Egypt – Peaceful Resolution To Political Crises Save Lives And Restore Stability

August 14, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The casualties reported in recent clashes between pro Morsi supporters and security personnel are regrettable and evidently not in Egypt interest.

Prolonging stalemate unnecessarily foment violence and discord that could otherwise be ended with agreement on national reconciliation forum.

The western and regional powers funded and manufactured confrontation is yet another display of anti-peace strategy embarked on favoring sectarianism over secularism using religion as means to polarize society.

United States appointment of ambassador Robert Ford to Egypt perceived counterproductive and clarifies ongoing unrest considering the emissary trajectory in deployment of death squads in disguise to create rivalry and escalate tensions among groups in the western orchestrated destabilization agenda.

Egypt leaderships in the interim administration and Muslim Brotherhood are obligatory to avert foreign exploitation of political standoff the nation could do without to save lives and lead the country towards civil engagement.

Any reluctance to amicable settlement would prove the parties loyalty to sources behind destruction of the state for hegemonic goals with loyalists abandoned later upon achievement.

The immediate priority to prevent bloodshed is to identify the terror agents working on foreign forces behalf and apprehending them for investigation and lawful action.

Both sides bear responsibility to disavow ties with national foes fostering chaos and carnage for undue advantage aimed at further subjugation of people.

The current situation provides opportunity to external and internal elements against Egyptian liberation holding the entire population hostage to political crises.

Western leaderships in partnership with dictatorial regimes sponsor governments amenable to proxy governance implementing hegemony policies in domestic and foreign affairs.

United States at Israel’s behest authorized Egypt military SCAF to assume power in 2011 post Mubarak ouster and introduced then Presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi representing Muslim Brotherhood as the viable choice in the so-called democratic election held amid violent crackdown limiting the possibility for suitable options in the first electoral process.

Subsequently the nation submerged in continuous turmoil with ex-President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood failure to address security problems and political reform.

The government inefficiency prompted peaceful demonstration demanding effective measures on core issues confronting the nation.

The deposed Morsi administration lack of remedial response to burgeoning political and economic challenges combined with misplaced priority to recruit Takfiris in terrorism against Syria essentially led to status quo conforming to Unites States and allies stratagem.

The caretaker government under SCAF and former President Morsi represented Muslim Brotherhood aided and promoted by United States espouse doctrine not necessarily in Egypt benefit.

Egypt belongs to all Egyptians regardless of individual identity and accordingly fair political representation imperative to alleviate legitimate public concerns on relevant issues unlike foreign introduced or aligned factions emergence seizing opportunistic moment to mantle of power having not participated in overthrow of oppressive Mubarak rule or delivering justice to victims of persecution.

Egypt in solidarity rejecting outside intervention in sovereign matter and exercising self-determination rights is the way forward to establish republic governed democracy devoid of militarism and fundamentalism.

Any political groups and entities declining peace and constructive discourse to bring hostility to conclusion obviously not pledged to national service.

The leaders on all sides are urged to set aside differences and grievances with a determination to heal the nation and enable multidimensional recovery.

Patriotism best demonstrated in defending not compromising national sovereignty.

Best Wishes to Egypt citizens across the spectrum for a successful political outcome encompassing the needs of nation at large.

Peace to Egypt!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant