Universal Health Care – The Ideal Remedy

March 4, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Health care reform has consumed significant time without any consensus on the important national crisis.

The last week bipartisan summit confirmed the status quo.

Now the discussion is held on passing the legislation in different format. Some advocating for piece meal legislation while others believe in the consolidated package approval.

Those who opposed the reform from the beginning remain steadfast in their opposition to saving lives for political and personal interest. The obstinacy speaks volume about their commitment to public service.

The back and forth exchange is counterproductive when an alarming proportion, an estimated 45,000 young and old people are dying every year.

Although, the Senate health care bill without public option is upheld as the ‘adequate’ measure, it continues to be an uphill battle in securing the Senate majority vote.

Despite the public testimonials sharing their harrowing experiences along with the facts on the escalating costs, the universal health care was never an option previously among the ‘Super Majority’ democrats with the exception of few legislators in the House and the Senate.

In 2009, when the democrats were a super majority, they lost a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide the American electorate, the deficit reducing and an affordable health care through universal Medicare.

Not all is lost, since the Democratic members and the administration are forced to consider the reconciliation process – an avenue used by the Republican administration and the members on numerous occasions in the past for the military and the corporate agenda.

However, it’s incumbent on the democratic members to serve the public interest by adopting the Single Payer system, when considering the simple majority rule.

Why is the Universal Medicare, an ideal remedy?

1. It’s simple and cost effective in every sense.

2. The system already exists for seniors via Medicare and the VA health care for the veterans. Further, Medicaid and COBRA are also federal funded programs.

3. Current Medicare coverage to seniors and the Federal funded VA programs are acknowledged as the phenomenal milestone in the national health care, even by the Republican members in the Congress. They appreciate it because they are entitled to the health care privileges as the members of the United States Congress.

4. Therefore, the Medicare expansion for all would resolve the disputed intricacies in the present health care debate.

5. Standard rules on the health care services would effectively address the excessive health care management costs attributed to the rising national debt.

6. Competition among the health care service providers promotes quality including the desirable choices for the insured in seeking the appropriate treatment.

7. Fraud and malpractice could be curtailed under the blanket rule for the industry.

8. Mandatory insurance for all under federal program would ease the burden on the society – the individuals, small businesses and the Corporations. It’s stipulated in the pending legislation, but in the absence of a federal run program the private insurers gain absolute monopoly leading to the ‘business as usual’ environment.

9. Negotiations with the pharmaceutical industry under universal Medicare would also substantially reduce the drug costs. Thus benefiting all.

10. Universal Medicare is a guaranteed protection for it would be available 24/7 regardless of the citizens’ health conditions.

The people of the United States deserve an efficient, cost saving, choice oriented health care system such as the Medicare for all.

Under ‘not-for-profit’ universal health care, otherwise the single payer system, the consumers would invest their premiums in their health rather than the insurance and the health care industry CEO’s wealth.

America should not agree to anything less than a Universal Medicare and it’s legislatively possible through the legitimate reconciliation method, currently decided by the democratic members for passing the unpopular Senate version of the health care bill.

Finally, Healthy People means Wealthy Nation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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