouncing the right to dissent in the event of electoral outcome and social reform.  The zero tolerance to peaceful assembly and constructive criticism of the government and affiliates is demonstrated in handling of protesters in main street and derision via communication media.

At the same time, there are no reservations in authority containing meaningful analysis and exposure of problems within government that are invariably labeled security threat obviously to the forces behind the system.

The rare leaderships and government committed to alleviating people plight are removed from office by coup instigating political unrest to obstruct governance.

Alternatively, media, entertainment and educational institutions inundate audience and students respectively with material lacking in substance and loaded in fabrication.

The members of political establishment in lock step and barrel with globalists are honored and complimented for their compliance in undermining democracy and safeguarding decadence.

Bilderberg dominant with financiers viz. international bankers grip on national treasury tightened with private ownership under the guise of Federal institution.

The corporations’ objection to government regulations on environment, labor laws, consumer rights and fair trade practices are recognized as legitimate with removal or amendments to accommodate corporate demand.

Simultaneously, governance by corporations and super wealthy through campaign financing and lobbying to fix legislations to their advantage is never an issue for political members supposedly representing constituents and the nation.

International Affairs – In the previous century, the World War II with the rise of Germany and aftermath reminisced as tumultuous testing humanity endurance on aggression.  In the present time, the parallel government EU with Germany exerting authority and inclusion of Germany in the P5 +1 at UNSC suggests mutual appreciations with any past grievances disingenuous.

Irony being the hallmark in all their engagements, the current emphasis on European Union and euro remaining intact not necessarily applied to other parts of the world.

EU and allies’ role in fragmentation of the Middle East, meddling in Ukraine and NATO build up in central and eastern Europe, bifurcation of Sudan in 2012,

United States declining unification of Korea in the Korean Peninsula, Latin America suppressed from regional cooperation with western influence, South Asia pitted against each other with arms supply and terror manufacture to name a few amongst many wanton endeavors to disrupt peace and progress worldwide.

Again, the disposition contrast conduct whether it be Islamophobia, xenophobia, misogyny and hierarchy in society. They claim to be against discrimination.

However, the bombing and shelling of Islamic countries and recruiting terror operatives to continue the war on terror confining youths in Muslim countries and in the west to terrorism in addition to creating refugee crisis apparently viewed as noble deeds.

Similarly, the women representing them as world leaders adhere to policies exacerbating human suffering in imposing austerity, issuing nuclear warnings and spreading fear and prejudice within and outside their territory.  The paradoxical contribution from a woman not in their league is subject to ridicule and indignation conforming to misogyny.

Social inequality with people of color, different race and religion refused equal opportunity with superficial modifications and token appointments barely meeting the minimum requirement in addressing poverty and unemployment among minority and disenfranchised in society.

The ideology to dictate and dominate the world using brute force, terror, deception and propaganda evidently a failed and dysfunctional stratagem. Anything in disguise never last long with imminent conclusion as the show cannot go on forever.

Feudalism is primitive with greed sowing the seed for self-destruction and irreversible ramification.

Humanity deserves governance barring influence from secretive and delusional domain insensitive to reality.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission




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