Afghanistan – Terminating Foreign Occupation Key to National Independence and Security

May 12, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Afghanistan post monarchy and brief democratic spell has remained imperialists irresistible target and evidently fatal attraction for every invader regardless of military might and supremacy complex.

Despite colossal failure, external powers determination to occupy sovereign nation under pretense of spreading democracy and training Afghan forces for over a decade is outdated pretext when strategic and economic interests are the exclusive reasons behind foreign presence.

The hegemony aspirations are costly considering the illegal invasion and occupation has bankrupted their economy with trillions of dollars squandered to fund the twelve years old conflict.

Not to mention the phenomenal loss of civilian lives and armed forces – United States and International Special Armed Forces (ISAF) in particular experiencing tremendous death toll.

Besides alarming suicides among U.S. personnel and psychological trauma reflected in U.S. and Britain soldiers shooting rampage, sexual assault, burning of holy Quran and desecration of deceased Afghan fighters…are prominent atrocities of many gruesome activities since western intrusion.

Using 9/11 as premise to implement Project for New American Century (PNAC) – United States was the base in the terror plot killing 3000 and more Americans as well as foreigners on American soil to rally citizens with Congressional approval in proceeding towards pre-meditated pre-emptive wars against nations of hegemony choice.

Afghanistan prioritized on the checklist even though official disclosure on 9/11 until today is maintained as terrorists were of Saudi origin.

Yet sparing Saudi Arabia, U.S. and NATO aggression was directed at Afghanistan perpetuating the fictitious war on terror terrorizing innocent men, women and children in that country on the ground and aerial attacks via drone strikes presumptuously justifying the unjustifiable war crimes thus far due to lack of accountability.

U.S and allies like Britain and Germany latest declaration to continue belligerence beyond 2014 reportedly with nine permanent military bases in main cities of Afghanistan viz. Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazare-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, and Gardez in the eastern border adjoining Pakistan…and,

Germany apparently the third largest occupier after United States and Britain boasting current deployment of 4300 troops in Kunduz, Balkh and Badakshan provinces ignoring German and Afghan dissent,

Accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel recent pledges to prolong military aid and intentions to keep around 600 to 800 armed forces in Afghanistan until 2017 amid demanding democratic changes in the country literally at the barrel of the gun confirms western style democracy cares less about people and instead dedicated to arms industry promoting death and destruction in every destination.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai revealed that the treaty signed on May 2, 2012 between Kabul and Washington extending U.S. presence after original timeframe i.e. 2014 for foreign troops complete exit was exercised under President Barack Obama administration demand in 2011 to allow establishment of permanent military bases system in the war ravaged country.

Although Afghan President Hamid Karzai selected and appointed by United States and NATO for cooperation on all issues conforming to hegemony controlled western and other name sake democracies,

There appears to be glaring misconceptions by United States led foreign powers in terms of Afghan leadership expectations from the accord in 2012 then reportedly ratified by Afghan parliament on May 26, 2012.

According to Afghanistan political leaderships the agreement in May 2012 was to transform military and combat role into peaceful development with assistance in providing training to Afghan defense, building infrastructure such as repair and construction of roads, railways and public projects to jumpstart economy.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai expressed concerns over United States announcement to spearhead militarization throughout Afghanistan slighting core requirements of the war torn nation.

Again, Afghan President Karzai dismay at the turn of events is rather intriguing given Afghan history and imperialists trajectory in depleting foreign nations resources not barring military ambitions to colonize nations through deceptive means ultimately surfacing upon out of control situation.

Nonetheless United States, Britain and Germany sprawling military plans alongside negotiations with Taliban witnessed in setting up headquarter in Qatar and claims such as some even exported to Syria to join al-Qaeda and al-Nusra Front to fight against legitimate Syrian government is desperate hegemony strategy disregarding dire consequences for all.

Simultaneously, Britain monarchy applying divide and conquer rule facilitating opium production turning Afghanistan into narco state and reports on British MI6 directly bribing Afghan warlords, drug cartels and political structure to proliferate drug trade is not surprising denying Afghan people any hope of survival with imperialists exploitative tradition.

United States and coalition attack on Afghanistan in 2001 continued until today causing immense poverty and suffering must desist purging the sovereign state of indefinite foreign occupation and infiltration.

