Bailout Failure

September 29, 2008

The democratic system has failed to rescue the nation at the hour of crisis. The party bickering and “partisan politics” has taken precedence over “main street” struggles. It is clear from the action of the legislators voting against the “emergency” plan that their concern for the return to power is paramount than the “average citizen’s” livelihood. The explanation for their refusal to cooperate does not resonate with the realities in the “main street”. The nature of global economy is slighted with distracted opinions and determined position in this crucial legislation.

Excerpt of one of the legislators reason to vote against the bailout.

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According to Democratic Congressman Rep. Dennis Kucinich – “Is this the United States Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs?” Rep. Dennis Kucinich Rejects $700 Billion Bailout
The House is set to vote today on a $700 billion emergency bailout plan for the financial industry. The proposed legislation was forged during a marathon negotiating session over the weekend between lawmakers from both parties and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. The 110-page bill would authorize Paulson to initiate what is likely to become the biggest government bailout in US history, allowing him to spend up to $700 billion to relieve faltering banks and other firms of bad assets backed by home mortgages, which are falling into foreclosure at record rates.

AMY GOODMAN: Right, but the Democrats are in charge of this.

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH: Right. You know, I’ll tell you something that we were told in our caucus. We were told that our presidential candidate, when the negotiations started at the White House, said that he didn’t want this in this bill. Now, that’s what we were told.

AMY GOODMAN: You were told that Barack Obama did not want this in the bill?

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH: That he didn’t want the bankruptcy provisions in the bill. Now, you know, that’s what we were told. And I don’t understand why he would say that, if he did say that. And I think that there is a—the fact that we didn’t put bankruptcy provisions in, that actually we removed any hope for judges to do any loan modifications or any forbearance. There’s no moratorium on mortgage foreclosures in here. So, who’s getting—who’s really getting helped by this bill? This is a bailout, pure and simple, of Wall Street interests who have been involved in speculation.

AMY GOODMAN: Congressman Kucinich, can you explain how it is that the Democrats are in charge, yet the Democrats back down on their demand to give bankruptcy judges authority to alter the terms of mortgages for homeowners facing foreclosure, that Democrats also failed in their attempt to steer a portion of any government profits from the package to affordable housing programs?

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH: Well, I mean, those are two of the most glaring deficiencies in this bill. And I would maintain there was never any intention to—you know, well, many members of Congress had the intention of helping people who were in foreclosure. You know, this—Wall Street doesn’t want to do that. Wall Street wants to grab whatever change they can and equity that’s left in these properties. So— .”

Review: There is no disagreement in this context. However, the repercussions of failing to act is far greater than the stakes involved in the initial bailout that is being carried out cautiously and judiciously by the remaining members of the “Congress”. The legislators’ rhetoric does not serve the purpose as the U.S economy is the engine of the global markets and the ripple effect is already felt in Europe and worldwide. Today’s plummeting of the stock market is yet another sign of the “financial catastrophe” at our doorstep.

With respect to the elimination of “bankruptcy provision” as discussed in the above interview, the “Democratic Presidential Candidate”, i.e. Senator Barack Obama’s position is apparent in the “housing market” debacle. It is time for the Democratic Party to be forthcoming to the democratic base as well as others and explain the reason behind such notion to alienate the worst hit population i.e. the “homeowners” in this bailout proposal.

As for the GOP members of Congress, defying the national interest by voting against the bailout proposal, the following questions arise,

1. Where were the legislators when the economic meltdown was happening under their watch?

2. Why did they not alert their own party and the administration that is notorious for reckless
policies and “bankrupting” the economy under their reign of power?

3.Whatever happened to the passion and pessimism about the “Wall Street” performance leading
the world’s economic power on the verge of collapse?

Alas, “Rip Van Winkle” is awakened by the financial “thunderbolt” and causing havoc in the “Capitol Hill” , the heavenly abode of the legislators.

Ironically, the two extreme political factions appear to come in terms with agreement on a single platform , i..e. protests the bailout and attempts to derail the entire economic infrastructure. The spectacular performance is to earn voter confidence and retain power for further economic disasters.

It is time to focus on the dire situation and market reaction in the United States and worldwide that is beckoning to act promptly and effectively by facilitating liquidity in the financial market.

The lawmakers concerned about taxpayers must also realize that taxpayers’ investments are the major casualty in the current political fiasco.

It is the duty of every legislator to put “partisan politics” aside and act diligently by coming forward and resolving the national and world financial crisis in the best interest of the people, responsible for their power.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant