Biden Administration – Unity Discord

January 24, 2021

Biden Administration – Unity Discord

Padmini Arhant

The so-called Black President Barack Obama installed and run Biden-Emhoff administration axes the African American Surgeon General Jerome Adams position, the first target upon the administration assuming power.

The crony media propagated Barack Obama’s 3.0 is in action.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams – the second only African American to be appointed for this post by President Donald Trump was the first appointee to be removed from office. The Trump appointee African American Surgeon General Jerome Adams term was not due for expiry until September of this year i.e. 2021.

The other African American designated to this position was Joycelyn Elders – a Bill Clinton appointee, subsequently fired for controversial public statement on sex education. Then Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders’ Boss, the former President Bill Clinton ironically distanced from the SG’s statement claiming that was a personal and not administration’s view. 

Joe Biden emphasis on unity and opportunity to minority along side Kamala Emhoff touting blackness during public appearance targeting the African American as the first casualty in the administration is reminiscent of Barack Obama, the so-called first Black President wrongfully firing the female African American Shirley Sherrod, then public official from the agriculture department.

The fawning mainstream media over the current Biden-Emhoff administration would have been ballistic upon Trump administration carrying out such action at the administration onset regardless of any reason.

The MSM hypocrisy ad nauseam is barely the beginning of the tortuous media bias in the offing. 

Padmini Arhant 


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