Anti-Democratic Political Systems

November 22, 2021

Anti-Democratic Political Systems

Padmini Arhant 

What is the biggest threat to political leaderships heading governments in contemporary politics?

Without a shadow of doubt – Democracy.

A real functioning vibrant democracy is feared the most and regarded serious threat to leaderships amassing power slighting constitution. The individual rights, liberty, free speech, peaceful assembly and democratic principles are systematically contained and eliminated in many instances to rein control over citizens and nation at large.

The elections transformed into mere formality with the convenience of electronic voting machine serving in voting irregularities to transfer and/or reject votes for the desirable outcome. The democratic process is subverted to suit political agenda.

As for the press, media variety – they are utilized as state propaganda machinery disseminating information to mislead and misguide the captive audience.

The law enforcement is misused citing national security. The police in uniform are deployed on the streets not for public safety and security rather to silence and disburse the frustrated farmers’ peaceful demonstrations or citizens fearing unconstitutional laws aimed at their fundamental citizenship rights like in India.

In the United States – the citizens opposed to vaccine mandates are isolated for seeking state recognition on basic rights concerning health matter.

The irony in the United States federal and certain states law on vaccine mandate is the democrat party in power cherish pro-choice policy in reproductive health to appeal to women electorate across the party lines during election. The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to the Vatican to lobby on the contentious matter considering the religious influence on members following the faith exemplify the democrat party leaderships political interest.

However, the ruling democrat administrations at the federal and many states are against pro-choice on vaccine issue. The individuals regardless of political affiliations are voicing their legitimate concerns over personal health either having experienced adverse effects from COVID vaccine or witnessed and passively endured serious ramifications to their loved ones including tragic loss of lives prompting them to protect individual discretion on personal health barring state interference.

According to the sources behind vaccine campaign, the COVID vaccine related negative effects are statistically lower despite extreme reactions amongst some vaccine recipients since inoculation of the population. The position highlights apathy to the families and victims facing real problems on vaccine associated response at individual level.

The democrat governments and other government agencies COVID vaccine mandate tied to jobs ignoring citizens’ genuine reservations is paradoxical to democrat party favored pro-choice on women’s reproductive health. While the democrat governments and those favor pro-choice on one i.e. the reproductive health, the pro-choice denial to vaccine resistance based on individual health history clarify undemocratic political decision.

The political systems in contemporary politics are increasingly apathetic to citizens’ rights and instead engaged in suppression of the republic status.

The political leaderships in other so-called democracies on the other hand are preoccupied in strengthening their power alarmingly leaning towards authoritarian style. The classic symptoms of such governance is evidenced in overt control over press, media, entertainment and communication outlets besides using them for state indoctrination.

The public tax payers funded government agencies like income tax, intelligence apparatus and technology resources are used against government critics and those targeted as obstacle to anti-democratic governance.

The general environment in present politics is to undermine democracy, decline constitutional rights and laws, violate individual rights at state’s will…are the pre-cursor to end republic status.  They are by no means democratic or in the least independent with liberty and justice for all.

There are reports emerging in the supposedly world’s largest democracy viz. India on unlawful detentions of citizens without due process for valid reasonable discussions on government’s utter failure to address COVID health disaster, economic shambles and above all massive corruption.

The citizens are apprehended under the Central and State maintained UAPA – unlawful activities protection act.

The controversial UAPA inarguably executed by the Central i.e. New Delhi and State government viz. Tamil Nadu among several others following suit for self and vested interests. The UAPA is not set up to rescue the state or the nation from any domestic or foreign threats as falsely claimed by the political establishment. The UAPA is arbitrarily imposed against anyone exposing corruption and criminality in governance.

The UAPA is a dangerous precedence and designed to repress republic rights against draconian measures and tyrannical regime evolution at the central and state authority in India. 

Elsewhere, the Russian federation is distanced from democracy with leadership extraordinary power and extra judicial actions against opposition denying any rights to contest election or participate in public address of overwhelming majority seeking free and fair access to alternative political thoughts and factions in the country.

The Russian citizens having been subject to anti-democratic conditions up until now deservingly yearn for revival of democracy, credible elections with multi-party contest unlike state declared election result as the majority representation in Duma to amend constitution aimed at extending status quo.

The other undemocratic interventions like internet censorship, filtering and monitoring the information flow in the cyberspace against own citizens are inherent authoritarian functionality represented in name only democracy and overt dictatorial rule.

The world has suffered and paid enormous price in blood and treasure under anti-democratic leaderships and political systems. The public revolt against hard-line unconstitutional laws and egregious violent crackdowns are testament to extremist governments removal from power.

The prominent western democracies taking pride in own democratic systems while direct or indirect involvement in installing, promoting, nurturing, fostering and funding dictatorial regimes worldwide such as the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, South and South East Asia… are responsible in many ways in depriving the population in these regions from freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Again the western and any other foreign infiltration not possible without internal entities and political interests’ treason in nations entrenched in corruption, mass deception and violation of public trust.

Power corrupts human mind and absolute power corrupts those at the helm absolutely and ultimately delivering inevitable expulsion from authority.

The government accountable to taxpayers and electorate is democracy. The reversal i.e. people fearing government as the intimidating authority is tyranny

The gamble against democracy never proved gainful for those exploiting citizens’ patience and republic resolve. The republic awakening and empowerment is the only saving grace for constitution governed democracy.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 


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