Voting Right

October 29, 2008

The election is around the corner.

Our nation’s electoral process is nearing conclusion.

Both party candidates are working very hard along with thousands of campaign workers to set a better example of a credible election in the world’s first and modern democracy.

Of course, the debates, discussions and campaign speeches will continue until the eve of the election.

What is important for the electorate to understand is their role in this historic and democratic process?

The candidates have done their part in delivering their speeches and presenting the policies for various challenges confronting our nation.

It is now entirely in the hands of the electorate to make the right choice.

We all know the consequences of making wrong decisions based on personal background, rhetoric and election gimmicks that often come into play at the last minute of the event.

Unfortunately, the rhetoric from Senator McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin’s campaign against Senator Barack Obama is fundamentally immoral and resonating the usual tactics of the political game… Do or say anything to win election .

Anyone residing in this nation in the past eight years should know where that kind of politics has brought us both in the national and international scene —

The nation dragged on its knees with the economic disaster, relentless and reckless wars, education, health care, energy and environmental crises and last but not the least the decline in morality with the cavalier approach to every problem and situation.

It is time for the electorate to rise to the occasion and save the country every one of us love.

Moreover, invite the best opportunities that are lost in the past eight years of failed policies by casting your vote for Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden’s candidacy.

As stated earlier on numerous occasions, Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy is historic in many aspects.

Most importantly, it has the right antidote for the ailing economy, health care, education, energy, foreign policy and environmental crises.

Gov. Sarah Palin’s environmental record is no secret.

Anyone in need of enlightenment in this respect please read the article Save the Planet on under environment and ethics category.

Further, Gov. Palin’s position in denying the women’s right to choose in Roe vs. Wade is yet another matter of concern in a democratic society.

Senator John McCain on his part is all over the place on all issues.

The reason being;

The Senator has focused more on vilification of his opponent Senator Barack Obama with unethical personal attacks and unsavory remarks rather than specifying the solutions for the nation’s problems.

Senator John McCain, who won the Republican Primary election as a maverick lost his persona in the general election.

The era of winning elections on personal attacks and rhetoric is outdated unlike 2000 and 2004 proclamations.

In this election 2008, a new trend has been set and the electorate, media and news organizations must insist that candidates and all other participants maintain the decorum.

Nothing else matters other than the sanctity of democratic values in this election or in the future.

All that the voters care about and deserve is the clear strategy and solutions for the problems created by the legislators mostly representatives of the Corporations.

The voters in all battleground states – Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Missouri must make a clear choice:

If they want to see their children and the future generation relieved from the burden of multi- trillion dollar debts and the planet they could live safely and peacefully.

That choice cannot be anything other than the Obama/Biden candidacy.

Please stop guessing and swaying on the baseless and false allegations about Senator Barack Obama from the McCain/Palin campaign.

It should be obvious to any discerning voter that any candidacy that evades the real issues and invest the entire resources in character assassination of a candidate like Senator Barack Obama will be a disaster for the citizens and the country.

The time is now to claim the mantle of peace, progress and prosperity for all from those responsible for chaos, catastrophe and crises.

It is achievable only through Obama/Biden candidacy.

Your vote will count and matter only with the Obama/Biden candidacy.

Please do it for yourself, your children and all the other loved ones by voting early for the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden.

Finally, please standby for clarification on distortion of facts such as,

Redistribution of Wealth and other personal issues raised by McCain/Palin campaign against Senator Barack Obama.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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