United States – Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School Violence

December 14, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Condolences to young victims’ families on the loss of precious ones in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.

No words could possibly substitute life and violence involving fatalities is pervasive due to misplaced priority that disregards national issues over vested interests negatively affecting humanity at large.

There are far too many problems confronting nation and the quest for dominance is unfortunately the primary goal among prominent leaderships engaged in spreading violence worldwide having a ripple effect on neglected domestic affairs threatened with severe austerity and economic downturn.

Violence in public premise and educational institutions curtail freedom creating unnecessary fear and obviously requires society involvement for serious debate on the burgeoning issue.

In addressing the cause with civil society diverse input, the citizens could then initiate measures leading to pragmatic solutions subsequently becoming the law that guarantees safety and security for all.

Moreover, the government policy authorizing excess force to quell dissent resulting in police brutality and general approach to resolving crisis adopting military aggression combined with inhumane sanctions directed at population of foreign nations rather than peaceful diplomatic course premised on non-violence and compassionate conduct precipitates erosion in rational behavior.

The political leaderships misguidance and misappropriation of national budget in military spending claiming innocent lives around the world is directly responsible for deterioration in living standards fomenting frustration and disappointment among certain members perhaps finding themselves incapable of dealing with personal and professional challenges in life.

United States is currently experiencing greater adversity in all fronts due to external control on national politics and economy with severe impact on social structure.

The citizens’ solidarity transcending barriers imperative to restore real and meaningful democracy with republic governance unlike the status quo undermining national sovereignty and human values that United States contemporarily lost to powers focused on subjugation denying fair socio-economic opportunity.

Trend reversal reclaiming liberty and sharing vision for lateral progress would alleviate undercurrents within society.

Besides inclusive strategy promoting ideas and investments to improve living conditions across the spectrum is necessary to revive social harmony and environment devoid of violence and prejudice.

Citizens participation in political discourse seeking checks and balances on government as well as private sector role equally important for ethical introduction to contain misuse of position and moral decline.

Society functionality is dependent on framework epitomizing peace; mutual respect and understanding with emphasis to appreciate not violate life.

Review and revision of practices in entirety could avert potential danger to people for instance the administration reportedly relaxed firearms license rules contributing to skyrocketed purchase of assault weapons in conjunction with controversial ‘Fast and Furious’ program proliferating arms trade across the U.S. and Mexican border to prolong narcotics warfare producing mass graves on Mexican soil.

Congressional inquiry on all these activities with bipartisan consensus exemplifying legislators commitment to safeguard citizens lives would mitigate prevalent concerns regarding mainstream protection from domestic attack.

Once again extending sympathy to the parents and survivors of the deceased in the senseless act,

The departed souls are remembered in thoughts and prayers to rest in permanent peace.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

http://youtu.be/vsrfFXw6_s4 http://youtu.be/zf8bnYF-WxE http://youtu.be/6yMOzvmgVhc http://youtu.be/tCKhN_QbXpE http://youtu.be/fAsAo3RVWwQ http://youtu.be/ThL-nAOB3Qw http://youtu.be/ZB3DzC0LrTY


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