Africa – Equatorial Guinea

December 26, 2021

Africa – Equatorial Guinea

Padmini Arhant

Source – Public Domain – 60 Minutes Australia on Equatorial Guinea further elaborate status quo.

It’s interesting to note that apparently not all authoritarian regimes in the world are bad in the eyes of global syndicate comprising corporate conglomerate from diverse economic sector worldwide. 

The oil companies for example like the counterparts in multinational operations appear to have no qualms with dictatorial governments, military junta, despotic leaderships…leading in oppression, persecution and gross human rights violation in the country they rule as a law unto themselves. 

As for the oil giants – the tradition to dig in the oil rigs sparing change in the form of royalty paid to puppet regimes installed as governments with rampant exploitation by oil behemoths trickled down to the population is regarded a fine setting. 

The global resources and natural endowments gifted by nature for survival and sustainability of all living species on earth amassed among the selective few is the norm.

The practice deserting overwhelming majority in generational debt and endless misery is the unfortunate depressing tale well into the twenty first century. 

The gluttonous greed has no boundary or limit. The policy is to seize any opportunity to excoriate earth endangering lives for exclusive benefits and privileges of the offenders as entitlement in the dark age. 

The exploitative behavior is resigned to all for me and none for you dogma feigning unfamiliarity and no acquaintance with satisfaction. The contentment factor is not in the equation in the over consumption and absorption of fortune at the native population expense. 

The appalling apathy to life other than own amongst exploiters engaged in ravenous deprivation is the last straw in human value degradation. The mega profiteers’ unconscionable indulgence ignoring the victims i.e. the citizens’ excruciating plight in the country with valuable oil and mineral reserves depleted by foreign corporation and their appointee as the head of the nation is definitely not unique to Equatorial Guinea alone. 

The commonality in dictatorial governments is rather than eliminating or alleviating poverty, they invariably attempt and authorize hiding impoverished conditions by prohibiting filming of the slums by domestic and foreign media. Alternatively, to create false impression divest public money i.e. taxpayers funds to raise a wall to veil economic reality in the poorer neighborhoods of the city. 

The global control by corporations viz. the oligarchs and their representative governments are primary contributors in expanding the gap between haves and have-nots diminishing hope and expectations among the lower income, the poor and the poorest denied better present and future. 

The pattern is established world over through greasing palm and grinding poverty co-existence with the nation’s leadership turning the back on own people abandoned to their ill fate.

Unless and until the corporate dominance and oligarchy rein over politics, economic and global affairs cease or at most contained, the human lives in most parts of the world would continue to bear no significance to political rulers and economic stakeholders defiant in maintaining status quo. 

Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo abuse of power, corruption and execution of opposition members might be least concerning to oil companies like Exxon Mobil and western partners in the profit game.

However, the selective western strategy to accept certain dictatorial systems as viable partners to suit economic interests and isolate any other as threat to humanity cast credibility issue in western position and assessment of democracy and humanitarian cause. 

The unequivocal fact in all of the above situation is the victims and victimizers leave the world without exception and only their deeds determine the onward destiny

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter


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