OP-Ed: A Mother’s Plea for Justice

December 7, 2008

Every incident is due to cause and effect phenomenon.

It is apparent from the earlier blogpost, A Mother’s plea for justice, a heart-wrenching experience presented by Mrs. Kathi Hutchins –

In the case of Marine Sergeant, Larry Hutchins, the family maintains that their son had to deal with a split second decision leading to insurmountable sorrows and the young child’s future hanging in balance.

The victim’s family may think otherwise regardless of the characterization of the victim.

Obviously, the examination of all facts is necessary prior to arriving at any conclusion.

Nevertheless, in the People’s Republic one is innocent until proven guilty.

The issue is, whether Marine Sergeant Larry Hutchins deserves the kind of treatment he is currently subject to for the shooting incident.

Further, all those charged for any wrongdoing are entitled to due process and humane treatment by law enforcement authorities without any bias or prejudice.

Any attempt to compromise fair trial to serve the determined goal by legal representatives is an assault on legal system set up to deliver justice.

The judiciary is for monitoring the establishment of legal practices in any trial and protecting the civil and human rights of all involved.

If the advocates of law and order fail to honor the core value of justice, then it is appropriate to assume an ulterior motive as the cause for impropriety.

Meanwhile, the predisposition to convict Marine Sergeant Larry Hutchins –

This will destroy many lives in the Hutchins family.

It is not going to resurrect the victim of this incident.

If the victim was an unarmed civilian rather than an insurgent or a combatant, then victim’s family is entitled to respect, sympathy and necessary aid to recover from the terrible tragedy.

At the same time, the victim’s family could reach out to the Hutchins family in an act of forgiveness and oppose revenge as —

“An eye for an eye will only make the world go blind.”

Besides, the victim will live through the opportunity for the entire Hutchins family to survive in peace and unity, particularly the innocent child Kaylie whose life and future are at stake due to this unfortunate incident.

I hope that the judicial system will view all of these facts and in consideration for the future of many lives will pardon and acquit Marine Sergeant Larry Hutchins in the pending trial.

The truth is life matter.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant