United States – Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker Recall

February 3, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The recall effort against governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin has been a tremendous challenge predominantly due to wealthy individuals like Koch brothers and corporate power behind the unpopular incumbency.

Republican Governor Scott Walker has successfully deprived Wisconsin electorate from normal existence with undemocratic assault on working families including private and public sector workers,

In addition to drastic cuts on education denying College students a bright future, promoting social inequality, state intervention on women’s reproductive rights and last but not the least – the environment.

The governor’s action thus far exemplifies radicalization of America’s progressive state primarily responsible for leading the nation in granting women’s right to vote in the electoral process for meaningful democracy.

Across the state citizens rally has generated widespread dissent towards the special interests driven governor’s policy.

However, the capital investments in political leadership regardless of electorate rejection proves the corporate and other political groups vast influence in ignoring public grievance.

The situation in Wisconsin and elsewhere evidently calls for citizens’ action to energize the state and nation to overturn United States Supreme Court decision on Citizens United to establish republic governance.

The existence of carte blanche to corporations and economic powerhouses render elections a mere formality leaving the electorate with empty promises on campaign trail.

Wisconsin residents determination to reverse the status quo is commendable.

The rest of America could assist them in this regard with donations to progressives united by visiting the Wisconsin State Progressives site involved in the ballot-initiated transformation.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin citizens perseverance in the cause would deliver the desirable outcome.

It is important not to lose momentum on the issue to demonstrate people power.

Wisconsin youth could play a significant role in mobilizing the state on cyberspace while the baby boomers could engage in fund raising for the common goal.

Good Luck! To Wisconsin voters in prevailing on the democratic procedure with citizens rights to choose legitimate representation.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

















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