August 13, 2008

To: Senator Barack Obama, The Presumptive Democratic Nominee, Democratic Party.

As stated earlier, I list the issues that are of major concern to me.

The economic, energy, health care plan and time line for troop withdrawal from Iraq and troop deployment in Afghanistan laid out by your Campaign is lacking in specifics and as a tax payer I am interested in precise solutions from you as the “Presumptive Democratic nominee”.

It is important for tax payers to understand how exactly the policies are going to impact the economic standards particularly with the current economic difficulties in all fronts ranging from energy costs to food, education, health care and hosts of issues that matter to every individual of our nation.

Further, the plan to fund most social programs does not elaborate on the strategy to provide for these services. The proposal to raise taxes on investments i.e. Capital gains on dividends earned from sale or investment holdings is another concern for small investor like me relying on income from investments during economic downturns contributing to weak job markets nationwide.

National Health Care proposal needs to address the costs involved to fund the policy. The grim reality is the costs will be ultimately transferred to the tax payers/consumers by the industry initially in agreement with the proposal.

Unfortunately the recent performance by the government at the State and Federal level in balancing the budget has been disappointing and the tax payers including myself have little or no confidence in the government with the money management.

I am also extremely disappointed with your seismic shifts in issues such as voting in favor of “FISA”, “Gun Control”, “Public Financing – it appears more corporate donations are pouring in through corporate executives who in effect neutralize the anti-lobbyists position claimed by your campaign during the primary election”.

Somehow the Senator Obama, whom I vigorously supported by enduring attacks and criticisms from both Democratic and the Republican fronts is lost in the same “Washington” crowd that follows the golden rule….“say anything and do nothing politics.”

If it comes down to winning the election by any means and any shifts in position is justified as “Political Expediency”, I fail to see any “transformation” in “Washington”
with any new administration.

Since you emphasized on “Accountability” on the campaign trail and invited the electorate to bring forth issues concerning them, I have highlighted on some of them and hope to have a sincere response from you.

Once again, I appreciate the opportunity to present my concerns and not be treated as just another “donor” or one of “million volunteers” excited to get through the general election.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant