Turkey – Western Ploy To Diminish National Status and Sovereignty

May 21, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The Mediterranean country with imperial past as the Ottoman Empire was promptly terminated from advancing then by British Raj having never ceased imperialistic quest until today.

Likewise in the twenty first century Turkey on the rise as the developed, tolerant and moderate nation intercepted again by the west reversing the trend and made the leading terror facilitator against neighbor Syria with whom Turkey had maintained normal bilateral relations prior to western destructive invasion and occupation of nations across Middle East.

Turkey steady development in all aspects qualifying to serve as a model to Islamic nations and others for secular democracy, social acceptance and economic opportunity capsized like the boat in the sea upon turbulence disguised as western coalition of the willing incentivized with sinking EU membership.

In 2010, Israeli commandos attacked Turkey Flotilla Mavi Marmara on international waters killing at least 9 or 10 Turkish aid workers and injured many on board despite the passenger liner early notice to Israel regarding humanitarian supplies to Palestinians in Israeli blockaded Gaza.

The incident is yet to be heard in the court even after global condemnation on Israel’s brazen operation producing casualties and emergency relief items seizure.

Contrarily any other nations were to be involved in the crime especially the ones listed as western adversaries, UNSC would have imposed embargo and ICC sentence not less than life imprisonment.

As such, UNSC continues to intensify sanctions on western foes regardless of lack of evidence against them.

Unfortunately, the western powers discriminatory practice and flair for arbitrary sanctions have created millions of enemies considering these harsh measures are directed at the people of these nations and unwillingness to correct the unfair economic and financial restrictions backfire at the U.S and Europe economy in denying their businesses access to these huge markets that could otherwise be mutually beneficial.

As a result corporations move overseas to location that offers trade expansion.

Obviously sanctions not only hurt target nations leading to genocide witnessed in Iraq and North Korea but also impact United States and EU in depriving their work force jobs besides contracting exports to potential buyers abroad.

Turkish leadership not having pursued legal course against Israel’s aggression on Flotilla siege including Turkish citizens deaths created a perception of weakness about Turkey in western mindset with United States President Barack Obama forbidding Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan from making anti-Israel references on Flotilla in the Turkish leader’s UN address in 2010.

Even though diplomatic ties were severed between Ankara and Tel Aviv at that time, the western dominance over Turkish government was conspicuous throughout and surfaced in the proxy war against Syria.

In 2001, United States and NATO referred to Pakistan as an ally in the fictitious war on terror used as premise for invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

A decade later in 2011, adopting the same approach Turkey was selected as NATO ally in the illegal invasion of Syria.

The common factor in the strategy is Islamic nations were chosen in the western mission against another Muslim or Arab country to foment sectarianism conforming to imperialist polarization concept.

Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davoutoglu spearheaded anti-Syria campaign on Israel, United States and EU behalf to the extreme in opening the borders to western sponsored terrorists by arming and training them to commit atrocities against innocent Syrian population.

Turkey ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) led by Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davoutoglu appeasement of western powers exceeded in every respect rejecting Turkish public dissent on intrusion in Syria.

Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party joined the nation in condemning the incumbent comprehensive assistance to terror networks that contributed to more than 80,000 in death toll and at least 1.5 million refugees fleeing Syria and millions displaced in the country.

The western and gulf regimes reckless policy towards Syrian people with Turkish leadership relentless pursuits to destroy a sovereign nation across the border carelessly disregarding inevitable ramifications or blowback is beyond reason and comprehension.

Meanwhile, the desperate aggressors seeking desperate means have experimented many tactics ranging from WMD, illegal air strikes, bombings, massacres and unspeakable crimes against Syrian citizens, national defense personnel, government officials and the entire nation.

Additionally the United States and EU stranglehold on suffering Syrian children, women and men with severe economic and financial sanctions denying them medicines and essential items constitutes the worst crimes against humanity.

The terror sponsors never wasted any time in exacerbating Syrian plight with widespread violence.

Western installation of Patriot missiles near Syrian border with foreign troops in Turkey under the pretext of system monitoring and maintenance is deceptive and the deployment enabled easy entry into Turkey without having to wage war.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davoutoglu extraordinary courtesy and subservience to hegemony made foreign militarization possible.

The western presence in Turkey is comparable to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Mali experience with violence instigating local or exported terror groups to cause destruction.

Turkey was hit with two car bomb explosions in southern town of Reyhanli that killed 50 residents and another 46 reportedly died in Hatay province on May 11, 2013 with several wounded as always expected in violent incidents.

