The Nation Salutes our Heroes

July 21, 2008

Dear America,

On Memorial Day and every day, it is the duty of every “free” individual to think about the veterans and thank the brave young men and women volunteered to lay their life for the freedom of their fellow citizens at home and around the world.

The families of these veterans deserve not only praise but immediate attention for survival with respect and dignity. It is a tragedy that these veterans are left dependent on charity upon arrival at home especially after their huge sacrifices for the nation and the world population subject to oppression and persecution.

While these noble servicemen and women do their part in serving the nation, it is the duty of the nation in return to honor the “Fallen Heroes” and pay tribute to the wounded and all those brave hearts guarding our borders and challenging the forces in the frontline of the battlefield.

It is time for the legislators to review and renew the policy on veteran affairs providing comprehensive medical benefits both physical and mental, overhaul rehabilitation centers for complete recovery of the wounded veterans, counseling services, employment for the armed forces and their families upon transitioning into civilian life, free or subsidized housing and college education for their dependents, assistance with programs to enable veterans offer their engineering, mechanical and other technical skills to the community and local economies.

It is important for all those law makers to remember and realize that “Freedom is not free” and casting their vote for wars with no justification such as the current “Iraq War” in the comfort zone as legislators is not an entitlement but reckless action with serious and irreparable consequences including loss of precious lives.

The world must explore the path of “Peace and Diplomacy” over “War and Aggression”.

The Nation honors and salutes every veteran for their sacrifice and service now and in the past.

Please make contributions to the following non-profit organizations engaged in providing immediate relief and humanitarian aid to all those deserving veterans and their families.

We can never be too poor or busy to support our troops and their families because our comfort and security is a result of their martyrdom.

The contact details of some notable organizations are:

1. Help Hospitalized Veterans, P.O. Box 98088, Washington DC -20090-8088

2. Wounded Warrior Project, National Processing Center, P.O. Box 758516,

Topeka, KS 66675-8516

3. USO, P.O. Box 96860, Washington DC – 20077-7677

4. The Armed Forces Aid Campaign

TREA Memorial Foundation

P.O.BOX 96303

Washington D.C. 20090-6303


5. Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

P.O.BOX 96440

Washington D.C. 20090-6440

Thank you all for your generous contributions to a well deserving cause.


Padmini Arhant

“Voice for Humanity”


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