Arab League Calls for No-Fly Zone in Libya

March 14, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

The Arab League at the meeting in Cairo on March 12, 2011 unequivocally called for a No-Fly Zone in Libya.

Libyan massacre in Ras Lanuf and Al Zawiya in the absence of No-Fly Zone propelled the aerial bombardment displaying the cowardly act against humanity.

The brutality unleashed on the unarmed civilians is deplorable and regaining the oil fields after a blood bath indicative of atrocity seeing no boundaries towards own people.

Since time immemorial not sparing the Biblical period betrayal is common among the weak withering within due to lack of control over negative vices such as greed and hubris offering a false sense of invincibility eventually causing the downfall.

It is well known that the imperialists gained entry and established rule through traitors of the colonies. Without treason it would have been a challenge for the colonial powers to rein control, amass wealth and dominate the region.

Furthermore the betrayers were always the first to be eliminated by the colonial rulers soon after achieving the goals on the notion – Those who violate national trust confirm their pledge of self-allegiance.

Muammar Gaddafi is no exception to the norm evident in the pattern with his compliance to renounce nuclear ambition including settlement on Lockerbie bombing in exchange for the assassin Al Megrahi release while slaughtering Libyan population in response to their pro-democracy uprising.

Repossessing territories through terror might be regarded a remarkable victory nonetheless ignoring day of reckoning in process is the classic syndrome of tyrannical powers when in denial of the imminent tailspin.

It is essential to pose the following questions to the leaders of the free world.

Is the contemporary world truly a ‘free world’ when innocent men, women and children are denied freedom and their plea for ‘No Fly Zone’ against merciless air attacks slighted based on the prioritization of strategic interest?

The remark that ‘No Fly Zone is no video game’ given the drone attacks in semblance with a video game adventure resulting in many civilian casualties in Pakistan and Yemen signify the usual hypocrisy taking precedence over the genuine struggle for democracy.

Is the blood shed by the civilians in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Algeria any different from the loved ones of those in power?

Inaction to injustice is an explicit endorsement of genocide in Libya with the repressive regime facilitated to use massive firepower supplied by the factions determined to suppress democracy for economic gains and political dominance.

Hence Muammar Gaddafi and allies are warned against any further advance towards Benghazi and other parts of Eastern Libya.

Every single bullet faced by the martyred souls in Libya would not be in vain and pro-Gaddafi forces defiance regardless of stature will expedite the inevitable apocalypse.

Muammar Gaddafi and clan annihilation of life in Libya must end immediately as the devastation is in store for each and every perpetrator with their hands stained in blood cannot possibly govern Libya.

If killings take place from the air and ground assaults then it would be dealt with appropriately.

Muammar Gaddafi madness must cease and failure to do so would be inviting cataclysmic events upon self and associates.

History is witness to the rise and rapid decline of power mongers relying on violence to prolong oppression.

The world organization and any ‘democratic’ nation recognizing the illegitimate government under Muammar Gaddafi seizing authority after slaying thousands of civilians predominantly with aerial bombings would raise credibility issue beneath rejection of people power.

Such extraordinary and bizarre defacto relation with ruthless dictatorship while denying sovereignty to people led opposition in Benghazi would categorically define the nature of the respective political representation.

Meanwhile the Libyan revolution must not lose hope in the battle for political freedom despite the recent developments as Muammar Gaddafi as well as every overt and covert agents’ doomsday is near and about to unfold ending the repressive era.

Arab league decision on ‘No Fly Zone’ and France acknowledgment of Libyan opposition in Benghazi is honorable and praiseworthy.

However exemplifying political position through delivery in Libyan citizens’ favor would enormously benefit the liberation cause.

Therefore the international community is requested to come forward and assist the civilians in liberating Libya from the dictatorial regime by implementing ‘No Fly Zone’ and apprehending Muammar Gaddafi along with entire family on war crimes.

Free world would be realistic upon every nation on earth is ‘free’ from bondage and political repression. The global society bears the burden to this effect.

Please demonstrate your commitment to humanitarian plight and provide the necessary support to the revolution in Libya and throughout the world.

Procrastination in issuing arrest warrant against Muammar Gaddafi and operators means loss of precious lives and poignantly there is no guarantee that Gaddafi would refrain from invasion using similar tactics in the Middle East especially with the status as the global threat to humanity.

Complacency bolsters unlawful quest to cross borders and Muammar Gaddafi would be inclined to experiment the possible incursion.

The wise proactive measure is to extinguish the fire before it engulfs the region.

Delay in containing Muammar Gaddafi and loyalists’ momentum is the direct approval of aerial aggression destroying life at free will.

Libyan people deserve to live their life with respect, dignity and above all political independence devoid of tyranny.

To the courageous patriots in Libya – Do not relent for you will prevail in realizing your dreams.

With sincere condolences to the grieving families of the slain victims – the message is to capture and terminate Muammar Gaddafi rule on Libyan soil.

Best Wishes to the brave revolutionaries for a new beginning with democracy governed by the people.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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