Again AKP leaderships collusion with western powers spreading terrorism to destabilize neighboring states Iraq and Syria is a major distraction neglecting national governance and sadly ordinary citizens are paying the price for their government folly and betrayal.

Western interference in Turkey is not limited to using the nation against Syria.

Turkey is also earmarked for Takfiri or Wahhabi/Salafist radicalization via Muslim Brotherhood strongly liaised with Saudi regime prevalent in Egypt right now.

The fact that AKP is maneuverable to western ploy in their multidimensional sabotage of Middle East for imperialist goals and Israel’s aspirations is attention worthy.

Iraq having been ruined along with Libya and Syria by the west is also in hegemony focus for fragmentation.

The Republican members in United States congress reminisce their counterpart democrat Senator Joe Biden (the current VP) recommendation to split Iraq into Shia, Sunni and Kurdistan for western control and management.

Accordingly, Kurdistan workers party (PKK) having been marginalized with no political representation or economic and social equality sought autonomy as most often is the case in every part of the world where certain demography and indigenous groups are secluded from mainstream while benefitting from their input to economic growth are invariably treated as a liability.

PKK long battle with Turkish authority resulting in massive bloodshed of 65,000 lives and the founder Abdullah Ocalan imprisoned in an island off Turkey was offered a solution evidently a crisis for Iraq as intended by the west.

In the western engineered plan, PKK supporters and Kurds are being relocated from Turkey to the autonomous region yet part of central Iraq – Kurdistan set up for hegemony depletion of oil reserves in the territory and nothing to do with liberation of persecuted Kurds under western ally Iraq former President Saddam Hussein or Turkey.

Much to Iraq’s legitimate protest on the western authorized Kurdish exodus from Turkey to northeastern Iraq i.e. Kurdistan, the untoward consequences in this respect is apparently not the masterminds concern.

PKK struggle began in Turkey and accordingly should be resolved in that domain rather than transferring the problem over to adjacent Iraq already bogged down with western, Israel and Saudi orchestrated mayhem in that country.

Juxtaposed the immigration debate in the United States is prolonged with no agreement on legitimizing undocumented workers status not to mention various suggestions stretching individual imagination to curb the influx of Mexican citizens characterized as illegal entities dominate congressional discussion discounting the fundamentals such as United States Fast and Furious program promoting arms flurry across the border to drug cartels responsible for transmigration to the source.

The western political perspectives on foreign issues are paradoxical to the stance on almost similar disputes in the domestic front with the ulterior motive being favorable outcome to the west.

Turkey is at the crossroads with an immediate requirement to save the nation from further subjugation and undermining of national sovereignty by western forces asserting authority along NATO alliance.

Turkey withdrawal from NATO is the preliminary step towards freedom.

Turkish electorate across the spectrum together with political opposition demand for AKP to step down from power is valid in light of Prime Minister Erdogan and Foreign Minister Davoutoglu erroneous decisions and deliberate actions against fellow citizens in Syria and Iraq.

Notwithstanding AKP leaderships gross negligence in sheltering dangerous terror networks for personal ambitions evidently energized organizations within society to harm nationals on Turkish soil.

AKP colossal failure to defend national honor and integrity on Flotilla debacle to contemporary Syrian intervention justify citizens protest seeking Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davoutoglu as well as administration resignation from power.

Turkish people determination to rescue their beloved country from foreign usurpation has to begin with ending their government synonymous indulgence in Syria and Iraq or anywhere in the region.

Turkey is a vibrant young nation with patriots opposed to their government systemic abuse of power and disdain for constitution.

National call for AKP removal is critical to oust foreign insurgence in Turkey setting future precedence on treasonous act surrendering nation against republic will.

Turkish citizens and political power also bear responsibility towards Kurdish compatriots and other ethnic minority or natives in recognition of their equal rights eliminating prejudice to exemplify social progress.

Amicable settlement with PKK and release of their leader Abdullah Ocalan having served sentence for a considerable time in the politically driven conviction would emancipate all paving way for peaceful co-existence.

Finally, heartfelt condolences to victims families affected in latest terrorism in Rehyanli town and Hatay province with prayers for the departed souls to rest in peace and speedy recovery of the wounded in the senseless violence.

Wishing Anatolia, the Republic of Turkey a new beginning with true independence, peace and prosperity in abundance.

Peace to Turkey!

Peace to all

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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