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July 9, 2008

Presidential race – Sequel

At last, the chances of my dream coming true appear to be bright. When I was an active blogger in the past months, I was seeking candor and transparency from all politicians running for public office.

Initially, I was requesting all “Presidential candidates” to release their respective tax returns. Some did in timely fashion, while others released them according to their own convenience. Nevertheless, they all did and ought to be credited for their impressive earnings and their contributions towards tax and various charities. They all did excel and cannot possibly win the title alone in the “Elitist vs. Populist” contest.

Senator John McCain, on Friday May 23rd, 2008 took a giant leap and welcomed selective medical professionals and reporters to review the voluminous personal medical records. The Senator aroused suspicion in his critics mind for uninviting other high profile media and press reporters. All said and done, according to those few privileged sources the Senator surprised his critics with his clean bill of health.

Now, it is time for other candidates to follow suit.

The news media is always disappointed in the absence of newsworthy issues. If nothing could be found, something will be invented to prevail in their hunt for scoops and scandals.

Who ever says that this “Presidential race” is biased?

In all fairness, the three “Presidential candidates” have been constantly dealing with the most sensitive remarks about them…… age, race and gender.

Senator McCain has heroically challenged his critics with the personal medical history text book.

Critics can never be satisfied. Only if the Senator could have made his medical records in “hard cover” available in all book stores and on Amazon.com, he would have been instantly acknowledged and perhaps sworn in as the most transparent “President of the United States” while Senator Hillary Clinton is proving herself to be a formidable democratic
opponent for infinity and beyond.

Congratulations! Senator John McCain on your good health. You have successfully put many of your opponents’ supporters to task in search of clues to detect flaws in your physical and mental health.


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