Afghan Election Malady – The Resumption of the Puppet Government

November 2, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

“More of the same,” – the campaign slogan used in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election against the Republican candidate John McCain is adapted by the current U.S. administration in the endorsement of the corrupt Karzai government.

The incumbent President Hamid Karzai subsequent to being found guilty of massive voter fraud amid intense violence against the Afghani population during the first round of election on August 20, 2009, now hailed the victor following the challenger DR. Abdullah Abdullah’s withdrawal from the highly skeptical runoff election scheduled for November 7, 2009.

Afghan election chairman Azizullah Lodin, a staunch supporter of President Hamid Karzai, arrived at a decision against the will of the Afghan people enduring medieval era economic and social injustice under the Karzai governance since 2001.

The White House declared the election ‘historic’ and extended congratulatory message to their nominee, President Hamid Karzai, along with the ally Britain and the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. The irony is, the glorified election had no ‘democratic’ element whatsoever in the previous round or in the repeat election planned on November 7, 2009.

Moreover, the bizarre outcome proclaiming the extremely controversial and the most unpopular President Hamid Karzai – the winner, has the U.S. administration blessings to further destabilize Afghanistan for another four years.

DR. Abdullah’s action by dropping out of the runoff charade is appropriate. The contender’s concerns were legitimate and justified due to the Afghan election commission chairman’s overt bias to President Karzai and the lack of evidence or enthusiasm from the U.S. and allies to ensure free and fair elections.

The United States and the allies’ pre-disposition on this issue signifies their sworn allegiance to the military industrial complex agenda –

Continuation of Afghanistan’s carnage and destruction through Karzai government and the prolonged war on terror.

It is worth shedding light on the U.S and Western backed puppet government, President Hamid Karzai’s policies condemned by the humanitarians across the globe.

1. First, the fraudulent election on August 20, 2009 and refusal to comply with the request for the implicated election commission chairman, Azizullah Lodin’s replacement in the scheduled runoff event.

2. Legislation of the ‘non-consensual’ consummation against Afghan women – Appear to be “normal” for the U.S. administration, Britain and the United Nations’Authority in the overwhelming acknowledgment and legitimizing of the Karzai government to rule Afghanistan for an extended term.

3. Appointment of the cabinet members and judiciary committee vehemently opposed to women’s rights and other socio-economic progress.

4. Economic policy focused on narcotic trade to boost national GDP concocted with nepotism through the appointment of the family member (President Hamid Karzai’s Brother Ahmad Wali Karzai – New York Times Article titled “employee on CIA payroll”), for opium mass production.

5. Facilitating Taliban resurgence and conciliatory to the atrocities against the local population particularly the female children deprived of education through acid pouring and burning down girls schools – Again, the endorsers seemingly have no objection in this context as well.

6. Last but not the least and the poignant matter being –President Hamid Karzai’s absolute coherence and approval to the permanent military occupation in Afghanistan. For comprehensive details please refer to the blogpost titled “Afghan War, The Additional Troops request and the Election Analysis,” published on this website on September 29, 2009.

As per the recent development, the White House decision to pronounce the Afghan election debacle ‘historic’ and ‘lawful’ is reminiscent of the Bush-Cheney policy stating the Iraq war as “Mission Accomplished.”

The Global village was promised a newly enlightened U.S. foreign policy dedicated to immediate troops withdrawal, peace and diplomacy, honest brokering and recognition of human rights. Otherwise, a departure from the Bush-Cheney doctrine or Senator John McCain’s pledge to wage war for over hundred years.

Honoring the dishonorable characteristics of an Afghan government dismissed as the miserable failure by the people is the renewal of the U.S. foreign policy held responsible for the contemporary global terrorism threatening international peace and security.

United States pursuing the course of action for the purpose other than the humanitarian cause in Afghanistan and other Islamic regions is authenticating the political hypocrisy reflected in the U.S. foreign policy regardless of the administrations in the White House.

The Red States and the Blue States came together as the United States to vote for the believable and the realistic “Hope and Change” at home and around the world.

Hope cannot be a reality unless promises are delivered and Change is not possible without sincere commitment.

Democracy is meaningful when the government is credible and Afghanistan deserves better than the status quo forced upon them by the domineering political forces demonstrating humongous hubris with an inevitable downfall.

I urge the people of Afghanistan to validate the leadership that can guarantee political stability, economic opportunities, national security, social progress beginning with basic human rights and above all, freedom from the foreign occupation of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, President Hamid Karzai’s government has been unsuccessful in every aspect and lost the vote of confidence among the Afghan people during the first term and now after the first round of elections. Similar sentiments are shared by the genuinely caring ‘A-political’ groups of the international community.

The people of Afghanistan can achieve their dreams provided they are discerning in the political fate written on their behalf by the foreign powers.

I wish the people of Afghanistan courage and wisdom to do what is best for them and their long occupied nation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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