Afghanistan – Strategic Partnership Agreement with United States Military

May 2, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Afghanistan and United States agreement heralded as partnership renewal deserves scrutiny to ascertain long-term goals and ramifications on Afghan citizens as well as U.S. servicemen and women not to mention American taxpayers forced to bear the burden on no-exit military strategy.

Afghanistan mission that began in October 2001 following September 11 terror attacks carried out by interests in the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia with western intelligence complicity is steered in a direction similar to Egypt and Iraq creating a scenario for perpetual dependence on U.S and NATO intervention.

The contentious issues were night raids and U.S run prisons especially Parwan facility near Bagram Air base in spotlight for Holy Quran burning to have been resolved leading to calibrated catastrophic deal.

With night raids in Afghanistan – According to President Hamid Karzai NATO shelling in the dark supposedly targeting militants predominantly involved civilians of whom many were apparently rounded up and held in detention without charge causing standoff in the fragile Afghan-U.S. relation.

The antidote in this context stated to be Afghan committee approval upon U.S. advise heeding western intelligence briefing otherwise Afghan officials would serve as rubber stamp to U.S and NATO chartered course.

The second issue – changing of guards at U.S. set up prison camps across Afghanistan again with U.S. advisers retaining access to detainees subsequent to transfer ironically out of concern for possible Geneva Convention violations confirms U.S. reining control under humanitarian pretext having desecrated and mistreated deceased and alive Afghans in recent memory.

As for the so-called historic accord – the declaration to bring 23,000 troops from approximately 88,000 on Afghan soil in semblance with Iraq situation consisting armed forces redeployment in Persian Gulf while remaining contingency dispatched to Afghanistan is playing Russian roulette with dispirited sparsely military personnel,

Notwithstanding prevalent aspirations for military intrusion in Syria and incursion in the Persian Gulf against Iran.

Furthermore, Afghanistan is awarded the title major non-NATO ally enabling reciprocal defense benefits including financial support for Afghan security forces with indefinite security assurance in exchange for permanent U.S. military base after 2014.

In the particular instance, the characteristics correspond with arrangement between U.S. and Egypt – United States military aid to a tune of $1.3 billion to Egypt Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) delivers loyalty and subservience undermining national identity.

Post treaty period is expected to focus on troops strength, engagement and legal immunity granting NATO and U.S. operatives exemption from accountability on casualties invariably regarded collateral damages in the military involvement thus far.

Special Forces to conduct counter-terrorism alongside extending olive branch to Taliban with simultaneous claim on Al Qaeda weakened and dislocated yet the terror group reportedly appointed the organization chief  suggestive of the well known fact –

War is a racket with industries primarily defense and finance profiteering from death and destruction worldwide.

Henceforth the current development poses a legitimate question –

What makes U.S. and NATO assume the status quo brought upon from eleven years of occupation and drone strikes under the guise of training Afghan security would yield different outcome in militarization ominously benefitting the global empire at vast majority peril?

Afghanistan is in dire need of political stability with leadership dedicated to nation building – eliminating corruption, disarming militancy although arms supply from the west are responsible for the combat nature on the ground coinciding policy based on

First start a problem, then comes the reaction and self-serving solution to the generated disaster reminiscent of 9/11 to pursue selective regime change in Middle East.

Afghanistan warfare funded by opium production contributing systemic corruption and abuse of power is an impediment to fundamental change in political process that could in return provide opportunity for economic and social progress.

Complete troop pullout beginning now with no residual military marks is the only healing option for the war torn nation yearning to end foreign invasion allowing sovereignty under democratic system to prevail leaving behind underdeveloped image in totality.

Any circumvention for military establishment in Afghanistan would backfire from potential revolt within armed forces deeply demoralized due to deception and betrayal in the eternal war on terror.

Abandoning cavalier approach and failed remedies for wise and prudent choices such as military divestments towards economic development and infrastructure improvement, disarmament with incentives to join the labor force, substituting poppy cultivation and

Political overhaul attracting hard working, honest and patriotic leaderships to serve the people and nation at large would perhaps bring hope and anticipated peace.

International community – regional partners in particular could play significant role in Afghanistan’s economic growth.

Rejecting military cantonment plan with specific aims would prevent history repeating itself in the strategic partnership agreement.

People in Afghanistan are required to rise to the occasion and challenge the detrimental pact for republic empowerment.

Good Luck to Afghan citizens in the struggle to free the nation from violence and overseas dominance paving the path for political independence.

Wishing everlasting peace, prosperity and social justice to Afghanistan

Peace to all!

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant









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