Audio Presentation – Parody on Identity Theft

November 7, 2014



From:  Padmini Arhant

Dear Global Citizens,

There are bizarre and strange incidents happening at the present time.  For instance, the Malaysian airline MH370 with passengers on board evaporated in thin air with no trace or trail available up until now.  The victims families were advised to perform funeral service without even having their loved ones remains to do so.

Subsequently two more Malaysian airlines with civilian passengers along with crew members were brought down.  There has been no inquiry or investigation on these events either until today.

Anyways,speaking from personal experience as the target my focus is on the unprecedented and nonchalant practice of identity theft.

I hope you have some time to enjoy the parody on identity theft I am presenting you.

Simply click on the above audio links for the content.

Thank you for your attention and interest.

Padmini Arhant



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