The hypocrisy of racism: Why is “race” a hot button issue?

June 25, 2008

Cyberspace is a platform where the voiceless can have a voice or be heard through someone on their behalf on issues related to mankind and everything else. It is not necessary to go through the “Red Tape” or be newsworthy to be a “news item” in the prominent media and print press. There is no requirement to be part of any “influential circle” either!
An average citizen with an “internet” access can express an opinion or recount an experience that is relevant to all or none. The “Giant Leap” by mankind in every field is truly admirable.
People across the globe share their thoughts and experience via “blog”, an innovative medium for expression of views and comments that has revolutionized communication in the modern era.

However, have we made progress in human relations?
Why is it so difficult for the most “intelligent” species in the hierarchy of the animal kingdom to co-exist in peace and harmony and accept one another as human beings first and then anything next?
We have been gifted with the “discriminating power”. Unfortunately, it is being used more effectively for negative discriminatory practice than otherwise.
It is believed that “God created all equal”.
Do we all think like the creator? If that is the case, the world will not be in a state as it is now.
Since evolution, several battles and wars been fought over land, wealth, resources with the ulterior motive being the “Power” and “dominance” of one segment over another. The unquenchable “quest” of mankind has led the world to a dire situation where the other inhabitants of the planet are facing extinction due to proliferation of human population followed by the endless needs for survival and human comfort.
Human beings in general are stigmatized and victimized by fellow human beings as portrayed in history since time immemorial. We are living in an “imperfect” world, yet there is a desperate search for “perfection” among humans. People come in all shapes and dimensions and in great variation with respect to the pigmentation of the skin.
Will this world be an exciting place as it is now in the absence of such diversity around us in all aspects?
It is evident from history and contemporary times that a secular and diverse society has made far more progress than a “homogeneous” society. The collective talent available in the “heterogeneous” society is a great challenge to deal with for the opposing forces in this respect.
There could be no better example than the “United States” that is triumphant on the trials and tribulations of “homogeneous” vs. “heterogeneous” society. The phenomenal success of this great nation in every field is due to the intellectual power and strength from the diversity it has maintained since origin. It is a country that set a precedent in modern times for other nations to embrace “multiculturalism” and “secularism” as a milestone for humanitarian progress.
Then why is it that “race” is a sensitive topic to discuss?
Can discriminatory practice towards human beings be ever eliminated in any society?
If that happens, it will be “Utopia”. Why seek “heaven” or “paradise”?
There is still “hope” as “goodness” still exists in the “paradoxical universe”.
The complexity of diverse cultures and race presents prospects and problems in every society. The world will be peaceful and prosperous if people can accept one another as the member of the “human race” and rather than look for “flaws” in others, acknowledge one’s own “shortcomings” that every individual possess at some level regardless of their identity.
Should the entire race and culture be held responsible and vilified for an “individual” or “group of individuals” action or behavior?
Regrettably, it is often a human tendency to analyze others based on predisposed views and sometimes experience that creates obstacles in the path of human relationship.
Then what about nobility demonstrated by human beings of a particular sect that is targeted for any wrong doing? Should the society ignore the positive contributions of these individuals even if they are a minority?
There is no particular race or culture that is spared in the contemporary world about anything. We can overcome prejudice only if human beings can alienate themselves from the qualities and characteristics that allow conflict over compassion, caring and consideration for others.
It is up to mankind to practice “goodness” and make this world a better and peaceful place for all.
There could be no better legacy than “good deeds” and “virtues” that would benefit all.
The fact of the matter is, despite tremendous progress in science and technology mortality is certain and no one is assured of “eternal life” on earth.
The other reality is when we all bleed; the color of the blood is the same no matter who we are!
These facts prove the theory that “all are created equal”.

Thank you.


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