North Korea – Peace Talks

December 18, 2017

North Korea – Peace Talks

Padmini Arhant

Synopsis on the topic.

United States engagement in peace talks with North Korea is not dependent on auspicious time and day.

Unlike war with pre-emptive air strikes, missiles, provocative military drills not barring nuclear threats demand caution and restraints in words and action that are often unheeded to demonstrate misconceived strength,

Peace is unique in that respect. The peaceful communication and diplomacy conducted with  mutual respect and without preconditions have great prospects in defusing conflicts.

North Korea has indicated during the former leader Kim Jong Il’s premiership, the readiness for direct talks with the United States provided there are no hidden agenda proven elsewhere. Similarly, the present North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has expressed interest in conducive dialogue prior to verbal confrontation with the incumbent U.S. administration.

North Korea’s stated nuclear program confirmed by CIA and other intelligence sources meant for deterrence to United States position in Korean Peninsula involving unwanted and untimely naval and other military exercise clarify the cause and effect situation.

Accordingly, United States civilian leaderships’ initiative in extending an olive branch would not only desescalate tensions but also be a paradigm shift in U.S. foreign policy predominantly premised on military reaction and violent means to any crisis.

United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson latest overture to deal with North Korea peacefully in the absence of terms and conditions is a rational approach that would allow both sides to focus on reversing the military and nuclear activities to fruitful negotiations keeping in mind the benefits to  people in North and South Korea, Japan and remaining population in the region. The same would apply in protecting massive U.S. troops deployment in Asia Pacific or farther away in Guam and Hawaii.

There is no other better alternative to peace in resolving long standing issues that are consistently challenged with military and nuclear options ignoring grave consequences with death and destruction following aggression on all sides.

Not to mention the irreversible outcome in loss of lives and prolonged despair to victims’ families witnessed in the aftermath of warfare and violent exchange.

President Donald Trump moving forward with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in pursuing peaceful settlement on North Korea would set precedence in renewing hope in constructive and result oriented management of international affairs.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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