The decision to militarize Afghanistan with numerous bases is proclaiming absolute dominance in flagrant rejection of Afghan sovereignty, territorial integrity and citizens rights to self-determination.

Notwithstanding the action also in direct violation of international law and U.S. constitution prohibiting taxpayer funds and deployment in any capacity – intelligence, consulate espionage services, private contractors and proxies via al-Qaeda including military engagement aimed at destabilization of foreign nation for eternal turmoil.

Afghanistan confronted with foreign usurpation could no longer be a battleground for experimenting western stockpiles and drones potency at population expense.

The western powers respect for individual rights and national freedom demonstrated in unconditional demilitarization bringing foreign hostility and incursion to immediate conclusion in Afghanistan is critical to restore declining western credibility and domestic economy.

Afghanistan society coming together across the spectrum forming republic committee with youth and women empowerment to overhaul political apparatus eliminating corruption, treason and lack of transparency is paramount to expedite foreign powers and remnants departure from the war fatigued state.

Incentivizing farmers with free acreage of land plus ingredients for agriculture along with tax exemptions on farming products and services would motivate them to cease poppy cultivation. National attention to this destructive problem is pertinent for economic, political and social reform in the country.

Beginning with tribal areas, villages, towns, provinces and national level local leaderships devoted to community progress and accordingly having popular support are best suited to lead the country in a positive direction.

The election commission preparation for 2014 electoral process is crucial to deter foreign sabotage and internal factions instigated violence.

Taliban resistance adopting militancy has contributed to bloodshed and reason for foreign expansionism.

Taliban laying down weapons and honoring civilians especially women having been persecuted by them using primitive ideology paved way for western indulgence supposedly defending women from Taliban extremism.

However, in reality women face double edged sword from Taliban and colonialists both set in medieval era with former espousing fundamentalism and latter feudalism together representing radicalism exacerbate Afghans plight.

Afghanistan must emerge as a strong nation in recognition of imperial powers created complexities for subjugation and unanimously oppose colonization with their representatives in disguise.

Reiterating urgency for unified Afghanistan mandating via referendum removal of foreign sources and troops behind devastation across the country without procrastination is preliminary step towards liberation.

Furthermore, in solidarity Afghanistan nationals invalidating unconstitutional pact between Kabul and Washington reached in May 2012 enabling foreign troops for additional ten years from 2014 – simply means there will be no withdrawal in 2014 which is not a viable option and no country irrespective of stature can enforce the unscrupulous policy on independent nation.

Revoking the agreement in 2012 with military bases closure all over the country is the fundamental right of Afghan citizens deserving long overdue liberty free of hegemonic geopolitical goal attributed to generational misery for vast majority,

As for strengthening security – Afghan valor and versatility in prevailing over imperialistic agenda is the legacy and utilizing expertise available within Afghan national defense familiar with country’s terrains always beneficial rather than requesting assistance from foreign military power focused on systematic upheaval enslaving natives with no end in sight.

Likewise, economic revival and nation rebuilding is a collective responsibility necessitating all sectors input with human resources in possession, the monetary aid from overseas without compromising national assets is better than inviting foreign participation in governance.

Imperialists attachment to Afghanistan has been counterproductive resulting in downfall of their empire whether British Raj or Ex-Soviet Union and United States is no exception in this regard.

United States has suffered incredibly with heavy losses in armed personnel fatality, troops morale damaged in incessant wars and multi trillion dollars expended to finance Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali and Syria wars dragging the domestic economy into severe recession and.

Above all the victim nations civilian casualties and millions turned into refugees arguably blame the perpetrators – United States and allies for catastrophe,

At the end of the day – Is foreign intervention in Afghanistan or for that matter anywhere worth it?

The emphatic disapproval to western meddling in sovereign affairs worldwide is incontrovertible fact.

There could be no more delay in bringing troops home from Afghanistan and other war zones to improve American and Afghan… lives sharing the brunt of senseless wars with negative return on investment in life and tax payer dollars except for skyrocketing national debt exponentially rising in upkeep of military bases abroad,

Afghanistan belongs to Afghan citizens and they are entitled to reclaim sovereignty and national independence with security guaranteed in restricting foreign influence in the territory and region.

Wishing people in Afghanistan national rebirth with ever lasting peace, social equality, spiritual and economic prosperity,

Peace to Afghanistan!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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