Tragic Events in Pakistan

August 1, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Pakistan has been hit with successive tragedies lately resulting in enormous loss of precious lives.

Earlier, there were significant fatalities from the air crash near Islamabad. While the people were grieving over the aviation mishap, the country is swept with massive flooding and more than 1500 people reportedly lost their lives.

The flooding is expected to worsen with thousands displaced and millions facing life disruptions due to power outages and transportation problems.

Pakistani government appears to have deployed its military for rescue operation. It’s challenging to deal with mass mobilization for any emergency crew. The Pakistani forces are apparently doing their best in saving lives.

In addition, the United States logistic support in this regard expedites the relief effort. The major concerns during natural disasters are the spread of diseases and the populace exodus to the safety zones.

Aid workers involved in minimizing casualties have a daunting task in reaching the victims because of the limited access and air lifting survivors often delays the progress.

It’s a horrendous humanitarian endeavor and the people of Pakistan are courageously enduring the aftermath despite the natural constraints in delivering the urgently required services.

United Nations are presumably engaged in providing the appropriate assistance that would not only alleviate the burden on the local governments but also maximize the restoration capabilities.

The people of Pakistan deserve global attention in the economic and social development sharing the status with numerous developing nations around the world.

As such Pakistan has been held hostage by the terror networks prompting ongoing military intervention and continuous violence through frequent suicide bombings render survival impossible for the peaceful majority within the country.

Any other incidents along with natural calamities exacerbate the situation especially for the millions at the demographic bottom experiencing critical economic condition.

The Pakistani government is faced with eliminating terrorism and rebuilding the country amid unpredictable catastrophes on its shores.

Pakistan is long overdue for a new beginning with peaceful existence now and in the future.

It’s imminent and the governing authorities could enable the onset sooner by prioritizing the citizens’ plight through divestments from excess military expenditure to economy, education and social structure.

In terms of the current crisis, consolidating the resources including the United States and UN contributions towards different humanitarian needs in the grim moment could perhaps yield the desirable outcome.

International Red Cross and other U.N. humanitarian programs might greatly impact the deteriorating environment in containing the rising death toll from the severe floods that has seemingly affected many provinces.

Please rush your affordable and generous donations to the International Red Cross and other recognized U.N. humanitarian agencies to help the people of Pakistan.

We offer our sincere condolences to the victims’ families mourning on the unfortunate events in the past week.

More importantly, there is hope for the struggling population braving the harsh realities as they are not forgotten in the commitment to end human suffering.

On that positive note, wishing strength and optimism to the people of Pakistan in overcoming the multitude difficulties at present.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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