The Powerful Truth

April 12, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Ever since the health care legislation bill was analyzed and presented on this website, democracy has been suppressed by powerful forces represented in the highest office through false propaganda by media and press corps including the nation’s so-called liberal magazine against Truth.

The obituary for Truth published in the newspapers through innuendo against the evidence of its existence is oxymoron, if not unscrupulous.

Again, for the record – Truth is well, alive, and more determined than ever to prove the purity and sanctity of its element.

When one has nothing to hide and is honest, open and completely transparent – the vehemently opposed ethical practice in contemporary politics, the deadly carcinogens polluting the minds beyond salvation consider Truth as a major threat to their diabolical means.

Often those who judge others on the premise of disparaging information provided by those in  Power against truthful dissent ought to turn inward and question their own morality prior to voluntarily reaching the lowest ebb in journalism and/or theatrical performance via skits and movies on the specific overseas vile television network.

Is news being reported to inform public or entertain them by transforming their magazine or program to a cheap tabloid and a desperate source of concocted lies to appease those in power with nuclear arsenal?

If it’s the latter, then it’s doomed to fail on  complicity with authority’s flagrance allegation of debauchery against Truth.

Any honorable individual would confront the facts and take responsibility for their wrong doings rather than indulging in character assassination of Truth.

As for the alleged cover up in the health care scandal – any incident political and otherwise propagated in the selective nation’s so-called liberal magazine and the public funded network in the name of  Free Speech,

The Bible – King James Version: John 1:47

“Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!”

I present the unequivocal facts about my involvement going back to the political campaign of the candidate –

Senator Barack Hussein Obama and his spouse Michelle Obama.

a. 1608, William Shakespeare, King Lear, II, II, 102.
“I know, sir, I am no flatterer: he that beguiled you, in a plain accent.”

Beginning with my personal life, I was nurtured with the value to earn respect and not demand it.

My Principle – Rise to glory through your noble deeds that you can share with all.

Regarding the unsubstantiated allegation of debauchery –  I wish to state that chastity and morality is revealed in the human conduct.

When the guilty accuses the truth finder of debauchery for exposing the factual Presidential scandal it’s a confirmation of the accuser’s personal experience.

My personal life is no longer personal and subject to the triviality of –

‘She is anyone’s guess and a fair game indeed.’

Accordingly, the self promoted moral guardians of the society consider their prerogative to target the woman who is a mother, sister, daughter…in family relations.

More importantly, a human being committed to the sanctity of spiritual call by accepting God’s will. 

I bear none other than the Almighty God witness to this truth.

Never mind about the fact that she too has a family.

The passion, dedication, sacrifices made thus far for humanitarian issues is presumed a sheer exhibition on the world stage, despite enormous benefits to those responsible for the caricature.

Further on chastity and morality issue:

The irony is the purveyors of physical pleasure (the flesh trade) are denigrated by those contributing to the establishment.

What does one call trading human trust for profit and self-interest in today’s politics?

If morality and ethical norm is patented by those holding the power mantel, then it’s incumbent upon them to demonstrate through action.

After all, isn’t action believable than rhetoric?

Reverting to the political involvement that began in January through April 2008 – then September 2008- until March 2010.

I was approached by the candidate Senator Barack Obama via email, subsequent to my first time political donation in life – an amount $25.00.

From then onwards, I had repeat requests from then Senator Barack Obama, his spouse Michelle Obama and other prominent Democratic Party members to volunteer for the campaign and make regular donations.

The endless course literally led me to financial bankruptcy serving the beneficiaries not only in political gains but also material for mockery of my difficult monetary status.

The email requests were periodically published on the website including my responses.

I adopted the policy of transparency and accountability from day one of the Presidential election campaign and advocated vigorously in that regard.

On all issues pertaining to political, economic, social and environment matter, I emphasized on ethical efficacy conspicuously abandoned in the political capital, Washington D.C. where decisions concerning millions of lives across the globe are made.

I routinely submitted the communication with all political entities via World Wide Web for public view and understanding of the issues that are imperative to global community.

All my ideas, suggestions and strategies were presented on the web site and were addressed to the authorities for implementation.

However, they were selectively neglected on both domestic and international issues. The ones that were adopted like the economic stimulus and the job bill assumed the administration’s titles.

I deplored the pork barrel or earmark spending in the stimulus bill through the blogpost upon identifying the items in the news report.

Any communication from the President of the United States and the Democratic Party were strictly related to campaign donations, rallying for the candidates and complaints about the opposition attacks.

The communication was published on the website and available for public review.

I unsubscribed to the email from the President Barack Obama, the administration and the campaign in early October 2009.

