Afghanistan – United States Air Strikes Targets Innocent Children and Other Civilians

April 7, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The latest crime against humanity is the continuous barrage of attacks in Afghanistan deliberately targeting civilian population.

United States military and political leaderships competence or the lack thereof explicitly revealed in the determination to kill defenseless citizens with military might showing no inhibitions in violence committed via funding, arming terrorism and military aggression around the world.

The recent U.S. air strike in Shigal district of eastern Kunal province in Afghanistan on Sunday killing eleven children from the age group of one to eight years old is a cowardly act and clearly displays severe deterioration of human elements among those in position of authority abusing power to self and national destruction.

There is absolutely no justification whatsoever in exhausting defense inventory purely for profiteering and power mongering at the expense of innocent lives overseas while American taxpayers burdened with debt funding illegal warfare to satisfy war machine insatiable appetite.

Not to mention the austerity imposed on American families is a slow death sentence on them with White House declaration to slash Medicare and Social Security – the only remaining lifeline for the vast majority in the United States.

Prolonging the trend borrowed from Europe across the Atlantic, the stranglehold on ordinary Americans is worse than instant massacre offshore by western powers via proxy wars, use of chemical weapons and aviation technology.

The misplaced priority in flying B-52 and B-2 nuclear capable stealth bombers from Air Force base in Missouri to Korean Peninsula costing American taxpayers $5.6 million on that flight alone and,

Funding $62 million directly to al-Qaeda and splinter terror network al-nusra towards slaughter of Syrians clarify utter disregard for life whether in United States or overseas exacerbating human suffering wherever possible.

The U.S. tax dollars expended on drone strikes along with air raids on daily basis again draining $ billions only to produce massive civilian casualties offshore by those claiming to be proud parents and leaders of political, military, economic and academic institutions are misleading the nation they pretend to represent despite treason reflected in unconstitutional, undemocratic and unlawful indulgence.

The circumvention refuting the irrefutable charges against all those responsible for perpetuating violence through terrorism and militarism unfortunately carried out with impunity largely due to complacency within society except some peace activists and humanitarians voicing concern on these issues given the serious human rights violation.

Any society’s silence equivalent to inaction i.e. tolerance to injustice against fellow humans anywhere could not possibly qualify as humane society especially when their nations are the source of terror causing death and destruction world over.

United States, Britain and allies so-called war on terror in Afghanistan lasting over a decade is a playground for military industrial complex and political leaderships unabashedly engaged in experimenting defense stockpiles and military hardware innovation aimed at inhabitants considered dispensable.

United States immediate termination of drone and air strikes in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan followed by complete troop withdrawal is mandatory to avert looming calamities affecting contributors as masterminds, architects, willful agents, representatives and operatives behind human plight.

The defiance in this regard would expedite inevitable consequence that is best abandoned to individual and hegemony benefit.

With sincere condolences to victims families grieving the loss of children in the merciless assault,

Prayers offered for the precious souls to rest in peace and survivors with strength and courage to endure ordeal healing over passage of time and imminent peace in Afghanistan.

Wishing the people of Afghanistan permanent peace, political stability and progress in every frontier.

May God bless the citizens of Afghanistan relieving them of all suffering.

Peace to all!

Thank you. Padmini Arhant


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