Bahrain – Ending Emir Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa Rule For Republican Democracy

April 29, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Bahrain – United States strategic base with fifth naval fleet at Iran’s doorstep administered by U.S and Saudi Arabia ally Emir Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa has been unleashing terror in the State capital Manama.

Saudi Arabia multi-billion dollars arms procurement from United States facilitating violence including U.S. authorized Saudi military intervention against peaceful dissenters tops the chart in western hypocrisy on Arab Spring considering contrasting positions on political revolutions especially with Syria.

Saudi Arabia aiding and abetting Bahraini government along with United States and United Kingdom staunch support for violent suppression clarifies real characteristics as well as motives to rein control in Middle East.

The so-called democratic powers sponsoring state terrorism reveals authoritarianism the preferred choice to maintain vested interests in the region.

It is obligatory on electorates in the United States, United Kingdom and France to block hard earned tax revenues squandered in killing innocent lives in Bahrain and across the globe at national and respective citizens’ plight.

Bahrain leadership zero tolerance to non-violent demonstration seeking long overdue political transformation calls for the government to step down with dignity allowing republic rule espousing democratic values and diversity in governing the beleaguered island nation.

The government under western management severely compromising sovereignty had no credibility among the vast majority due to misplaced loyalty and corruption depriving citizens economic and political opportunity despite oil reserves and comparatively affluent status in the Middle Eastern domain.

Meanwhile the emirate’s close ties with western Royal Kingdoms and political class enable national wealth transfer to offshore personal accounts leaving average citizens bereft of decent lifestyle and equal rights.

United States naval operation in Bahrain primarily provides security to repressive regimes in not only the host country but also neighboring Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Besides posing existential threat to Saudi Arabia and Israel’s common enemy – Iran.

U.S and allies dictating terms and conditions with intrusions through armed and well funded rebels in Syria disrupting ceasefire and peace plan evidently least interested in political stability, democracy and human rights exemplified in upholding domestic laws such as Patriot Act, ACTA and NDAA…with more in the offing.

Not to mention indefinite detentions without trial or habeas corpus in Guantanamo Bay, renditions, torture and extra judicial executions of Americans and others at executive discretionary will represent supremacy under the guise of democracy.

In the backdrop of gross human rights violation and active role in undermining democracy at home and abroad, western powers selective admonition arguably slighted and proved counterproductive.

Notwithstanding the strategy lacking integrity in promoting genuine peace and political liberty.

Bahrain citizens have endured brutal response to peaceful assembly and inherently prejudiced governance since inception of imperialist favored dynasty.

The democratic transition to people power is imminent and Bahrain citizens deserve political independence together with demography sharing similar experience around the world.

However diligence required in resistance remaining committed to non-violence and peaceful campaign.

Bahrain pro-democracy movement comprising local citizens would be better off launching peace protests in solidarity with secular leaderships to allay minority concerns contemporarily exploited by external influence.

Preventing Libya scenario with U.S led NATO abusing international trust and UN resolution for political agenda under humanitarian pretext via media false propaganda would save lives and expedite inevitable political change.

The failure to accept responsibility for carnage and destruction in Libya leading non-violent rally into civil war with flurry of weapons to foreign mercenaries and fighters alongside previously delivered stockpiles to government is no surprise given the defense industry trajectory to thrive from warfare.

Furthermore the deception in news reports on ground reality discovered post demolition raises serious questions on pervasive western intelligence claiming pride in state of the art technology yet dismal performance reminiscent of 9/11 attacks signify institutional debacle or collusion with forces behind mayhem.

Bahrain uprising pledged to peaceful participation would guarantee desirable outcome i.e. political victory.

It is imperative for Bahrain citizens to refrain from harming individuals and causing damages to public property even though the incidents are extremely low according to independent overseas reports.

Bahrain authorities aggression tactics courtesy U.K expertise – Scotland Yard ex-chief John Yates against unarmed civilians is deplorable and worthy of worldwide condemnation.

Indiscriminate shooting on the streets, imprisonment of doctors and nurses attending to the wounded and dying victims… in government crackdown constitutes crimes against humanity.

The perpetrators and those complicit in the atrocity could not be members of civil society.

Any more casualties in Bahrain peaceful demand for republic rule would have irreversible repercussions detrimental to ruling elites and establishment backing them.

The political leadership Emir Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa and administration resignation ending undemocratic monarchy not excluding,

U.S. military presence in Bahrain and entire Persian Gulf is non-evasive eventuality alleviating misery and tensions across West Asia.

Life matters regardless of origin and identity.

Human character defined by deeds with compassion towards all in legacy bear fruits to mankind.

Sincere condolences to survivors and families grieving the loss of loved ones in the Bahraini government inhumane and senseless assault on civilian population.

Best Wishes! To people in Bahrain for a successful republican democratic system with lasting peace and prosperity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.


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