Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Imprisoned without Bail for Exposing the Truth

December 13, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Strange world indeed! Those who should be held accountable for horrendous crimes are granted impunity and the ones standing up for truth are denied justice.

The worst tragedy is the international community remains a silent spectator with the exception of few voices concerned about the assault on freedom of expression – the fundamental right guaranteed in the democratic system under the constitutional law.

These honorable members in the society denounced the bizarre circumstances used to apprehend the truth digging website founder – Julian Assange of wikileaks.

Ever since wikileaks released public information that has been successfully buried as ‘classified’ for an indefinite period,

Julian Assange became the political target and a thorn on the side for the ‘New World Order.’

Julian Assange courageously challenged the powerful establishment on behalf of the nearly six billion population drastically affected by feudalists promoted economic and war policies threatening the democratic societies currently governed not by the constitution or the will of the people but instead the agenda at the political helm.

The recent developments more appropriately the setbacks like the France Pension bill pushed against the national protest much to the detriment of the workforce’ entrants and those nearing retirement is-

Now adapted in the United States through tax cuts extension to the wealthiest and proposals to disseminate social security – the only safety net for the vulnerable retirees also facing prolonged retirement,

Along with national deficit burden shifted to the debt saddled average Americans – are just the tip of the iceberg.

Similarly in the war strategy, the campaign promises to engage in diplomacy and peaceful negotiations have been replaced with prolific arms trade and nuclearization under the worldwide civilian nuclear energy program pretext thereby intensifying the global security threats for continuation of illegal military invasion, occupation and warfare.

Further the nuclear strike warning against the selective adversaries and conducting marine drill on the Yellow sea despite North Korea’s agreement for nuclear disarmament and peace treaty is alarming.

In other volatile regions, the decision to end U.S. persuasion of Israel on the controversial Jewish settlements expansion is an explicit complicity to issues derailing peace prospects in the Middle Eastern conflict enabling perpetual arms supply to Israel and militancy rule in the Palestinian territory – Gaza.

South East Asia – the Indian sub-continent with two nuclear states India and Pakistan is simultaneously equipped with ammunition – when Pakistan’s Army chief Ashfaq Pervez Kayani was guaranteed $2.9 billion military aid rather than providing the people of Pakistan with the desperately required humanitarian aid for nation building.

Likewise, the trade deal prioritized arms sales to India over civilian infrastructure and high end technological projects fomenting regional tension between the nuclear neighbors.

The incumbent administration role in advancing the military industrial complex conventional and nuclear arms race facilitates confrontation than reconciliation.

Iraq and Afghanistan are parallel in political representation and military operation with peace being a misnomer in the war torn nations delaying troop withdrawal.

Yemen, Somalia and Sudan are the surrogate battlegrounds in the so-called war on terror between the formidable and sophisticated U.S. NATO alliance against the by-far inferior and marginalized terror networks operating without organizational structure or a chief.

Although the highest authority in the U.S. military and Western intelligence have consistently presented the messages from Osama Bin Laden thus offering a PR platform for the terrorist group, somehow the world’s most wanted terrorist still at large given the surveillance dragnet across the globe as revealed by wikileaks.

Meanwhile the U.S. State department has rejected electoral mandate and appointed the unpopular leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan confirming the personal preference and authority in foreign policy.

It is important to highlight the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton disclosure to reinstate the deposed Pakistan leader Gen. Pervez Musharraf widely known for military rule rendering the constitution as well as the Supreme Court irrelevant and allegedly associated in the assassination of his political rival Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

This information came to light during the latest cables publication by wikileaks as a service to humanity.

The U.S. State department and intelligence have also been cited in the Latin American coup d’état prevailing in Honduras in 2009 and fortunately failing in Ecuador in 2010 as a warning from the republic to refrain from political meddling.

Wikileaks dedication towards public awareness on secret policies intended to ruin and destroy innocent citizens with the armed forces sacrificed in the war zones through lies and deception is condemned by those abusing the power in defiance of the constitution.

The political witch hunt by the NWO representatives against wikileaks and peace activists opposed to prevalent undemocratic and unconstitutional practices is indicative of declining democracy paving way to authoritarianism.

Powerful entities in complete disregard for checks and balances maneuver laws to favor individual positions.

For instance a blogpost titled Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – Repeal was published on this website on December 5, 2010 with a featured video related to Presidential power and Constitutional law – a conversation between the Independent former Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader and Judge Andrew Napolitano.

There was a reference to Presidential power misused in ‘Targeted Killings’ of American citizens on foreign soil as unconstitutional. The video is posted for repeat viewing.

On Dec 7, 2010 the following article published in The New York Times:

Suit Over Targeted Killings Is Thrown Out – By CHARLIE SAVAGE – Thank you.

Published: December 7, 2010

“WASHINGTON — A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit that had sought to block the American government from trying to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, a United States citizen and Muslim cleric in hiding overseas who is accused of helping to plan attacks by Al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen.

Moreover, Judge Bates found, it would be inappropriate to second-guess, ahead of time, national-security officials’ evaluation of whether intelligence showed that some overseas person — even a United States citizen — poses such a threat that the person should be killed.

He sidestepped several issues, including whether the Congressional authorization to use military force against the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks, covers Yemen or the terrorist group there, whose connections to the original Al Qaeda are hazy.

The opinion said it was unnecessary to decide whether the litigation should be dismissed under the state-secrets privilege, which allows the executive branch to block lawsuits that could reveal national-security information.

The administration had invoked that privilege in its briefings, but urged Judge Bates to dismiss the case on different grounds.”

By Padmini Arhant – False charges against Wikileaks

It is noteworthy that the video featured on this website on Dec 5, 2010 and Dec 7, 2010 the trial outcome is delivered in favor of the administration.

Is it coincidence or demonstrating the mantle of power?

In the era where truth is punished and subversions easily accepted, the atrocities committed since the dawn of the twenty first century in the name of ‘political capital’ is summed up as:

The Obama administration will not investigate torture, rendition, kidnapping, detention without trial, denying habeas corpus basically abandonment of constitution emanating from illegal invasion of a country proved to have no links with terrorism against the United States.

Regardless of the brutal invasion resulting in loss of millions of lives, displacement of people as refugees, orphans, widows and widowers – political instability, national insecurity, economic chaos and sectarian violence claiming more lives up until now.

U.S. armed personnel in the age group 18 – 25 years old are memorialized and the veterans’ families have no options but to deal with harsh realities of life.

Yet the administration’s response is – “We must move forward and not look back. It is time for reflection and not retribution.”

Whereas wikileaks’ publishing substantial data that unfolded the corruption, lack of ethics and presumptuousness in the unleashing of power at various levels until now is condemned as – treason and violation of law calling for indictment.

With respect to the U.S. State Department cable instruction to obtain U.N. officials’ credit card, mileage and other personal details is no surprise considering dissenters’ experience in politics.

The interesting factor is the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remark at wikileaks following the State department cable embarrassment – ‘Stealing confidential information is criminal.’

However, the rule does not seem to apply to the State department’s unlawful access to private citizens and diplomats personal facts.

If wikileaks’ bold and admirable humanitarian deeds are ‘reprehensible’ to those in breach of the constitution and international law then,

It’s time for soul searching and acknowledge the self-imperfections prior to accusing others.

Otherwise it reflects hypocrisy and grandstanding.

This article would not be complete without highlighting the communication media contribution towards injustice.

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Privacy, Crime and Security Online

The search engine ‘Yahoo’ reputation for their cooperation with the powerful authority in jeopardizing the freedom and individual rights of peace and pro-democracy activists is well known.


Yahoo Outed Chinese Dissident Knowing Investigation Was Political, Documents Show — UPDATED

By Ryan Singel – July 31, 2007 – Thank you.

“Following on yesterday’s post about a newly unearthed document that contradicts Yahoo’s statement to Congress about its involvement in China’s jailing of a dissident, the same human rights group has translated emails in another case, showing that in 2002 Yahoo turned over emails about a democratic political movement that led to political persecution by China.”

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The irony in this presentation is entities in glass house casting stones at those risking their life to restore human values.

Perhaps introspection instead of incrimination might eliminate misconceptions about humanitarians.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange exercised the freedom of speech – the basic human right and no human being deserves to be imprisoned for using the individual right for greater good.

It is earnestly hoped that the founder Julian Assange will be set free in the absence of evidence to the charges that are purely political.

Good Luck! To the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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