Acknowledgement with Gratitude

July 23, 2020

Acknowledgement with Gratitude

Padmini Arhant

To: My Well wishers and fierce critics 

Dear Well Wishers and Fierce Critics, 

Not surprisingly, my silence in the past few days misconceived as either my retirement or disappearance into oblivion depending on the perceiver following me more than a shadow. 

As I said earlier my pledge of allegiance, loyalty and commitment remains with Almighty God to whom I owe everything from my existence to survival and beyond. 

However, the overwhelming love and support from my well wishers world wide whom I might not have met in person, the soul connection is reflected in your thoughts through your comments on this site. I’m deeply touched by your peaceful gesture. 

My passion to serve humanity is undying as previously mentioned via video and audio. This is perhaps an innate quality I was born with and been involved since my childhood and up until now. 

To my supporters – I thank you all for your understanding and appreciation of my hard work and selfless contribution. If my sincere efforts and well meaning service aimed at universal peace and progress has benefitted anyone positively, that is rewarding. 

To my fierce critics – your relentless targeting through innuendoes, insinuations, bizarre portrayal and character assassination besides endless eulogizing immortalize me without having to physically endure cyclical birth and death saga in this lifetime. You critics certainly make me stronger and defiant more than ever.

Personally, I neither believe nor advocate taking own life such as suicide regardless of situations.

Similarly I’m vehemently against the idea and indulgence of hurting and harming others not barring committing grave sins such as murder and criminal conduct.

In this context, those to whom I will ever be their arch nemesis, their continuous engagement to frame me in this portrait is a losing battle for them yielding nothing but self-embarrassment and bad karma they have to deal with sooner than later while many are realizing to this effect. 

I thank my admirers and adversaries for the unique experience with conflicting love hate dilemma.

If you can’t do anyone good, refrain from wrongdoing is pragmatic.

KARMA is a serious challenge all living beings have to contend with in any lifetime.

I acknowledge the great opportunity from Almighty God with gratitude and humility.

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter










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