The Truth Doctrine

October 25, 2008

Why do people run for public office?

It all depends on individuals. Some are genuinely passionate about doing greater good for the people and humanity like the Democratic Presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama.

While others, participate for personal gains.

Lately, it is evident from the disastrous economy, reckless wars, environmental degradation and erosion of morality in the White House and Capitol Hill that Politics is a convenient platform for these entities to achieve their personal agenda.

That is why this current election is a historic event.

It is not only unique because of the race and gender on both sides but for the national interests on range of issues that are at stake right now.

Both parties have presented their policies and positions that matter to people.

It is important for the electorate to be discerning in their choice of the policies represented by Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain and not the candidate’s personal background.

The policies of these candidates eventually matter as they greatly affect the present and future of every citizen in this nation and around the world.

Therefore, it is important to analyze the benefits of such policies from Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden to drawbacks of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

It is no doubt that this election has been a long grueling process for the candidates involved in the race.

This in itself confirms the drive, commitment and pledge by the candidate Senator Barack Obama to bring about the real Change desperately required now.

The reason Senator Barack Obama’s performance is important because of the tenacious battle he won during the Democratic Primary election.

The Senator’s demeanor, poise, passion and vision are commendable.

Senator Barack Obama’s policy has substance and real solutions to all the problems confronting our nation.

During the race, it is normal for candidates to make mistakes as characterized by the media as Gaffes and being infallible is not in the human nature.

It is important for all to acknowledge one’s own shortcomings prior to being judgmental and I am no exception to this call.

I am profoundly apologetic to Senator Barack Obama of such irrationality that may have caused grievances in any manner.

Sometimes, when treading on the path to do the best for the betterment of humanity it is easier to lose sight due to various distractions from forces acting against the noble task.

The motive behind such forces is to create an environment of massive doubts and confusions for their narcissistic goals by disregarding the harm to decent and virtuous individuals as the targets.

However, it is worth remembering for all those individuals responsible for such deception that the moment is near to unveil the masquerade.

Whether one is a believer in Karma or not, the world has witnessed the virtue ethics such as —

The end justifies the means,

What you sow is what you reap,

Last but not the least,

What goes around comes around.

By seeking perfection every step of the way the precious moments to do what is, right for the nation should not be lost.

The Obama/Biden leadership has experience, knowledge, understanding and most importantly the simplicity of middle class background that is essential to relate to the people with real problems and crises.

Our country needs a dynamic leadership to steer us from the current turmoil and great many challenges ahead.

That leadership with honesty, integrity and nobility lies in the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama.

This is no time for contemplation or procrastination.

It is the time for action.

Please go to the polls for voter registration if it is still possible and cast your ballots to the candidacy represented by Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden that is the only choice for peace, progress and prosperity for all.

Your vote for Obama/Biden candidacy will count and free this nation from all of the present disasters.

The Truth Doctrine confirms that the Obama/Biden is the ideal choice.

Signing off with some interesting musical notes, regarded one of the best antidotes for ailments in human psyche.

Please check it out.

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)


Barack Obama

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant