Accountability on Public Tax Money is Ethical Conformity Not Conspiracy Theory

May 30, 2018

Accountability on Public Tax Money is Ethical Conformity Not Conspiracy Theory

Padmini Arhant

The facts presented on this site and the subdomain exposing reality and misuse of power and public money in taxpayer funded institutions and federal goevernment such as the defense department and federal agencies handling enormous amount exceeding $500 billion which is one half of a Trillion dollars – $1,000,000,000,000 immediately refuted as conspiracy theory. The term conspiracy theory (CT) is loosely used to defend indefensible actions among those responsible for massive evasion on accountability. The entertainment industry and certain media networks are deployed to distract attention from important issues.

There should be no misconception on figures and data on this site and the subdomain including the recent article Memorial Day – Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan as they are always verified for accuracy and any clarifications. United States defense budget has been allocated an average $500 billion or more especially since the beginning of this century.  The allocation has been used to fund the Project for New American Century (PNAC) among other designated ventures. 

The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan has cost around $4.8 Trillion per Congressional Budget Office. The operations in these three nations and neighboring states – Syria, Libya and Yemen still underway in the overall timeframe i.e. 17 years dating back to October 2001 – invasion of Afghanistan together with military bases worldwide involving transfer of military assets and troops relocation besides several known and disguised activities are not magically performed without using U.S. tax payer money.  For instance, the fighter jets flown out of Nebraska to Korean Peninsula in 2014 and earlier to intimidate North Korea in the military drills costs taxpayers millions of dollars that are not necessarily paid for by South Korea, the ally and host of the U.S. military base in Korean Peninsula.

In FY 2015, Pentagon and related spending totaled $598 billion, about 54% of the fiscal year 2015 U.S. discretionary budget. The accountability in federal department budget using taxpayer dollars is necessary due to DOD trajectory failing to meet legislated General Accountability Office standard thus far. United States ordinary citizens in particular, as the regular tax payers have every right to know the expenditure details of their tax dollars instead of being dismissed as conspiracy theory. Anyone having nothing to hide would submit to scrutiny on financial transactions amounting to Trillions of dollars raising budget deficit and national debt burdened on the present and future generations of this country. Notwithstanding the unaccounted money absent audit trail having set precedence to continue business as usual with those responsible in abstaining responsibility.

Furthermore, the trend impact consumer interest rates affecting average citizens affordability on essential requirements in life.

The ordinary citizens as taxpayers are reminded of serious penalty including jail terms upon any errors in the annual tax return with IRS while exempting the public employed officials and bureaucrats in public service from similar compliance and conditions. Obviously the system is defunct with corruption and misrepresentation. 

The site remains committed in endeavors holding the powerful, influential and the secretive for actions, decisions and failures on matter not limited to financial transactions in Trillions of dollars inflicting immense suffering on millions of lives in the United States and worldwide.

I will be back with more explanations in visual, verbal and written format unapologetically on such issues and other events as should be expected in a real democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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