The element of Truth

March 2, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Truth is never welcome in the land of illusion.

Since, truth is simple and pure – it invokes honesty, courage and wisdom.

Truth is symbolic of the eternal light that illumines the pervasive darkness upon contact.

The brilliant light is overshadowed resulting in a solar or a lunar eclipse.

The bright sunlight or the pleasant moonlight is eclipsed in a recurring phase but not in totality, because,

Life is dependent on light that effuses energy, the origin of creativity leading to an evolution.

Illusion, on the other hand is an imaginary force with myriad of sources strengthening its power to form a perception of reality.

When human mind is confronted with the truth and an illusion, it’s instinctive to be attracted to illusion and resistant to truth, unless rationality intervenes to dispel confusion, the active illusory agent.

Confusion is often represented by fragments of complex negative elements becoming the dominant substance in suppressing the truth.

Laterally, rationality comes from observation, patience, critical thinking and an open mind.

Hence, it facilitates the ‘truth’s’ emergence from being submerged.

Another reason for rejecting truth is due to the typecast as the ‘bitter antidote,’ despite the antidote effects on ailments endangering life.

In the process, truth is thrashed subliminally to weaken the solid state and the image tarnished to subvert facts.

Truth and justice could be battered but never defeated for it eventually prevails against the unnatural embodiment of power.

Besides, truth and justice are the characteristic essence in deliverance of the suffering humanity.

The authorities might be well equipped with every imaginable resource to challenge the will of time.

Nevertheless, no reactionary can prevent the inevitable ‘Change,’ the natural course of matter.

“Saving the Planet,” and “Peace on Earth,” is a new beginning on the horizon.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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