The reason being, it had only instructions to energize the public on health care, energy legislation asking constituents to contact their local representatives without providing any details on the bill.

I learned about the components from the news report published in my local newspaper, on-line news publications and television broadcast.

My communication was always relayed through the website, for which there was no response.

I was not privy to the White House and/or the Congress members’ dealings and discussions with any interest groups in Wall Street, Washington and elsewhere.

My information source on legislative matter and the political affairs was solely through local and international news reports available in print and public news media.

As stated earlier, I was never hired by the White House, the Democratic Party, corporations, any groups or agencies intimately or remotely affiliated or associated to political members or authorities in Washington, Wall Street or anywhere in the World.

I was constantly approached for mandatory service without pay as the political aide by the Obama campaign and then the administration in getting the Democrats elected to Congress and never briefed or detailed on the nature of any developments on the legislations or administration’s policies.

I worked since January 2008 and until now without any payments or benefits.

Now, there are false rumors about me claiming unemployment benefit, which is absurd and completely distorted. I’ve never been on any unemployment benefit.

At the same time floating the fictitious narrative on me as super wealthy to drown any other candidate.

A  Super wealthy  collecting unemployment benefit alongside!  Obviously, they were attributing own practice to feel better.

Then the comedy satire insinuating bipolar disease, acute mental illness and the continuous slander thereafter to show their loyalty to political class is nothing more than own mirror reflection.

Perhaps, the notion is that Brown Foreigners are not supposed to eat. They don’t need a home and maintain a modest existence by being able to pay their utility bills, transportation needs, and provide for their family.

My explicit request to President Barack Obama on my precise role in the administration or the Democratic Party following the influx of donation reminders had no response to that until date.

I regularly clarified my position with President Barack Obama in 2009 and 2010 through the website, that I was unwilling to be a cheerleader of policies against public interest and refused to be an attack dog for the administration at any time.

I had no previous knowledge about the distant period setting and the health bill negotiations between the White House and their special interest allies.

It was also published on the website and obtainable if required.

I was treated as the political campaigner for the Democratic Party and not an administration or Congress member. They sought help with the political election in 2010 to boost public support for President Barack Obama.

There is political smear from the critics, more interested in the investigation of my openness instead of channeling their resources towards the Bilderberg secret meeting attended by Presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain in 2008 that I unveiled on my website for public awareness and fearlessly dissented the authorities’ decisions on many issues including the troops increase in Afghanistan.

If I were to allegedly cover up on the health care or any other issue manufactured by the White House,

Why would I become the victim of violent threats by the authority in power?

Why would they insist that I should quit being inquisitive and even nick named me Snoop Dog in their parlance?

I questioned the then candidate Barack Obama on flip-flopping of issues during the political campaign and after the administration assuming power in the White House.

For switching from Single Payer System to private health care for profit.

Defaulting on campaign finance at the crucial moment of the Presidential election.

Casting his vote on FISA in 2008. Patriot act and the discriminatory policy in 2009.

Torture, detention, overseas rendition, troop withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, altering the 9/11 terrorists federal trial to a military jurisdiction, the continuation of the predecessor, the former President George W. Bush’s policy.

Collecting public donations while claiming that there were no special interests’ contributions to his campaign, when the funds were flowing from Goldman Sachs, AIG, health industry and others – the figures that I published on the website much to the administration’s anger.

The administration and the State Department blocked the EU unilateral declaration under Sweden’s Presidency that embraced my policy on Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was scheduled in November 2009. The people in both states were prepared and unbeknown the news vanished.

Similarly, in the Honduran crisis, the military coup leader agreed to step down and allow the former President Manuel Zelaya to remain in office until the national election in November 2009. The prospect was extinguished with the administration not inclined to intervene.

The materials with visual content were published on the website to this effect.

Haiti – the recommendation on the exiled leader Jean Bertrand Aristide’s return to his country was ignored.

Challenged on the environmental policies that was contradictory to the pledge made on the campaign trail. I called the COP15 summit a failure in the absence of real achievement.

In the 2008 Pennsylvania Primary election – I expressed my objection earlier on about Senator Obama’s approval to spend an estimated 11 million dollars on the television advertisement against his formidable opponent Senator Hillary Clinton while they declined to pay the foot soldiers $10 an hour for going door-to-door campaign. Most of them were African Americans eager to serve in the contentious primary that he lost to his democratic contender.

Lately, I responded to the Washington Post’s article by Richard Cohen on,

“Obama Policy unappreciated by the right and the left,” where I indicated that showering praise on the inadequate or failed policy would qualify as cronyism and exacerbate the corrupt political system.

I was issued a warning and a remark ‘She does not follow rules and creates her own that does not bode well with the authority.’  i.e. the international incognito clique running the gamut via proxies and puppet governments worldwide.

Because of my strong position on ethics and morality, I was abruptly eliminated from the campaign in March 2008 after ensuring the Democratic Party nomination in the primary election victories.

Perhaps, the critics’ selective memory may not serve them well.

I launched a campaign through my earlier website and endorsed the former Vice President Al Gore for President in May 2008. Furthermore, in an unprecedented gesture, I selected the Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold as the Vice Presidential candidate on the ticket.

It was in protest of the dramatic shift in Senator Obama’s policies visible after clinching the Democratic Party nomination. My rejection of the international Presidential candidate Barack Obama infuriated many of his ardent supporters, who have now become my cynics.

I was called a traitor even though the Senator’s policies did not synchronize with the base.

After the arrival of the Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican candidates gained momentum in the general election and so did the communication from the candidate Barack Obama, his spouse Michelle Obama (for whom I was non-existent during the Gala Democratic Party Nomination) and the Obama campaign.

The flurry of emails and snail mail asking me to get back in the campaign was superfluous.

They managed to persuade the Vice President Al Gore to email me and send a letter in that regard, which was also published on the website.

Somehow, the alleged ‘character’ of the woman they have misportrayed now didn’t seem to matter then, when they were aspiring their dreams.

Is it political expediency or cutthroat politics to borrow the term recently used by them?

My communication medium from the start has been the website to keep the public informed on the direct engagement with the power in Washington throughout the election and up until now.

Unlike the then candidate Barack Obama’s surrogate and spouse Michelle Obama, reportedly dictated the The View  show hosts on the permissible questions that debarred the co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck from straying in the contrived conversation.

The press media also confirmed on the restrictions imposed by the Obama campaign that prohibited many reporters and anchors from asking relevant questions with the candidate and the talking heads.

The prevalent censorship on free speech and the Nuclear Policy signed with Russia on April 9, 2010 – especially the overtone against the non signatories of NPT and reservations to use nuclear weapons is extremely disturbing and deserves scrutiny.

There were verbal attacks against me on the delay in rebuking the administration on the health care legislation scandal.

It’s easier to view the situation from one’s own perspective.

According to the news media, certain African American legislators were in the process of creating a preventive measure to grant immunity to Obama Presidency against impeachment following the inauguration.

Besides, it was necessary to be mindful of the repercussions such as the racial discord, two wars and the stock market in the aggressive removal of the President of the United States, found guilty of treason.

Therefore, the systematic procedure was to hold the elected official to the highest office accountable to the people, who have been betrayed in the national legislation that was bound to impact millions of lives.

Hence, soon after I exposed the unethical bargain with the health insurance industry,

I waited for the explanation from the President of the United States and the Congress leaders who shared the recognition as the victorious team of historic health care reform.

I ask the Press Corps and the media,

Why are you not pursuing those members in this matter, who are the signatories to this legislation?

Isn’t Congress leaders and other legislators’ responsibility to review the content prior to casting their vote?

I was never presented with the details of the bill, until the report from the New York Times, which none of the critics, who are attacking me bothered to analyze and bring it to public attention.

So much for their investigative journalism in the liberal frontier.

The President then conveniently sent me a letter in the usual manner – glorify privately and vilify publicly.

There was no request from the President to share with the public, I still went ahead and published the content to honor democracy.

Subsequently, there is no remorse or acknowledgment from the President of the United States, elected to the office to protect the republic interest.

Up until such time, I was a mere blogger to indefinitely campaign for elections.

If my word was the rule of law,

Why was my plea prior to the final health care vote, to modify the legislation to universal health care in the letter published on the website to President Barack Obama discarded?

After them being caught in the act of ethical compromise that I detected on my volition, I was bullied with death threats and implicated as an accomplice to turn the tide against me, the public watchdog all along.

Any domestic and global policy submission through the web site was initiated exclusively due to my commitment to the higher calling to serve humanity.

When there is divine intervention the integrity is measured by the solemn oath to serve the people not just in the United States but also across the globe and I’m expected to deliver the humanitarian goals determined by the Supreme cosmic force.

Unlike the tradition in contemporary politics, there is neither carte blanche nor financial gains in humanitarian service. The rules cannot be circumvented for the appointee’s agenda.

Whatever is being organized, it’s in coherence with universal convergence for a new beginning and a bright future.

I hope this would put the derogatory demagoguery to rest. If it doesn’t then it would be to the offenders’ downfall caused by their recalcitrant behavior.

People in glass houses should not cast stones at others.

The content is in reference to the events unfolding at present.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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