United States – Memorial Day 2012

May 28, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

Memorial day is an occasion to memorialize martyrs and those sacrificing lives in defending national frontier.

However, the contemporary era dominant with warfare without boundaries for access to overseas economic resources and strategic advantage is the existential threat to humanity.

The quest for global supremacy adopting military intervention shows no mercy to life, regard for nature and above all defies international law.

Young men and women join the armed forces to serve the nation and protect the people of their country.

The modern wars predominantly waged through illegal invasion, occupation and destruction of nations for vested interests.

Considering war is a travesty that produces pervasive death and grief,

The ramifications evidently are irrelevant not to mention the atrocities against occupied nationals – the norm in the so-called civilized society.

The marines and troops at large upon being disillusioned lately from the mission not being remotely related to defending national territory but instead launching aggression with generational impact – loss of lives, severe health conditions, congenital birth defects, deformities due to chemical weapons such as depleted uranium again in direct violation of Geneva convention.

The vast majority of armed personnel experience betrayal and some of them suffering from psychological trauma with few demonstrating frustration by desecration of corpses, burning holy Quran and indiscriminate shooting spree…symptoms that are disturbing and deeply regrettable in the losing battle.

As for discharged and retired veterans – the courageous sharing of horrific tales and events while on duty perpetrated against innocent civilians in the war nations dealt with legal actions and some even subjected to veteran benefits withdrawal although the entitlement long been threatened to divest in further warfare.

The humanity faced with challenges not from the splintered terror networks rather the mastermind under the umbrella organization – New World Order.

Wars are conducted with no accountability on mounting casualties and burgeoning debt, violation of military code of conduct and above all the distortion in human toll on all sides including the brave men and women delivered in stars and stripes wrapped coffins prohibited from public view to avert anti-war protest.

The army unified with civilians categorically need to convey the message to the ruling elite – No more carnage and chaos around the world and not in our name.

Anti-war movement near the latest NATO summit were treated with excess force in police response that caused serious injury to many activists profusely bleeding and not widely reported in the media.

United States led NATO intrusions responsible for decimation inflicting pain and suffering on nations continue operations with persistent drone attacks that has claimed nearly 35,000 lives in Pakistan alone with much higher statistics in neighboring Afghanistan.

Similarly NATO interference in Libya under humanitarian pretext reportedly killed at least 40,000 or more with none held accountable for the horrendous crime against humanity.

The army misused by the nexus conglomerate profiteering from tragedies of war and those executing orders having never served in the line of duty commission troops in harms way for exclusive agenda.

It is time for collective resistance, rejection and peaceful non-violent revolt against the combined groups engaged in treason and massacre under the guise of national security.

The unanimous stance would restore United States honor and image notwithstanding the opportunity for the army patriotism in liberating nation from subjugation and reclaiming sovereignty currently under seize by new world order.

The deteriorating conditions eroding civil rights with Patriot Act, NDAA, ACTA and CISPA laws passed especially in the past months endangering democratic system and national identity that United States gallantly represented and now desperately required to be rescued from the hostile authority opposed to democracy, peace and harmony throughout the world.

Procrastination in rising to the occasion would minimize the potential to succeed in the national freedom.

The army and domestic security urged to exercise patriotic responsibility for republic safety, national status and democratic values increasingly compromised to accommodate one world government.

In remembrance of those having dedicated their lives to national service,

Memorial day is a reminder to end wars in pursuit of peace and respect for life and environment – the only habitat for all.

Sincere condolences to victims’ families and survivors of slain servicemen and women in different war zones fought for reasons excepting national defense.

With hope for peace to prevail over widespread violence,

Wishing the nations expeditious independence from foreign incursion.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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