International News and Developments – Education under Attack in Australia

June 3, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Prelude: The topic will touch base on the human rights violation and much more about the nation from “Down Under” – Australia.

The United States preoccupied in numerous important events unfolding by the hour, international community set their eyes on the much-anticipated speech from the U.S. President Barack Obama in Cairo, Egypt and,

Other industrialized nations engaged in criticizing China on the eve of Tiananmen Square anniversary; similar events involving the brutal racist attacks on Indian students lured to the Australian educational institutions could not compete effectively in the press and media coverage.

As a website committed towards issues generally isolated by the large focus groups in the media and press, a detailed analysis on the appalling incidents concerning Indian students systematically targeted for their ‘skin color’ in the new millennium, twenty first century is attention worthy.

Please stand by for the in-depth coverage on the topic presented shortly.

Meanwhile, please take a moment to review the You-Tube images of the incidents and the victims’ plight in the “socially-advanced” nation in southern hemisphere.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant